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By My Side, a Hogwarts AU (5/?)

hallowe’en - “Minho darted ahead, taking Kibum’s outstretched hand as he took them off the path and into the grass. He let go once they were almost to the Forbidden Forest, both coming to a stop in the shadows of the trees. Minho bent, holding his knees, and breathed through his nose and out his mouth like his dad taught him. Kibum leaned against him, his arm draped across Minho’s back, as he tried to catch his breath.

‘You’re too fast,’ Kibum said, and Minho laughed.


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An excited buzz hung in the air of the Great Hall on Halloween morning. Kibum yawned, which spurred his dormmates to do the same. They had gotten maybe two hours of sleep last night – what with all the decorating they did in their room.

Callum and Travis grabbed as many decorations as they could grab from the common room while everyone else was busy. Aaron pulled strings of Muggle twinkle lights that his dad bought for him out of his trunk. Once Charlie came by to make sure they were all asleep, they jumped out of their beds and decorated their room with as much orange and black as they could manage.

Kibum had spent most of the time sitting cross-legged on the floor and untangling the twinkle lights in the dark. He grabbed his Standard Book of Spells from beneath his bed to search for a spell to light them without electricity. Lumos worked, and once the lights were strung around the room, they all sat back to look at their handiwork.

The lights flickered softly on and off, illuminating the spaces between their beds. A Jack-o-lantern sat on the dresser, a warm flame lighting the inside, with a cluster of smaller pumpkins surrounding it. It was too dark to make out the other stolen decorations they had put up, so they went to bed, leaving the twinkle lights on through the night.

Kibum yawned again, covering it with the back of his hand before he finished spreading jam on his toast. A half day for Halloween! McGonagall had announced it before breakfast appeared before them, and everyone couldn’t wait for classes to be over.

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