minneapolis at night

city of lake calhoun

this will be going on the wall at the harriet brasserie later this week, which is a restaurant in an old firehouse near lake harriet. i was selling pictures in the street downtown and they asked me to display my art in their restaurant. i decided i wanted to “be an artist” a year and a half ago, and this is the first time i’ve been invited to hang pictures somewhere. it’s cool and i’m gonna make it look rly good!

Kin – Alex Dos Diaz

Two entities whose natures contradict but their origins are the same: la Luna y el Sol. Sister and brother – day and night – affect the Earth in different ways, but harbor the same cosmic blood from their birthplace. 

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We are back and normal gallery hours have resumed! Thanks for being patient with us while we were half way around the world, and unable to answer our emails. We appreciate it!

Fun things are on the horizon! 

The artists have just been announced for the Tiny Homes exhibition that will be opening on September 15th. It’ll be incredible to see what the artists come up with, and we can’t wait to share the illustrations with you all!

As always, thanks for you support! It means the world to us!

The Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis

Photo by AboveTheNorm

The Capella Tower. It’s crazy that from where I was, some 30 stories up, I could hear music from the Basilica block party as well as chants from protesters protesting for the death of Philando Castile. Minneapolis (and the Twin Cities) is very alive right now. The more I’m surrounded by it though, the more I learn to love the city of Minneapolis.

Photo by AboveTheNorm

It’s Friday night! Throw on something glamorous and go enjoy the Twin Cities with the latest edition of Weekend What’s What. Some highlights include:

  • The Jacque Demes retrospective at the Trylon
  • South Pacific and Disgraced at the Guthrie Theater
  • and TONS more (including both @eauxclares-blog and @mnfringe

For more events, check out the latest edition of Weekend What’s What. 

anonymous asked:

JDM was in Minneapolis last night playing bocce ball with JP and JA. He talked about it at the SPN con today. I was there. He's a genuine and awesome dude. I can see why NR hangs out with him. I hope he doesn't get too much hate after the S7 premiere. He's cool and people need to remember he's just an actor playing a character on television.

I have faith that the majority of twd fans can separate the 2 and not get weird on him.