This is my plea.

There is an amendment to the MN constitution that would define marriage is between a man and a woman, making gay marriage in this state even more impossible than it already is. Although gay marriage is already illegal, this would make many GLBT couples feel like they aren’t welcome here, and it would be defining them as not good enough.

 Many people think that being GLBT is a lifestyle choice, that you choose to be gay or lesbian or bisexual, etc. It is not. You can not chose. There are people that, if this were to be in effect, would never be able to get married to the partner they love, maybe even after waiting 6, 9, 15 years. There are people with families, friends, church groups that ask about their wedding, asking if they can help plan it, and the couple is hurt because that wedding will never come. And it is apparently their fault, for being who they are, for being born. They can do nothing to change it. This amendment effects and hurts the people around you, it effects and hurts the community, it effects and hurts me.

 When I first realized I was I was bi, I was so scared that somehow, someway, God didn’t love me. Even though I concluded he made me and created who I was, I was still concerned I was going against him by loving a woman. It surely didn’t feel sinful, but everything I had heard pointed that it was.

 But after a year of struggling, i finally came to the conclusion that God did love me and accept me, made me to be someone to help others and spread his word, praise him and all that jazz. I forgave myself. And now I am proud of who I am. I am past that phase of my journey. I am still on my journey. Of course I’m not ready for marriage yet. I am no where near that close, I am young, I am still learning. I hope to one day to get married, maybe help a kid who would otherwise grow up in an orphanage. My girlfriend and I had stupid little conversations where we planned our ‘future wedding’. Of course we knew it was kind of silly, we’re in high school, but it was still kind of fun to just think: would we both wear dresses? Where would we have it? Who would we invite? Would we do something stupid and crazy on our wedding day?

 I know I’m not ready now, but if this amendment passes, i know that I never will get this opportunity, no matter how ready I become. I know even if I find the perfect one for me, even if I’m with her fir years upon years, we could never have that silly talk about our future wedding. I could never form that bond and commitment, I could never have God bless my partner and I at the alter. If I did want all that, I would have to move out of Minnesota, my home. I have dreams of living here forever, to keep being in the same neighborhood that I grew up in, to teach at my old elementary school. My dreams of my entire future could be taken away.

 This hurts me. I am sharing my personal story so you know that. This hurts me. If you can vote, I urge you to think about this. If you can’t vote, I urge you to volunteer in the effort of awareness, or tell people you know, parents, etcetera. If you don’t live in Minnesota, talk to friends that do.

 No matter who you are, I hope that, if you have a personal story to tell, tell it, prove that this amendment hurts you, prove there’s something to think about.

 Thank you for reading.

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