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tom reid, who only scored a total of 17 goals in his career, scored a rare penalty shot goal on October 14th, 1971, against ken dryden. It was the only penalty shot ever scored against dryden.

          this is the goal, this is the goal that almost made me famous. … he tripped me, and i went into the boards. the ref asked if i was okay and i said, ‘yeah, im fine, does he have a penalty?’ and the ref replied, ‘not only that, but you have a penalty shot.’ my coach looked at me and asked the ref if i had to take it. i tried to convince him i had a broken leg. j.p. parise told me, ‘just put the damn thing behind him.’ when i got on the ice, there was absolutely no sound, just complete silence. i shot it, and it went in between his legs. it was a perfect goal.”

J.P. met Donna when she was honored as the North Stars’ two millionth fan in 1971. She and her sister won a road trip with the team, and she met her future husband at a restaurant in Boston. They married in 1972 and had sons Zach and Jordan who, like his brother, played college hockey at North Dakota.

Michael Russo, Star Tribune

That sounds like something out of a fairytale.