im just waiting on the day xiumin finds out he has an instagram account through an interview. 

mc: “the fans asked why havent you ever updated your ig account”

xm: *looks around confused* “i dont understand..i dont have one..”

luhan will try to wave the question off..

lh: “phhh this is nonsense. he doesnt have one.”

mc: “but you fol-”

lh: “next question” *smiles at the camera*


Sehun paced the length of his room nervously, trying to pluck up the courage to leave. He had everything he needed, jacket, wallet, and keys. Now he just needed his boyfriend, Xiumin, to be here and everything might work out. He stopped pacing as he heard the door open.

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He saw the other sitting on the ground. “Baby, are you okay?”” he asked as he Went to the other’s side, while holding a large egg.

He shakes his head “n-no, I cant see” he tries blinking his eyes but it doesn’t help