Hey everyone, news time!

I’m going to be tabling at Autoptic in Minneapolis August 8th and 9th! Come visit me at table #70! I’m going to have high quality prints, buttons, and books (including a brand new comic and also an awesome zine that I put together with my good pal annmakes)

Stop by if you’re in the area!


happilysunlight Concert Report for OTRA MINNEAPOLIS I saw a lot of rainbows in the audience, and we had a wonderful meet up beforehand. There was so many cute people wearing rainbows, and we had a few people bring stickers, lots of signs, lots of flags, glow sticks, and pins. Everyone was sharing stuff with each other and be around a great and supportive crowd. It was such a great experience to just relax with everyone and hang out. Lot of rainbows in the audience! So many signs and hearts. I tried to get pictures from where I was but it was really difficult. When they came out for Clouds, Harry was over at the far left side of the stage facing my section, and I was waving my rainbow flag so far up in the air. He was too far to make direct eye contact with me, but he kept doing his kiss thing where he kisses his hands and waves them out with his cute little fingers. He kept doing it toward me, and clearly I cannot tell if it was for me or not, but I want to assume it was, because he has been known to do that towards rainbows. The show was so fun, super high energy, and the audience was loud, loud, and loud. I am so happy to have seen them and the fact that they’re real just blows my mind.