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BTS reaction to their S/O being clingy

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Jin would be fake-annoyed and scold you a lot, but he would also hold you close when you try to let go of him.

“Yah, I can’t reach the shelf if you keep clinging to my back! The food is never going to get done!”

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He would probably complain a lot, but being as whipped as he is he wouldn’t do anything about it.

“Pay attention to meeeee.”

*deep and endless sigh*

“What have I done to deserve this?”

*imagine being Tae*

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Namjoon would just let you sleep in his lap while he is on his phone or relaxes himself.

“I don’t mind you being clingy. After a long day all I want to do is hold you too.”

*imagine being kookie*

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Hoseok would joke around a lot and tease you about it, but he would’t want you to stop.

“Even though I joke about it, it really makes me happy to see you express your love for me like that. I like to know that you want me to touch you as much as I want to touch you.”

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Jimin would love it when you get clingy. He would pet your hair or just hold you until you feel better again.

“Thanks. I love you, Minnie.”

“No need to thank me. I enjoy this just as much as you.”

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*Imagine being Tae… again*


Tae would cling right back at you, seeing how he is quite clingy, too. One of the other members would probably find you taking a nap together while holding onto each other.

“You know the drill by now.”

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Kookie would pretend like he doesn’t like it but he wouldn’t be able to hide his smile every time you hug him.

“Aish, my baby loves me so much. So distracting.”

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Angel (Jungkook x Reader) Pt. 2

Synopsis: You were in love with the stars but sadly, was kept apart from them thanks to mathematical equations that made it impossible for you to touch them. They were the South and you were the East, always together but never touching. Until a curious hybrid becomes the bridge and eventually, your personal galaxy infested with stars.

Warnings: Bit of Angst, Fluff, Mentions of Abuse and Childhood Trauma, Mentions of Smut, Kinda Blood Play (I’m sorry)

Genre: Romance, Hybrid

Word Count: 5,276

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

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Maybe the galaxy is one unity and in its eyes, it holds the stars. Maybe the universe was just one person.

“Why are you always looking at me?” Jungkook tugged on his collar as he sat on the floor of the living room, watching a superhero movie that was honestly boring you. Despite how many times you had told him that he could sit on the couch with you, he would politely refuse and mutter how he would be punished. It was confusing as to why he thought he would be punished for something you tried to make clear to him that was okay, and who was it that would punish him because he wasn’t your son or pet. But then again, he sort of was.

“I’m sorry.” You were forced to turn your attention from the bunny hybrid to the TV. You were never a huge fan of Batman, to say the least but Jungkook could feel your eyes on him, which clearly discomforted him enough to talk, something he rarely did. You watched as the disturbed man did with his ways in Gotham by having a good night job and a shit day job that made him seem like he was pimping himself out in a way. Jungkook would let out a few gasps or if he was very excited, he seemed giddy. You noticed that he would slowly get near your legs and was farther away from the opposing side of the couch.

This caused you to smile.

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Fake Chats #173
  • Jimin: I just want to be loved, is that too much to ask?
  • Namjoon: what are you talking about? We all love you.
  • Jimin: yeah?
  • Namjoon: yeah.
  • Jimin: okay.
  • Namjoon: is this why you've been especially smol lately?
  • Jungkook: only I get to call him smol!
  • Jimin: I dunno.
  • Namjoon: well, don't worry. We're always here for you. We love when you're smol.
  • Jungkook: only. I. Get to call him smol!
  • Jimin: thanks, hyung. I love you.
  • Namjoon: aw, Minnie, I love you too.
  • Jungkook: I love y-
  • Namjoon: have a hug.
  • Jungkook: I lo-
  • Jimin: mm.
  • Jungkook: I...
  • Namjoon: oh, Jungkook, did you want something?
  • Jungkook: *just to comfort Jimin-hyung and tell him he's loved and give him a hug and build him up and act silly to make him laugh and otherwise make him feel loved and special*
  • Jungkook: no.
  • Jimin: did you want a hug too, Kookie?
  • Jungkook: *no, I'm clearly not wanted or your favorite and you don't need me if you've got Joonie-hyung so I'll just sulk in the corner and not bother you with my presence*
  • Jungkook: yes, please.
  • Jimin: aw, you're so smol today, Kookie! So cute.
  • Jungkook: *yes! I cheered him up! I am the best!*
  • Jungkook: thanks.
  • Namjoon: *isn't fooled*
  • Namjoon: aw, you're both so cute!
Sisterly Love, LMM/Reader

Prompt: I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend + Lin-Manuel Miranda

Words: 1391 (WOW, so long!)

Author’s Note: The longest fic I’ve written so far! I honestly love writing for Lin so much, it’s so easy because he’s literally the love of my life???

Warnings: Like one curse word? Responsible drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids).

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

You had been independent your whole life - an occasional date here or there, maybe a relationship once in a blue moon. This led to a lot of nagging from your family, especially your older sister. She was lucky enough to find her girlfriend - now fiance - freshman year of high school.

This led her to believe it was her duty to set you up with your soulmate. You allowed her a few blind dates, but moved to New York when a job opportunity arose.

You were very grateful for the work and for the escape. That didn’t stop her from sending texts or calling you about a ‘special someone’.

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What’s Mickey without Minnie?
What’s Tigger without Pooh?
What’s Donald without Daisy?
What’s Me without You?

And when Elmo isn’t ticklish,
And Pooh Bear hates honey,
When Tigger stops bouncing,
And Goofy isn’t funny.

When Peter Pan can’t fly,
And Simba never roars,
When Alice in Wonderland
Can’t fit through small doors.

When Dumbo’s ears are small,
And happily ever after isn’t true,
That’s when I will stop loving you.

Married to a Monster - Twenty Two || Final

Paring: jonginXreader

Genre: Fluff & Angst || Husband!Jongin, Best friend!Minseok, Best friend!Jongdae

Word Count: 11k

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: Trigger warning: talks of death, self-harm, suicide, and the likes. Depictions of self-harm.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve| Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen [M] | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-One | Twenty-Two

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Happy Birthday, Myrna Loy! ♥
(2. August. 1905)

‘She exudes powerful yet quiet femininity. It’s so inner. The subtlety of what goes on within her amazes me. You feel her sensual quality, her deep womanliness, while underneath there is always this little laugh lurking.’ - Teresa Wright 

‘When we did a scene together, we forgot about technique, camera angles, and microphones. We weren’t acting. We were just two people in perfect harmony. Myrna, unlike some other actresses who think only of themselves, has the happy faculty of being able to listen while the other fellow says his lines. She has the give and take of acting that brings out the best.’ -William Powell

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53 with Jungkook in Jimin's lap pretty please!

Decided to write this for Jikook Fluff Week Day 1: Domestic Sunday!!!!

53. “Sit on my lap.” I made a typo at first so sit became sin, yeah sin on my lap

Jungkook yawned as he flipped a pancake with one hand. He and Jimin hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, but he still wanted to do something for his older boyfriend. Jimin had been working over night a lot lately and couldn’t spend time with Jungkook as much as before. This was a rare day off and he was going to make the most of it. 

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