minnesota meetup

What Happens In Minnesota, Stays In Minnesota...

Or not. 

Going to Minncon 2017 this August?

Me too.. 

I think it would be amazing if we got coffee. Hung out. Giggled. Make dick jokes.. you know. Tumblr but in real life and in close proximity to the reason we even know each other: Supernatural.

If you want in, send me an ask so I can keep track of everyone. 

When we get closer to the day I will send out the meet-up stuff. Like where, when.. you know. The important information. 

SO FAR! These are the people that I have heard are going and/or may be interested in bringing fangirling to a new level:

@abbessolute, @justanothersaltandburn, @wonderange, @atc74, @iwantthedean, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms, @paintrider13-blog, @imnoaingeal, and, ME!

Tagging the Horde below the cut. 

Please share. So we can rub how amazing Minncon is going to be in your face.. I mean.. so people can.. ya know.. know about it. Hehehe… 

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This has always amused me:

According to the rough timeline, there isn’t much time difference between the breakup fight in Minnesota to the meetup/decoding the clone genome at Felix’s apartment. Probably a few days. So…

Hair length on Friday:

Hair length on Sunday:

That’s DEFINITELY some crazy science Cophine are making in their/Felix’s bed. 

I know it’s between seasons and hair lengths are hard to reproduce, but still, HOW LONG were they in bed together?!?