minneapolis at night


Powerful Ally - To Assist Using Personal Leverage

The eagle is a major player in many Greek myths. He steadfastly assists Zeus on a wide range of quests and is the only animal entrusted with the duty of retrieving Zeus’s thunderbolts after one of Zeus’s bouts of destructive retribution.

The eagle is a symbol of intellect, duty, and honor. It has long been associated with having sharp eyes, powerful talons, and lightning reflexes despite its large stature. Eagles are also associated with skillful action, justice, authority, determination, and liberation.


Secrets - Mystery - Cycles

Since ancient times, the Moon has been associated with magic, intuition, mystery, and renewal. It is connected with female energy, related to feminine cycles, and linked to our emotional well-being. The moon has an ability to connect deeply with our psyche and our subconscious. As it quietly revolves around the Earth, the Moon’s presence can be seen with the swelling of the tides, changes in the weather, and its omniscient presence on clear, dark nights. It is quiet and omniscient, emitting a fascinating aura of mystery and power.

Last night we had the first thunderstorm of the year! …and I managed to capture this bolt o’ lightnin’.

Semi-interesting fact— Newspapers in the 1800′s often used terms other than “lightning” when describing it.  Their alternate terms included:  electrical bombardment”, “electrical pyrotechnic” or a “peculiar pyrotechnic display”.