“I love you.”

It comes as the smallest whisper. Sehun feels Luhan’s hand curl around his cheek and it feels so warm. He hears cracking and he’s not sure if it’s the glass beneath his feet or something else. But he feels Luhan’s hand on his cheek for longer than he should. When Sehun opens his eyes he still sees Luhan. He sees his love in front of him but breaking slowly.

Luhan doesn’t turn into dust. He doesn’t go quickly like sand falling or the wind blowing. He cracks like ceramic or china. It starts off on his hand and Sehun watches it fall to the floor. The pieces bounce on the glass but they’re a light pink and they stand out. Sehun reaches his hand out to cup Luhan’s cheek that’s beginning to crack. Pieces fall off in Sehun’s hand as his thumb brushes against Luhan’s cheek. Luhan smiles at him when a piece of his lips fall off and land against Sehun’s feet. Sehun wipes away a tear that trails down Luhan’s cheek. As Luhan’s body begins to fall, Sehun wraps his arms around his body. Just as he feels Luhan again, the pieces fall to the ground. And all of Luhan is gone.