minnie dei


I decided to do a little decoration of Muri’s character Minnie’s room layout

Unfortunately, I don’t have pets, so I couldn’t give Minnie her cat bed :P But I ended up substituting it with a toybox. 

I also had a bit of fun creating what I think her closet would look like. The bathroom pictures were boring, so I didn’t include them. 

Bonus! Picture of Minnie being silly: 

I decided to try my hand at drawing  passerinearts ocs. I love her blog and her attention to detail regarding her characters and their personalities.However I am not entirely happy with it. (Hence all the editing) But I really want to practice character design and it was good for me to draw some very ethnically diverse characters.

And the girl at the front with yellow dip died hair (Angestia?) looks super pouty…guess she doesn’t like me drawing her huh