Part 8 of The Cartel: Boogie Nights and Colombian Whites, a Miami-In-The-70s inspired EXO series.

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x Reader
Word Count: 2278
Rating: NC-17 (Smut, Mentions of murder)
Contributors: @baebae-goodnight Thank you for the wonderful moodboard <3 And thanks to @rudeboywonho for letting me borrow Minnie <3

Summary: With dreams of becoming a lawyer long gone, Junmyeon lives his life as The Cleaner in Byun Baekyun’s empire. There isn’t anything he can’t wipe clean… until the day comes where he finds that not everything can be erased with bleach. He can only hope to get you out before things get too dirty.

A/N: Thank you all for waiting patiently. With a convention and then a hurricane to prepare for, I made some poor timing choices. But it’s here! Enjoy~

The nauseating stench of bleach fills the small private room as Junmyeon watches his men scrub the room clean of any evidence of what happened not long ago. Glancing at his watch, he looks up and clears his throat, signaling for the men to finish up quickly. The men, all in masks to spare themselves of the heavy smell, hasten their movements and begin packing up. Junmyeon moves around them, scrutinizing every inch before giving a hum of approval. He trusts they did their job well under his watchful eye.

In this line of business, you can’t slip up. He learned that quickly, growing up idolizing his uncle, one of Miami’s top lawyers. He learned just how meticulous you have to be when covering things up. There are no mistakes - not if you value your life.

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