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Kaizen, I'm going to Japan for vacation in a year or two and I would like to also learn Japanese. Enough to be able to find my way around and read signs. What did you use to learn? Thank you. I took Japanese for two yrs in high school but my new uni doesn't offer it as a class so I only know basics and limited kanji.

Minna no nihongo books. You can download them.

A song for Soma

// There is this one song from Love Live!  that is so cute, and I can see Megumi singing it to Soma. here is the lyrics for it. The song is called Nawatobi

deai ga watashi wo kaetamitai
naritai jibun wo mitsuketa no
zutto zutto akogare wo
mune no naka dake de sodateta

It seems us meeting each other changed me.
I found the me I want to be.
It was always, always, in my heart,
slowly being nursed.

ookina nawatobi minna ga tonde
watashi ha kowakute hairenai
kodomo mitai tamerainagara
itsumo matteita no kimi wo

Everyone jumped over a jump rope…
but I was too scared to join in…
While I was hesitating like a child
I kept waiting for you…

akiramekaketa toki sasaetekureta
yasashii te no sono nukumori suki da yo

You always supported me when I was about to give up.
I love those gentle hands and that cozy warmth of yours.

Kotoba ni dekizu ni utsumuku yori

zamerau kimochi ni sayounara

zutto zutto aitakute

mune no naka dake ja owarenai

Instead of feeling down for not being able to put it into words
it’s best to say good-bye to my hesitations.
I always, always, wanted to see you
but this will never end if I just keep it in my heart.

nando mo nawatobi minna to tonda
watashi mo takusan waratteta
asobinagara issho ni iyou ne
sonna omoi taisetsu da ne

I jumped over the jump rope together with everyone
and I laughed and laughed!
Let’s always play and be together!
Those emotions are precious, aren’t they?

michi ni mayotta toki oshietekureta
yasashii me ga kataru negai kanaete

Whenever I lost my way, you would lead me.
Your gentle eyes make my wishes come true!

arigatou tte kienai tokimeki
yume wo sukoshi zutsu tsukamaete
arigatou tte kienai tokimeki… arigatou
tanoshii ne tanoshii ne dakitsuitemitara
nakechatta gomenne

These feeling of gratitude won’t disappear.
I grab onto my dreams one by one.
These feelings of gratitude won’t disappear… Thank you!
This is fun, very fun, isn’t it? I try hugging you
but ended up crying… I’m sorry…

arigatou tte afuredashitekuru
yume ga sukoshi zutsu chikadzuite
arigatou tte afuredashitekuru… arigatou
ureshikute ureshikute shiawase sugiru to
nakechau no gomenne

I’m filled with gratitude towards you.
My dream is closer to getting realized.
I’m filled with gratitude towards you… Thank you!
I’m so happy, so happy
that I’m crying… I’m sorry

here is a link to the song