Sorry about it not being a photo,it wouldn't post.;;;

“Your name is JENNA MANLEY, even though everyone just refers to you as STAN. You are a FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL and the next motherfucker that calls you a FISH is going to get cut. Your variety of interests includes making SHITTY GAMES, PROGRAM/CODE and DRAWING. You aren’t too fond of SPIDERS because of a childhood experience. You are a VERY ANGRY person. You are cursed with BIPOLAR DISORDER, but you GOT THE FUCK OVER IT.

Your chumhandle is caffeinatedAvian and you really don’t give a shit how you type most of the time

What will you do?

==> Stan: Continue not giving a fuck.

Hope you don’t mind me using your Homestuck intro thing,I was gonna type something up but I figured yours fit better since,well,you wrote it. What do you think,Minneh? :3