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It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for Andrew Wiggins, but his future is finally certain. The No. 1 overall pick was drafted by Cleveland, but in the wake of the return, he is on his way to Minnesota in a trade for Kevin Love. Having been caught up in the King James mayhem, it was unsure where Wiggins would end up and the Canadian revealed that he “just wants to play for a team that wants [him]” and those words sparked this meme that has going viral.

Regardless of where he plays, he will surely light up the NBA and I have a feeling the Cavaliers may live to regret this move. 


Kevin Love admits that Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge are his biggest rivals in the league.


Kevin Love is a nightmare matchup for most guys in the league, but not for this former defensive player of the year.  Tyson Chandler has been taking advantage of the mismatch, and during an in game interview said it’s because “he can’t play d”.

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