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fantomistress replied to your post: Um, I’m going to just go ahead and post a selca…

No yours is you are confuuuuused.

fantomistress replied to your post: Selca:  LOL I got cold feet OOPS.

omfg is that a selca or a .png? -.-

Take what you can get, mang.

minkaeru replied to your post: Selca:  LOL I got cold feet OOPS.

And you complain about me covering parts of my face ಠ_ಠ. If just the top half of your face looks gorgeous I’m 100% sure the bottom half is!

Why does everyone say this?! My nose is okay, but my lips and chin are so uggo to me. ;~;

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1. Favorite school memory?

umm… i think the one time in kindergarten we had to make speeches for some shit and my best friend announced herself as me before realizing she was saying the wrong name. i’d just gone before her so i guess that could be why. but yeah, i haven’t seen her in ages but my entire family still jokes about that day. fucking great.

2. Daytime or Nighttime?


3. What is something not many people know about you?

hmm… i have a birthmark on my stomach. not many people get to see that, i guess. and most who see it just don’t notice because it’s not as big as it was when i was little.

4. Do you have any interesting or annoying habits?

hahahaahaha. um… quite a few, i’d assume. i talk pretty fast and i know that can annoy some people (teachers mostly, when i have to make an oral presentation).

5. What are your most listened to kpop songs?

from my top 25 most played:

6. Which sport do you like to watch the most in the Olympics?

tbh, i don’t really have a favourite. i don’t actually give much of a shit about the actual sports; i just like to watch sexy athletes be sexy and athletic while feeling bad about how i’ll never be that sexy and athletic.

7. Who is your ultimate bias and why?

onew. no should ever ask why, omfg. i can’t answer that in less than ten pages of writing. one day, i promise to make a proper list and maybe i’ll post the whole thing on here.

8. What is something you love and hate about Tumblr?

hate that it’s no longer as truly hipster as it was when i first stumbled upon it. hipster used to mean shitty space edits and weed and triangles and bread and creepy kitchen shots. now it just means fucking indie music and glasses you don’t really need. it was more fun to mock the former.

i love just about everything else about tumblr, negl. even the annoying shit because everyone needs something to complain about every once in a while.

9. Which otp is your favorite and why?

oooohhhhhh. maybe a tie between 2min and ontae (unless this isn’t kpop exclusive ‘cause then it’s twincest but that’s a touchy subject for most sooooo, lmfao)? 2min was my first actual otp and i still find it very perfect but lately i see way less 2min moments and more ontae moments so idkkkk. also, ontae has my bias so~ and also more great fics, i find.

10. What would you like to accomplish before 2012 is over?

drop a bunch of dead weight, by which i mean people i don’t find important. i’m hoping most of the unimportant people still trailing in my life from high school have bounced on out by the end of this year. also i want more friends. :D

11. Favorite Disney movie? ^^

cinderella. because GUS-GUS!


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My questions for you guys:

1. What’s your favourite scent?

2. Do you play any sports?

3. What’s the last book you read?

4. Would you recommend this book to anyone for reading?

5. Which do you prefer: water or juice?

6. Do you watch any of the Real Housewives shows?

7. What’s your favourite phrase?

8. What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?

9. What kind of cell phone do you have?

10. Do you swear a lot?

11. Last movie you saw?

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1. what country do you live in?

In the U S of A  ;)

2. what languages do you speak?

English, Bosnian, year three of German

3. where was your favourite holiday?

To visit my family in Bosnia <3

4. who was your first bias?

G.O. from MBLAQ…oops sorry JR and Baekho 

5. what was the idea/inspiration for your URL?

Well my bias is Baekho from Nu’est and his name means whitetiger and then my nickname is Maki. Therefore, whitetigermaki! :D

6. what was your first kpop song?

It’s War by MBLAQ

7. whom of your biases do you think is the most talented?

JR because he can rap, dance, and plays like 5085 bajillion instruments haha

8. what is your favourite kpop concept?

Well, I really loved Nu’est’s breaking free from the standards concept <3

9. share a memory from your childhood?

Sledding down the steps, through the door, breaking through the chain fence at the bottom of the hill. Oops. 

10. coffee or tea?

Tea <3

11. what kpop concerts have you been to?


my questions for y’all

1: What’s your favorite blog?

2: What’s the first thing you ate this morning?

3: Are you hungry right now?

4: Favorite ice cream flavor?

5: Can you tell I’m hungry because of the last three questions?

6: Childhood nicknames?

7: Favorite quote?

8: Sleep with door open or door closed?

9: Last book you read?

10: Zodiac sign?

11: What makes you happy? ^^

I choose you!











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