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“I always make this case because I feel like my mom was part of a generation of people who [had] incredible gifts. There was no sweetening of vocals. There was no Pro Tools then. So I feel like people like her really shone because they were just so incredibly gifted and one of a kind. She was very revered for that reason and very well-respected. My mom was a special, cool lady.” – Maya Rudolph

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Sample for “Lyrics To Go” by A Tribe Called Quest, “Get On Down” by Kenny Dope" and “Street Life” by Tragedy Khadafi … among many others

Minnie Riperton, photographed in 1975. Ms. Riperton (1947-1979) told a reporter in 1974 that Stevie Wonder wrote “Perfect Angel” for her and about her because he felt that the song was an expression of her spirit. “That’s what he thinks I am,” she said. “It is a really nice gift." There is even more about Minnie Riperton (and her love of fashion!) in my new book, Vintage Black Glamour. We are lucky she graced the planet. Photo: Getty Images