minna watches classic who

Ok, so Eight. Having only seen the movie and our surprising little mini episode from the other week… I don’t have much to go on. But I do know that I want more. Even the movie (which was pretty ridiculous, btw…) made me wish he had more screen time in that. Every scene with the Master, I was just like “OK, but how about we go spend some more time with the Doctor?” I really really like Eight. And I am definitely going to be getting some Big Finish stories to listen to.

First off, let me just get it out of the way now, but Eight is really pretty. Like, move over David Tennant… Seriously. So pretty. (Which I guess is a slight drawback to the audio stories, but I’ll get past that, I think…)

Also, I love his charm and his enthusiasm, which are both things that reminded me of Five and Eleven. But he was also way more ok with violence than either of them, especially Five. I mean, he threatened to shoot himself. I honestly can’t remember the Doctor ever even holding a gun before this point… Maybe I’m just overwhelmed by how quickly I burned through the show.

And I can’t say I’m a fan of the infamous kiss. I mean, maybe it’s just b/c of how quickly he kisses Grace. Nine had all season to build a relationship with Rose before he kisses her, and he also had an actual reason to do so (to save her). But it’s like, he’s so excited to remember who he is, and his shoes fit! And yeah! Kiss! All right!

BTW- I totally think that those shoes suddenly fit him b/c he was still regenerating. Like Ten’s hand, and River when she takes a shower in Nazi bullets—his feet were crammed into these shoes, and so they just shrunk until they fit well. Anyways, that’s a weird little tangent.

But yeah, what small amounts of Eight there are to see on screen made me like him very much. And I’m looking forward to continuing his adventures in audio format. …At some point…

And because there’s not much to go on, instead of favorite episodes, here are a few Favorite Eighth Doctor Moments:
-When he gets dressed in the hospital. Seriously, what is it with the Doctor and stealing clothes from hospitals? Three did it, Eleven did it… It’s a bad habit, sir…
-“These shoes! They fit perfectly!”
-The look of complete sadness on his face as Cass chooses to die rather than be saved by him.
-“Bring me knitting!”