minnie and max

Minnie Cabbe and Max Capacity are a pair of transport experts - one in a taxi, one on the buses (succubusses?)
They’re best friends and best rivals and if you want to get somewhere in Dice City in a hurry, you’ve got the choice of riding with Maxie, the more cautious driver and a cheap fare or Minnie, who is altogether more reckless and expensive, but she can get you anywhere.

Minnie and Maxie are very new characters and were originally not a part of the Mascot story and would have been human.
It may surprise you to learn that they were conceived solely for the sake of the naming pun so I had no use for them, but when I was working on Mascot stuff my mind went back to them and I found a way to make them fit! That’s always a satisfying feeling.

And did you notice? Their poses are not in fact ‘Thumbs Up!’ and 'I am strong,’ they’re 'hailing a cab’ and 'pulling the cord.’