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Sadly, the award season is coming to an end…no more fancy red carpets or acceptance speeches.

It was a season where musicians, actors, producers, writers and directors were recognized for their talent and performances. In the spirit of award season, I thought we should recognize the amazing work that our Creative Media faculty/students have participated in. Click here for more…

Video: The Arms Akimbo

Stupor Bowl 15

This is a great gallery of some video and photography taken at the 15th annual Stupor Bowl held in the beautiful city Minneapolis, MN.  The main race consisted of riders having a certain number of places scattered throughout the city, with riders needed obtain a stamp from each location.

What ensued was a wonderful afternoon/evening of cycling, revelry and some beer too.  Here is a map of the approximate route that was taken during the event. There is a bit of confusion as to the exact route, but this is to the best of my memory.

Thanks to Cycle Twin Cities for providing the people power to capture the excitement and fun of the event.