Bless @nebulabetta for making all of this canon tbh you are the guardian angel of unexpected friendships

Queen Minnie, like every single other female Kingdom Hearts character, is fucking underrated and deserves a Keyblade and any kind of plot or agency whatsoever. Her fighting style is predominantly defensive/evasive but if you do somehow break through her status effects she will obliterate you in a blinding explosion of light so don’t you dare hurt her friends. She’s so Pure and full of Light that Vanitas finds her really overwhelming and has a headache so she gives him Minnie Mouse sunglasses and he probably never takes them off again. Anyway she basically adopts him because every darkness disaster child needs a Mouse Mentor and teaches him important things like meditation and how to eat ice cream without getting brain freeze.

The shaft of her Keyblade is made of diamond which would actually be a terrible material to make a blunt weapon out of but it’s not like physics was ever a consideration in this universe

RIP Yuuko Mizutani. Thanks for blessing the world with your lovely voice. Sora was my favourite alongside Taichi. Another role that I’ve recognized her for was for the Japanese version of Minnie Mouse. I drew Minnie in her Queen Minnie outfit here because I learned that Mizutani supplied her voice too when I was watching a Japanese cutscene of Kingdom Hearts.