minnesota point

Across the Map

Pairing: Jack x reader
Characters: Jack, the reader, the other Horseman
Warnings: fluff, light swearing, a little bit of angst
Summary: The reader and Jack dream for the future just before the two of them are supposed to fake their deaths. 
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“Alright, close your eyes and pick a town,” Jack said, pointing to the map spanning across the wall above, “Maybe don’t close your eyes actually, I don’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere.” 

“What do you mean?” You laughed and closed your eyes, raising your arm up in the air and picking a spot on the paper. 

“Okay so….” His voice trailed off as he read the town you were pointing to, “We’re going to Partridge, Minnesota when this is all over.” 

You scrunched up your nose, “Hey, you didn’t tell me that’s why we were doing this!!” 

“Well, I mean, you picked it,” He shrugged and you noticed that classic Jack-Wilder smirk of his playing across his face. 

But you couldn’t flirt back and play along, you were too wound up about what was about to happen, what the two of you were about to do. So you grew serious, shifting a little in your chair before saying, “Jack I don’t want to do it, we don’t have to do it.” 

The “it” you were referring to was basically suicide. 

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10 facts

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one. i’m a librarian and mostly my job right now has nothing to do with books and everything with teaching students how to do research! but yes i do know the dewey decimal system!
two. i have the best dog in the world, her name is phoebe, and we’ve agreed she’s going to live forever.
three. i worked at the build-a-bear workshop in the mall of america for two years and it was as terrible as it sounds, but i do win the bad work horror stories usually.
four. until i turned eighteen, i’d only lived in minnesota, but after that point, i’ve lived in five other states in the last ten years.
five. my favorite breakfast in the entire world is eggs benedict and almost no restaurant can make hollandaise correctly.
six. i’m going to see hamilton for a second time when i go to london in february (i’m using this fact to also brag because i’m excited)
seven. my favorite sport in the entire world is soccer, and i do not care about any other sporting event except the olympics. where i usually only watch soccer, women’s beach volleyball, gymnastics and figure skating.
eight. i’ve never voted for a white man for president.
nine. i had bunion correction surgery when i was thirteen
ten. iceland is my favorite place in the world and i would move there tomorrow if i could.

you all should know by now that i’m not gonna tag anyonnnnnnnne


Historic photos of Duluth, Minnesota.  Top:  Detroit Publishing Company panorama, circa 1898.  Second & Third:  Skyline views of Duluth, circa 1905, by Detroit Publishing Company via shorpy.com.  Fourth: View of Minnesota Point from Incline Railway, Duluth, circa 1905 by Detroit Publishing Company via shorpy.com.  Fifth:  Duluth Ore Docks, circa 1907, by Detroit Publishing Company (Library of Congress).  Bottom:  The Aerial Lift Bridge, circa 1920, from USC Digital Collections.