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“Hundreds of film performances dazzle, shock, and dumbfound you in the moment, only to evaporate the second you exit the theater. The best, however, swim in the brain and linger there long after, leaving behind impressions, insights, and visuals that remain just as evocative as they were upon first or second meeting. Rowlands has made it impossible to forget Jeannie Rapp, Minnie Moore, Mabel Longhetti, Myrtle Gordon, Gloria Swenson, Sarah Lawson, Another Woman’s Marion, and every other woman whose unsteady life she has steadfastly inhabited. But she has also made it equally difficult to recall what life — or the movies — were like before Rowlands herself ever existed in them at all.”

On her 87th birthday, a tribute from Matthew Eng to the unmatched, indefatigable cinematic force of nature known as Gena Rowlands.

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I’m having trouble… I’m having trouble being myself. I’m having trouble doing what it is that’s right. I mean, what it is to do. Like being alone. Should I go out or should I just relax to it? What do you think? Everything used to make me feel like smiling, you know? I notice I don’t smile as much as I used to. Did you ever notice that? Did you ever notice that it’s an effort to breathe sometimes because the air just isn’t light enough? You see my friend, Seymour, I don’t have any real problems of any size. It’s mainly being alone that makes me so irritated. You know, I hear room tone when I’m alone. I hear frequencies. Noises, like, just like the bathtub running or the sink or distant traffic, that irritate me. God knows why because when I’m with somebody I wanna get away. They’re not too many people that thrill me. I’m not very sociable. Somebody light bores me. Somebody heavy depresses me.

Minnie and Moskowitz de John Cassavetes (1971) - Extrait


Top 5 June 2017

1. Les jours où je n'existe pas (a.k.a. The Days When I Do Not Exist) (Jean-Charles Fitoussi, 2002)

2. Taipei Story (Edward Yang, 1985)

3. Le vent de la nuit (Philippe Garrel, 1999)

4. Minnie and Moskowitz (John Cassavetes, 1971)

5. Landscape in the Mist (Theodoros Angelopoulos, 1988)

*Twin Peaks S03E08 ✨*