Here's the start of my teenage "bucket list"

I want to start doing things I like. So here’s some things I wanna do before I turn twenty. This is going to be a long post! If you have any suggestions, message me :)

•go on a road trip with friends
•plant a lot of trees
•ride the Wild Thing at Valley Fair
•eat crocodile on a stick at the state fair
•get a Brazilian wax
•finish an adult coloring book
•go camping with friends
•perfect your winged eyeliner
•get an amazing bikini body
•have a movie marathon
•find the perfect lipstick color
•get a stick and poke
•get another piercing
•go to Sephora for a maker over
•go skinny dipping
•get a facial (professional)
•have one electronic free day
•hold up a “free hugs” sign at MOA
•learn how to braid your own hair
•go to Canada
•try the donut shop in Grand Marais
•decorate your room perfectly
•donate a crocheted blanket
•get FLAWLESS skin
•grow your hair long
•do an alternative book project
•have a 1+ year relationship
•meet someone famous
•be a counselor at Wolf Ridge
•learn how to do eyeshadow
•try every pie flavor at Betty’s Pies
•have a 20+ person sleepover
•be happy with how I look
•be able to do the splits
•put notes in library books
•get my drivers license
•donate blood
•take selfies with strangers
•buy a cook book and make every recipe
•have a New Years kiss
•go vegan for a week
•have a water balloon fight
•have a bonfire
•sleep on the beach
•write a song
•have an unsupervised game of “hot seat”
•learn how to walk in heels
•doodle on white shoes
•give 100 compliments to strangers in 1 day
•have a nerd gun fight
•get a “tan tattoo”
•send a message in a bottle
•kiss a girl
•make caramel candies and hand them out
•buy a sexy outfit and flaunt it
•flag someone in public
•cut someone’s hair
•go to a party
•blaze it
•make the coolest cut offs
•be satisfied with your art skills
•graduate high school
•have a pen pal
•share a milkshake
•make homemade pizza
•crochet a dress
•learn how to knit
•get 100 notes on a selfie
•play messy twister
•go camping… Alone!
•buy a bike and go biking
•visit Ely and buy mukluks
•go to Stanchfield, MN
•have perfect handwriting
•have a picnic on the roof
•finish a Chapstick
•make perfect slutty brownies
•sleep under the stars
•pull a fun all nighter
•be able to paint your nails perfectly
•have a bath with every LUSH bath bomb
•see the northern lights
•have a HUGE snowball fight

Can we talk about JARED SPURGEON FOR A SEC??

First off, this lil motherfucker is fucking 5’9” and 185 pounds (though he says he’s “probably really 5-8 and a whopping 167 pounds”) which makes him BY FAR the smallest defense man in the league

I mean LOOK at him

(lol trying to take on patches..)

and then you look at his face

and he looks like 14, right? (I won’t mention the awful mustache that he is currently trying to grow)

(okay here it is)

but then you find you he’s MARRIED?? And has TWO (count em) TWO KIDS?????

He’s 24 and they’ve known each other since they were in high school and it’s adorable

But the real reason for you NEEDING to know Spurgy isn’t cuz he’s tiny or has a weirdly advanced family for someone who “looks younger than probably half the high school students in Minnesota” (his words, not mine), it’s because he’s A GOOD PLAYER

It’s stuff like the fact that he was drafted 2008 in the 6th round by the Islanders and was eventually cut loose so he came on a tryout to the wild camp and now he’s one our best defenders

It’s stuff like this and this or the fact that he had 80 hits last year or the fact that he’s 24 and only getting better

he assisted on both goals last night in 2-0 win. You better remember this little guy because despite his tiny stature, he has the potential to be one of the best d-men in the league. He’s only getting better people

sweaterboi update!!


and the answer is yes LOL!!! it was only once tho…

well i guess since first semester is over i should give an update as to what happened STORY TIME!!!

I SWEAR HE SHOWED UP TO CLASS IN HIS BEST OUTFIT (bc yanno…. last day of class so gotta make an impression right???) (IT WAS SO CUTE SINCE HE WAS SORT OF SLEEPY STILL) but he was wearing the cutest sweater over a button up I WAS STEAMI NG

AND YOU KNOW ME, ive been smitten since day one, but wanted to play it cool. i took my chinese final and decided to wait for him outside the class (i got a 100/100 on my chinese final gOD BLESS)

i should have said it earlier, but i was actually preparing a gift for him for chirstmas. i was handknitting him a scarf and bought him cute packaged lotion since minneosta winters can sometimes be BRUTAL. i spent the previous night knitting his scarf but realized i wasnt going to finish in time, so i decided to cut my losses and just write him a letter. it would probably be the last TIME ill ever see him in my entire life, so it wouldnt hurt to sort of like…. indirectly confess??? even if it was still platonic in the end, i wanted to let him know. MY FRIEND DOOBS WAS HYPING ME UP TO GIVE IT TO HIM AFTER HE FINISHED HIS FINAL AND MY HANDS WERE SHAKING THE WHOLE TIME

i decided to wait a distance away from the classroom since it would seem awkward if i just waited for him so closely. unfortunately from where i sat, he could leave the classroom another route and i wouldnt be able to notice since library shelves were arranged into aisles. AND LADY LUCK HAS NEVER ALWAYS BEEN ON MY SIDE and i waited….

and waited….

and waited…

and he just never came to where i was waiting….

i had waited until even the professor left the classroom

unfortunately all stories must come to an end, even the good ones!

well i was already anticipating and expecting the worse so it wasnt that bad as one might assume. sure he might not ever know my feelings, but i guess i was sort of okay??? i mean its like he’ll go back home and continue on with his life, and ill just be tucked away in the corner of his memory??? im okay now tho if youre wondering LOL

just another antic to add to my ever spiraling shoujo nonexistent love life 8^)

my fave zachary lavine moments as a minneosta

- when he said him and wiggy would be guarding each other during the rising stars challenge and wigs was aghast and was like “why are we guarding each other?!”
- when he posted that pic of his gf on vacation and his IG post insinuated that he banged her immediately following the picture but really he just can’t think ahead whilst making social media posts
- him wearing an angels jersey that literally spells it out & then he posts the caption: “angles”
- dunk contest win #1
- dunk contest win #2
- the video where they had to listen to the country song and he thought he was so funny (which obviously he was)
- literally every second he was there i already miss my lil bothell baby so much!!!!