Je suis passionnée par le folklore japonais depuis des années, et l'idée de réaliser des vidéos à ce sujet à fini par faire son chemin. Je vous présente donc le 1er épisode de Minkan Densho ! Minkan Densho signifie simplement “traditions populaires” ou “folklore” en japonais, et les vidéos porteront en vrac sur les yokais, les traditions culturelles du japon, le shintoisme etc.

        —-oh my gosh, i can’t even thank you all enough for sticking around. i’ve had this blog for a little more than five whole days, & i’ve already reached 200+! i didn’t expect many people to transfer over from blossomhime, i really didn’t think many of you liked my portrayal at all. but i’m so so thankful that you all decided to follow me over here too. i still have a long way to go before i’m satisfied with my portrayal, but i’m getting there. thank you so much!so without further ado, here is my follow forever :>

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//Words cannot begin to describe how flattered and overjoyed I feel at the moment. I honestly didn’t expect much from this account, so the fact even one person decided to follow me, let alone 200 of you just makes me utterly giddy! ♥

You’re all such sweethearts, and have made my time here so special and fun; thank you, angels! ♥ But now I’m babbling, so let’s just get on with it, yeah? >//u//<

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//Oh god, I’m so certain that I missed lots of people, and I apologise profusely for that! ;A; I love each and every one of you little rays of sunshine! Once again, thank you so much for making my short time here so wonderful ♥ Love and cuddles to you all!