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all the texts

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[mssg → Zombie Buddy]: i can’t sleep

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[mssg → Zombie Buddy]:   i thINK I ATE TO MUCH ICE CREAM

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[mssg → Zombie Buddy]: ohohohoohoh keep at it and see what happens~~~

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[mssg → Zombie Buddy]: minnnnnn, you’re awesome. i hope you know that

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[mssg → Zombie Buddy]: i think i just therw u p in my s hoe………… bu t i dunno iLL KEEP yoU updated

guys alfies a daily vlogger and joe and louise are occasional vloggers so this p much means we are getting dan and phil in a vlog sometime today or tomorrow (or the next day)

one thing about the whole taylor/calvin harris thing

i love taylor. i respect her and i respect her decisions and i think she knows how her actions affect her life and the publics perception of her, and so i respect that she has made something that was at one point private, semi public.

I do also know that all the pictures ive seen of her with calvin are a little bit creepy. from what i can gather, they are either pap photos or taken by fans, and i think they are interfering with her privacy

most candids we see of taylor are of her walking down the street, getting into cars, etc, and i know that she is used to this kind of paparazzi by now. i also know that when she was in hawaii with haim, she reblogged a post about the paparazzi and mentioned how it creeps her out how their zoom lenses can see anything. the pictures we have seen of her with calvin are blurry and look as if they were taken from a significant distance. this is a flat out invasion of taylors privacy, even if it is one she has come to expect

idc what taylor does in her private life, i think it is none of our concern. i also think we should stop perpetuating these kind of blatant invasions of taylors privacy

just a note: i wrote this pretty late at night so idk if it makes any sense sorry