90 Seconds Twin Cities Auto Show 2012 (by Schnellphoto)
Photographer: Joel Schnell
Camera: Canon 5D MKII

A review of the Minneapolis Auto Show 2012 in 90 seconds. Motion project by Director of Photography Joel Schnell.

My Red Obsession by Jared Wieseler
Via Flickr:
If it’s not obvious by now, I am obsessed with ornaments and the color red. So when I stumbled upon a series of cleeeaaann red Chevys with sweet ornaments, naturally, I had to stop. I talked with the owners for a good 10 minutes and forgot to snap the tags but if I remember right they had a pair of 61 impalas (a 2 door and a wagon) and a 55 Bel Air. As I was shooting this fender ornament (from less than a foot away, the owner called out "I was about to jump up and honk the horn for you too!" Some great people that you can meet at car shows. I hope we run into each other again soon, I feel like these guys have plenty of awesome rides and stories to share. I have plenty of awesome images of the details on these rides. Stay tuned as I post more in the coming days.