Another new Mickey Mouse Short! I hope you like bottles and race cars! I’ll get back in gear to post more designs!


Bottle Shocked | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

In this newest Mickey Mouse short, our hero struggles to keep a celebration bottle in-tact. If only he’d learn to look both ways before crossing the street!


Disney hugs!

In 2 days I’ll be in WDW again! I’ll be in the parks from 4/30-5/9. We (my parents and I) aren’t going to the parks the day we get down. I’m so excited for my trip! This trip I have to see Chip n Dale. I missed them last time and they are some of my favorite characters. I am visiting all the princesses, including Anna and Elsa! And to prove I am still 5, I am seeing Mickey Mouse in all 4 parks! And riding Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion everyday I’m in Magic Kingdom (which is a lot). I’m so excited and ready for my vacation!! I miss the parks and the characters, especially the princesses!