North Shore Scenic Railroad

Here we see how close the former Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway can get to Lake Superior between Duluth and Two Harbors. A bit of Wisconsin can be seen in the distance in the first photograph. These images were made in the Lakeside neighborhood, which is east of Duluth proper.

The equipment seen here is owned by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and operated by the North Shore Scenic Railroad. The NW5 locomotive was built for the Great Northern Railway in 1946. The heavyweight passenger car was built in 1918, by the Pullman Car Company, for a predecessor of the DM&IR—the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad.

Two photographs by Richard Koenig; taken July 16th 2017.

Controlled Burn@ashleyfloreal

An illustration meant to capture the feelings evoked by cultural erasure and assimilation, drawing on the artist’s personal experiences in childhood. As with most forms of camouflage, they can sometimes be a necessity for survival in harsh conditions, but at the same time a dehumanizing force, wildly destructive to one’s individuality and sense of self.

Devil Days@alisonpolston

Watercolor illustration depicting an ermine and imps exploring the concept of camouflage. The use of an ermine (who changes seasonally to blend into its environment) and two-tone coloration near the imps expresses how we adapt ourselves to those around us, appearing to fit in, to protect our true selves and sensitivities. Over time, these identities can consume large parts of us and turn us into something we no longer like.

No justice for Philado Castile and his family after a Minisota jury found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of second degree manslaughter. Castile was legally armed when he was pulled over last July for resembling a suspect and for having a faulty tail light. After informing the officer that he was armed, and dispite having his girlfriend and baby daughter in the car, the officer shot and killed Castile as his girlfriend streamed live on Facebook. 7 shots were fired into the vehicle, 5 striking Philado, a beloved school cafeteria worker. This injustice cannot continue. Too many legally armed or unarmed men of colour are being killed by police. I understand the pressures of firearm related situations, I’ve been in several, but we cannot excuse the murder of innocent men. Remember this man, he was not some gang thug acting aggressively towards police, he was a beloved member of the community known for high giving students, he was a father of a baby girl, he was an American citizen exercising his Constitutional right. But he was shot down like his life meant nothing. My heart is heavy with the news of this acquittal, it breaks for his girlfriend, who acted so bravely as this unfolded, and his daughter. Tonight, there will be protests to voice the frustration of the people, while we all hope it will remain peaceful, try to understand what has happened here today from their point of view. This post is not anti-police, it is pro-accountability.


As Minnesota measles outbreak rages, anti-vaxxers continue to target Somali community

  • As health department officials work to contain Minnesota’s largest measles outbreak in decades, the most heavily affected population is contending with continued targeting from anti-vaccination advocates.
  • As of Monday, 51 people have been sickened in the current outbreak, 46 of whom are members of the Somali community.
  • As Mic reported in April, the Somali population in Minneapolis and St. Paul has been preyed upon by so-called “anti-vaxxers” spreading misinformation about vaccines and autism — and its an ongoing issue.
  • On April 30, some “vaccine-concerned groups” held an in-person “Community Resource Meeting” that seemed designed to specifically target the Somali-American and Somali immigrant population.
  • But as the measles outbreak rages, the latest updates suggest a developing community pushback against misinformation. Read more (5/11/17)

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  • Minnesota State Patrol arrested 18 people protesting after a jury found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty for the shooting of Philando Castile, according to one of the patrol’s Twitter accounts.
  • Protesters were arrested for failing to leave St. Paul, Minnesota’s Interstate 94, according to the agency’s tweets Saturday.
  • According to CNN, 2,000 people marched peacefully Friday onto the freeway in opposition of the verdict, chanting and singing hymns. 
  • Protesters shut down traffic late Friday night while chanting “Black lives … they matter here!” Read more. (6/17/17, 11:54 AM)