minneapolis at night

Last night we had the first thunderstorm of the year! …and I managed to capture this bolt o’ lightnin’.

Semi-interesting fact— Newspapers in the 1800′s often used terms other than “lightning” when describing it.  Their alternate terms included:  electrical bombardment”, “electrical pyrotechnic” or a “peculiar pyrotechnic display”.

The Capella Tower. It’s crazy that from where I was, some 30 stories up, I could hear music from the Basilica block party as well as chants from protesters protesting for the death of Philando Castile. Minneapolis (and the Twin Cities) is very alive right now. The more I’m surrounded by it though, the more I learn to love the city of Minneapolis.

Photo by AboveTheNorm

High school athletes are protesting the national anthem — and that’s great patriotism.

Colin Kaepernick’s protests, once thought of as a symbol of a bygone political era of politically inclined athletes, have heated up quickly on the high school level. It has awakened the sleeping giant of younger athletes eager to take a stand against the constant stream of news about police brutality in recent years.

The latest example comes from Minneapolis, where on Thursday night the entire Minnesota South High School’s girls’ volleyball team kneeled during the national anthem. 

And the list of young protesters grows daily: a black high school football player in Worcester, Massachusetts; a high school football team in San Francisco; high school basketball players in Nebraska; an entire football team in Camden, New Jersey. But sadly, every athlete who chooses not to stand is also taking a risk. 

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