Kat Bjelland and Michelle Leon, with Minnaepolis friend, Katie O’Brien

Katie O’Brien was a Minneapolis native, and was loved by everyone that knew her. In 1999, she took her own life. Babes In Toyland’s Lori Barbero spoke about how Katie was in her last days,

“She must have been in tremendous pain. People get cancer, they get chemo. But depression is a chemical imbalance, a fatal disease.”

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Babes in Toyland - Minneapolism (LIVE FOR THE LAST TIME) - Full Album

Babes in Toyland - Minneapolism review

The line-up of NOS Primavera Sound was announced with a list of great quality. As a second line festival in Portugal, the line-up really knew how to choose who to bring. And in the list they have a few bands with rich histories that just got back together, so, as the first album that I’m looking at specifically in preparation for this festival is the last live performance of Babes in Toyland before they split up.

They are punk rock, noise rock, badass musicians, that’s who they are. Hard hitting performers, they don’t hold their punches. And if they have any of the energy now that they had in Minneapolism, it’s going to be a hell of a performance. The strength in their music, and the dynamic vocals to boot, that can sing or shred, it’s really something special. I like the weight of Handsome & Gretel, the rhythm and energy of Ripe, love Bluebell for …everything. I’d love to watch this right after Pharmakon. Only way to make it even better is if Sleater Kinney were coming to close off that set.

Punk rock, grunge, from the old school full of energy, where else are you going to get it like this? No where. Don’t miss it. It’s unlikely that I will.

Babes In Toyland perform at First Ave in Minnaepolis, MN on 11/25/00 

“The historical fact for this cheap show ($8), was that, in fact, it would turn out, Babes in Toyland’s very last live show. I was there, I just didn’t know that information at that time. I knew it was a reunion show, but I didn’t think anyone in the audience knew this was going to be their last show ever.

The official recording of the show would later resurface a year later called [edit] “Minneapolism (Live For The Last Time)”, under Cherry Red Records. Please note that despite Wikipedia indicating that the record was from “November 21, 2001”, this is incorrect. According to legal documents online when First Ave filed for bankruptcy, it lists a Soul Asylum show on that date.” -User on WHM

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Babes In Toyland Interview with Andrea Swensson of The Current - March 11, 2015

Babes In Toyland sat down with Andrea Swensson of The Current, a Minnesota-based radio station, for an exclusive interview.

The Babes discussed their reunion, their upcoming show in Minneapolis, touring, earthquakes and other memories, Courtney Love, Nirvana’s In Utero and The Pachyderm and more! 

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(Photos by Nate Ryan)

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