minneapolis sculpture garden

Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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One of my favorite things to do in the winter in the Twin Cities is to go see all the touristy stuff that everyone else goes to see in the summer, like the Horseman here. Cold weather usually keeps the crowds at bay but a lot of spots, like the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, are just as good, if not better in the winter.

Besides, if you get too cold, you can always warm up in to the Cowles Conservatory and check out a two-story glass fish designed by world famous architect, Frank Gehry.

My Final Hour

If I knew it was
My final hour
I would choose
To come here
To recline under this tree
And soak up every last moment
Of sunlight dancing
Chimes tinkling
A soft breeze
Like a gentle caress
Across my cheeks
My resting eyes
My softly parted lips
Along every last exposed
Part of me
Encouraging me
To let go.

I let go.