suga on every gayo ep
  • suga: *cheats his small ass off*
  • bts member: HE cheATED!!! i saw!!!
  • suga: that was actually your left eye being tricked by the sun's lighting, at that precise moment i was actually doing something entirely different i can't believe you would accuse me like that i raised u on my back how could u
  • bts member: im so sry
summary of BTS at AMAs:
bts as tinder bios
  • jimin: just to clarify, i am single
  • tae: my spirit animal? my dog. no u cant pet him, but u can pet my other little guy ;) my other dog.
  • jhope: will either laugh or cry uncontrollably if startled. swipe right to find out which
  • RM: don't trust me with sharp things. not homicidal, just clumsy
  • yoongi: talents include cooking a Hot Pocket without it being cold in the middle
  • jungkook: i have a black belt. it doesn't have anything to do with martial arts, it's just a belt that's black.
  • jin: hello ladies. look at the last guy you matched, now back to me. now back to the last guy you matched. now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped leaving his bio blank and had better pictures, he could be like me. Look down, look back up, where are you? you're on tinder with the man of your dreams. what's in your hand. back to me. i have it. it's pizza with your favourite topppings on it. Look again, the pizza is now your favourite dog. anything's possible when you match with me on tinder.
every american interview with bts:
  • interviewer: so you guys are a huge kpop sensation! wow!
  • bts: thank you we-
  • interviewer: do you wanna make english songs???
  • RM: wha- i mean, we'll make eng versions-
  • interviewer: who's your fav western musician??
  • bts: um i guess maybe-
  • interviewer: amazing, now US fans wanna know will you do an ALBUM in ENGLISH??
  • RM: we'll dropping an eng version of Mic Drop and-
  • bts: i mean it'd be cool if we-
  • interviewer: what do you guys like about AMERICA?
  • bts (in korean): definitely not this shit
  • interviewer: what?
  • bts: we love america
bts was just showing us the stages of a fuckin LIT college party:

1. take enough high dose LSD to be trippin BALLS

2. forget who you are as a person and question everything in your life until you start seeing colors

3. look for thots

4. have good friends who force-feed you alcohol

4. get the munchies

5. accidentally fuck someone

5. throw up

6. pass out

6. have the mom friend come save ur weak ass

7. have the angry friend come beat ur weak ass

8. escape the traphouse

9. rejoice

the end

  • bbmas: hey ARMY don't forget to vote BTS for top social artist!!!
  • ARMYS: yeah!!!
  • bbmas: keep tweeting using our hashtag!!
  • ARMYS: yeah!
  • bbmas: oh and they'll be performing their new title song
  • ARMYS: yea..
  • bbmas: but at THE END OF THE SHOW
  • ARMYS: ye...
  • bbmas: so sit tight through 3 hours of our award show!!!
  • ARMYS: y...
  • bbmas: here's shitty camerawork, thanks for watching!!!
  • ARMYS: ....