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[INTERVIEW] Heechul Mentions Super Junior's Teamwork

Kim Heechul: How do the members of BESTie fight with each other?

Haeryung: We don’t fight.

Kim Heechul: If you guys don’t fight, there might be big problems in the future.

Haeryung: Instead of fighting, when we feel disappointed about something, we talk about it. We have time once a month where all the members talk to each other for a long time. We talk a lot then. What about Super Junior sunbaenims?

Kim Heechul: As many people know already, since our time as trainees, we fight each other a lot. One time, I threw ramyun that Kangin made for me. We would make up soon, so Kangin and I cleaned up ramyun on the floor. If I’m grumbling about something, other members would visit me at the dorm with a bottle of soju. We would drink and I wouldn’t be mad anymore. Super Junior fights a lot, but we make up right then and there. I think that’s the reason we are still together for 10 years.


Hyeyeon: What does our team have to do to have the longevity that Super Junior has?

Kim Heechul: When you calculate your income, it’s good to honestly talk to the other members about how much you earned. When you are a rookie, you think that your worth is connected to the money that you earn, so often times, people think that comparing each other’s earnings is a touchy subject. But you actually have to say, “should I treat you guys since I earned a lot this time?” and keep talking about that so that members don’t become sensitive to that anymore. Super Junior isn’t sensitive about that anymore. We tell each other honestly about our earnings since we were rookies. It might become a big problem in the future if you avoid that talk when you first start out. Another thing is that we don’t let our parents become involved in our work. The management company is the expert on our work. Super Junior members including myself tell our parents not to call the company nor visit the company. Instead, we would have them gather together at our comebacks. Mothers of Super Junior members are close to each other. The mothers are going to go on a trip to China together soon. When mothers are close to each other, members make up quickly when they fight. When your mother tells you to make up, you have to make up, don’t you? Haha.

Source: Starnews

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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  • Source: Donga
  • Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM