You can say this for ‘The Commons’ downtown park: It has a lot going on

The plan for the new Downtown East park — now dubbed “The Commons,” has a lot going for it — and a lot going on in it. The latest design for the 4.2-acre site presented to the public last night by San Francisco landscape architects Hargreaves Associates crams in a ton of stuff: a café, promenades, a Great Lawn, a lesser lawn, a water feature, play areas for kids, a stage, garden-y places, trees (of course), places to compete at bocce and chess, kiosks, an ice rink in winter, tables with umbrellas, moveable chairs, public art and benches and terraces where public snogging could occur.

About a hundred middle and high school students from the Twin Cities metro area gathered at the Solutions Not Suspensions summit at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs of the University of Minnesota on May 11. They came to share their experiences with discipline procedures in their classrooms and to discuss how they think disciplinary action should be in their schools.

“We want to give them the tools that will allow them to have informed conversations with people in positions of power at their school about what the discipline at their school looks like and how to make it more equitable,” said Brandon Royce-Diop of the Minnesota Minority Education Partnership (MMEP), who organized the event with his MMEP colleague Cymone Fuller.

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-Christina Cerruti

A little update for my 61DTGers

Hey fitness buds! I know it’s been a minute and I haven’t done any of the posts. I want to catch up, but I am really far behind!

As some of you know, I hurt my arm REALLY bad. A few weeks ago, and it’s JUST NOW feeling like it’s actually healing. I have almost 100% range of motion and I can put weight on it! I’m still taking it easy because the arm in question does get really tired easily… And because I’m in the process of moving, I have to pick my battles. BUT it’s getting better!

I’m excited to move for lots of reasons, but I’m REALLY excited because BP and I bought a treadmill for Cyber Monday and I already have a space picked out and in just a few days I’ll get to un-box it and get back to training/exercising! This will be really helpful because I hate unpacking (less than packing, but still) and I’ll need some stress relief!

Continuing with some awesome news: I haven’t gained any weight back since I’ve taken my break! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed that I haven’t hit my Xmas-goal weight, but I’m super stoked to have maintained (and only 1.5 lbs away from my Xmas goal)! I never got around to measuring my bod for stats, but my clothes fit differently, so I’m guessing I may have lost some inches, but I can’t be totally sure.

I’ve also kicked ass when it comes to watching portions and really limiting my booze consumption. I think that’s one of the best things this challenge has helped me with—it’s the little changes that have really stuck. I still struggle with water consumption but I still drink more water than I have in the past, so little steps!

I’m also thinking about saving the weekly posts from this ‘challenge’ and maybe starting them over with the start of the new year! I might not answer all the questions, but I’d really like to make sure I incorporate all the workouts!

That’s all for now!