mink wrap

1: Coming Home


The sound of my doorbell rang and I was excited. My best friend and his family were finally moving back to Virginia, six years after being in Tokyo. We didn’t have much time to catch up on the phone because of those international charges. All I know is he needed a place to stay until he finds a new house to buy, so I got him.

I got up and opened my front door.

Immediately my two godchildren came running towards me. “Uncle Ron!” They said in unison.

I laughed, giving them both hugs.

“Can I play your Nintendo 64?” DJ looked up at me.

I chuckled, “Yea. You get into the living room and I’ll set it up for you.”

Both of the kids run past.

Dwayne welcomes me with a big hug, which we rarely ever do, but I can’t help but to hug him back.

“Finally, man,” I smiled.

He smiled back, “Yeah, we back out here, man.”

I noticed Whitley from the corner of my eye. She looked a little distraught.

“Whit?” I smiled with open arms.

She immediately changed her expression into a big smile, “Ronaldus!” She made her way to hug me, “I hope the basement is already set up for us because I’m a little exhausted from that plane ride.”

“Everything’s set up perfectly. Come on in.”

They walked in with their suitcases. Dwayne looked around, as if he was reminiscing.

“What you thinking about there, Dwayne?”

“How simple things were when I lived here,” he sighed.

That’s right. I took over the house after Dwayne and Whitley moved. Ironically, now that they’re temporarily staying here, they have the basement.

“What does that mean?”

“I’ll catch you up to speed a little later. I see you got all of our boxes,” he chuckled.

They started sending me boxes full of the things that they wanted to keep from their apartment in Tokyo before officially moving out.

“Uncle Ron, you don’t have the new Nintendo 64, yet?!” DJ exclaimed.

“The new one? There’s a new one?” I looked at Dwayne, confused and shocked.

“Oh yea, Japan’s a little more advanced, my brother,” Dwayne smirked, “But don’t worry. America will release the new one in a few weeks, though, you good.”

I sucked my teeth, “Whatever. Are you sure all four of you can sleep in that queen sized bed?”

“We can’t,” Whitley forced a smile, “So, I’ll be taking the bed in the basement with the kids, and Dwayne will be on the couch, if you don’t mind.”

“Whitley…” Dwayne looked at her.

She glared at him, warning him to keep his mouth shut.

Dwayne let out a frustrated sigh, letting it go. Something’s definitely going on between them.

Whitley grabbed as many bags as she could before making her way to the basement.

Little Aiko ran after her, “Wait, Mama!”

I smiled at Aiko’s need to follow her mother around. I turned to Dwayne, “You in the doghouse, huh? What for?”

Dwayne sighs, “I messed up, man,” he looked down at DJ, then looked back up at me.

“Let’s catch up in the kitchen,” I made the way as I walked to the kitchen, Dwayne behind me.

He sat in a chair, “Got anything to drink?”

“I got you,” I went in the fridge to get a pitcher of iced tea, “So what’d you do?”

Dwayne looked to floor and sighed.


I dropped my bags to the floor and ran for the phone. I could feel myself ready to explode. I quickly dialed Kimberly’s number.

After only a few rings, someone answered. It was Spencer.


“Hi, It’s Whitley. Is Kim there?”

“Yes, she is. Kim!” He called for her.

Seconds later she was at the phone, “Hello?”


“Oh my god, Whitley! You’re back?!”

“For good,” I frowned, looking around Ron’s basement.

“What? Why?”

“It’s such a long story, Kimmy, I-” my voice began to crack. I felt myself ready to cry but I shook my head, trying to stop the feeling.

“Whitley, is everything okay? Where are you?”

“I’m at Ron’s. We’re staying here till we find a place.”

My daughter sat on the bed next to me and cuddled up to me. I put my arm around her.

“Do you want me to come?”

“Um, no, I’ll come to you.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I need to talk. So much has happened, Kim, I don’t know what to do.”

Kim sighed, “Okay, well, get your butt over here. I’ll be waiting.”

“Okay, I’ll see you,” I hung up. I looked down at Aiko, “You wanna come with me to Auntie Kimmy’s house?”

Aiko gasps, “Yes!” She smiles, excitedly.

I giggled at her, picking her up. She reminds me so much of myself when I was younger, so happy and energetic. I made my way up the stairs back to the main floor. I walked into the living room, to see DJ stuck to that dang video game.

“I’m going to Auntie Kimmy’s house and I’m bringing Aiko, do you wanna come?”

DJ kept his eyes on the TV, moving his fingers on the game’s controller, “I’ll stay with Uncle Ron. His games are fun.”

“Okay. Where’s your daddy?”

“In the kitchen.”

I nodded. I walked to the kitchen, knocking on the door. I seemed to have interrupted a conversation because it all got quiet.

I opened the kitchen door, “I’m leaving to go to Kim’s. Aiko wants to go with me,” I looked blankly at Dwayne.

“Are you.. are you coming back tonight?”

“Do you see any bags in my hand? Yes, I’ll be back tonight, not that you deserve it,” I rolled my eyes before walking out.


By the time I got to Kim’s, Aiko was knocked out. I paid the cab driver, before coming out the car, holding my baby. We’re still waiting on our car to get transported from Tokyo.

I rang the doorbell and Kim excitedly opened the door. She was about to give me a hug until she realized an asleep Aiko on my arm.

“Oops. She’s sleeping already?” Kim opened the door wider for me to walk in.

“Yes, it was a long, long plane ride. An exhausting one too,” I walked inside.

She smiled, “Well, at least your here. Here you can lay her in the guest room,” she walked me to another room in her apartment. She owned a two bedroom.

“This room is adorable. I’d change the drapes, though,” I walk in, laying Aiko down.

Kim shook her head with a smile, “You’re always ready to renovate a house that’s not yours.”

I giggled, covering my daughter with the blanket, “I can’t help it.”

“Yea, I know. I learned that years ago.”

I turned to her and excitedly ran to hug her, finally, “I haven’t seen you since your wedding!”

She hugged back tightly, “I know, I know! And look at you,” she let go of the hug to observe me, “Your body’s still tight as ever. There’s no way in hell Dwayne could look elsewhere, huh?”

That struck a nerve. I inhaled sharply, and looked down.

She shook her head no, “Oh, no. That can’t be what you needed to talk about. Dwayne didn’t–”

“He did, Kim,” I felt a lump in my throat. My eyes filled with tears.

“Oh, no, come on,” Kim lead me out of the room, “How about I pour you a cup of coffee and you can tell me all about it,” she gestured for me to sit in the couch.

I sat down, trying my hardest not to let any tears fall and ruin my make up. I hated that Dwayne did this to me. I hated that he made me feel this way. This was my biggest fear as a married woman and he made it come true.

Kim disappeared into the kitchen.

I looked around Kim’s living room before looking down at my fingers. I was so happy. A successful black woman working in one of the most famous art galleries in Tokyo, married to a man who works for an engineering company. A man who made it his job to marry me. A man who fought for me for years, even when I wasn’t convinced that he was he man for me. A man who gave me two beautiful children and now all of that is broken. What has become of me?

I felt a tear roll down my face, but I quickly wiped it away.

Kim came back in with two cups of coffee. She handed me one. She sat next to me, with the most concerned and sympathetic face.

I cleared my throat, “So where’s Spencer?”

“The hospital actually needed him and called right after you did. He’ll be out for the night. But enough of that. What happened?”


I woke up from my nap. It was my day off and earlier this morning I had made a big breakfast for my Pookie and my babies, before kissing my husband goodbye and dropping the kids off to school. I came back home and went straight to my bed.

I looked at the clock. 12:42. Dwayne’s lunch break was in 45 minutes, and if I hurry up, I could make it.

I brushed my teeth again, to freshen up. I let my curly, dark locks loose, to frame my face.

Dwayne and I have been so busy between working and the kids that sometimes making time for each other is hard. But after an argument, I realized it was time to try a little harder to give my Pookie some attention. And I know just how to spice up his lunch break.

I called his favorite take out Japanese food spot in Tokyo, and asked if I could make an order for pick up. Then I put on Dwayne’s favorite lingerie of mine. A red bustier corset, a red thong, garters, and tights. And of course, my red pumps.

I went back into the bathroom, and powdered my face a little so my face doesn’t shine. I put on a little mascara, lined my waterline with a black pencil liner, and a bold, red lip.

I made sure to drench myself in Dwayne’s favorite perfume on me, Chanel No. 9, before putting on my black mink coat, wrapping it around, and making sure that it doesn’t show a thing. I grabbed my purse and made my way for the door.

After picking up Dwayne’s food, I was right where I needed to be. Kinishewa Enterprises. I got stares, but I didn’t sweat it. When you’re anything but Japanese, living in Japan? You’re gonna get crazy looks no matter what.

The receptionist smiled, “Mrs. Wayne.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m just dropping off a little something for my husband for him to eat.”

“No problem, go on ahead,” the receptionist kept her grin.

My heels clicked against the floor as my body got to the elevator. Just in time, it dinged and the elevator doors opened. I let the two business-men walk out, and I stepped right in. I pressed the number 4, as Dwayne works on the fourth floor.

I smiled to myself just thinking what I’m gonna do to that man in his office. It’ll be short and sweet but it’ll leave him wanting more once he gets home. And I’ll be waiting.

The elevator got to the fourth floor and I stepped out. As I made my way to his office, people waved and greeted me. Dwayne being the only African American who works in Kinishewa’s Japan headquarters, everyone noticed and knew us.

As I got in front of my baby’s office, I wanted to make a slow entrance and catch him off guard. I twisted the knob gently and opened the door just a peek, just so I can see how adorable my man looks while concentrated on work…. but that’s not what I saw at all.

Some… woman. On my Dwayne. His hands groping her behind while she tongues him down. Immediately, my face turned to a frown. My eyes swelled with tears but I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t be embarrassed.

I didn’t know to react so I just… I closed the door gently. As if I was never there. I’ve never rushed out of a place so quickly in my life.

Tears poured down my face as I drove home. All that was going through my head was I hated him. I hated him so much.

I’m an angry eater, so when I got home all the food that I got for Dwayne was mine. I stuffed my face with food one second, was crying my eyes out the next. What did I do wrong?

End of Flashback

“Oh, my god, Whitley, I’m so sorry,” Kim comforted me as I cried into her chest, “Dwayne is such an asshole.”

I sniffled before looking at her, “And when he got home, he knew. He knew that I knew. And he wanted to talk but I was just so uninterested at the time.”

“So you two haven’t talked about it since it happened?”

I shook my head, “No. I’ve only asked if he’s been having sex with her. He said yes, and I was over it. I didn’t wanna talk to him. The only other thing I’ve said regarding this was I’m going back to Virginia. I didn’t come to Tokyo for what he decided to put me through, and I’m taking Aiko and DJ. And he said fine. But he’s not letting me go alone. So we made the decision to move.”

“And leave Kinishewa?”

“Well, to be honest Dwayne’s been missing teaching for a while now. And DJ comes home crying at least once a week from Kindergarten about something that some little brat wanted to say about his skin. You know I gave Aiko her name to try to help her fit in, but the second I brought her into a daycare to try and register her, they were giving Aiko such funny looks that I just changed my mind. There’s so much that contributed to this move but Dwayne’s infidelity is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“I’m so sorry, Whitley. Do you know how long… it… was going on?”

“I don’t wanna know,” I stared blankly at the floor, “at least not yet. I’m not ready to know. It’s too much, Kim.”

“I understand. And I didn’t know those things were happening to DJ and Aiko.”

“Yea,” I sniffled, “And you know Dwayne can help DJ. Black man to black boy. DJ has somebody who understands him. Aiko doesn’t have that. I can’t relate to my baby,” tears start to fall again. I couldn’t help it.

“Oh, Whitley-”

“You know, one day, Dwayne and the kids came to visit me at the art gallery. I was so happy to introduce my boss to my family. My bosses five year old daughter was there. She took one look at Aiko and said, ‘Ew. Her skin looks like dirt,’” I sniffled, “and my boss, she… she tried to pull her daughter away from us. But Aiko understood her. And Aiko started to cry. And I tried to comfort her and she looked at me and said ‘Your skin and hair is pretty, mama. Mine is not,’” I scoffed, “My heart broke, Kimberly.”

Kim eyes looked watery. She shook her head, “Whenever you need me to, I’ll talk to her, okay?”

“Will you?” I wiped my eyes, “She looks up to you so much.”

Kim nodded, “I know what it’s like to be that dark little girl that everyone makes fun of. I’ll always be able to talk to her. Come,” Kim opened her arms for another hug.


Ron looked at me furiously, “You can’t be serious.”

I sighed, “I know. I fucked up, man,” I clenched my jaw, “I’m such an idiot.”

“Na, you’re more than that. Whitley’s grown to be like my sister, she didn’t deserve that, Dwayne,” he turned his head to the side, observing me. It was almost like he didn’t know who I was anymore. I don’t know who I am anymore, either.

“I know, I know. She’s been so distant since, man. I don’t even know if I can get her back.”

“I mean, is it a surprise that she’s distant? What woman you know is gonna drop everything she knows and loves to follow a man to Tokyo?”

I looked down. I didn’t know what to say. I had no way to defend myself.

“You fucked up with the most loyal and understanding woman I know, Dwayne. You know how many brothers wanted that? And still want that? Are you out of your damn mind? What were you thinking?”

“When it started, I was lonely. She was busy all the time and didn’t even have time to talk so I could tell her how I was feeling,” I still kept my eyes on the floor.

“So you go and cheat?”

“Fuck,” I made a fist out of anger, “I know it was stupid, alright? And it’s not even like I did the shit one time, this went on for months, Ron. She was all I had when I first moved out there, man. How could I do this to her?” My eyes didn’t leave the ground.

I was searching within myself for answers, angry with myself. I felt selfish. I felt stupid. I felt so many things at once. She’s my wife. Why didn’t I just find a way to talk to her?

Ron sighed, “What lead up to the first time?”


“Dwayne, not tonight,” Whitley fanned me away with her hand as she closed her eyes.

It’s been a long week, I’ve barely seen my wife. Between both our jobs and the kids, it’s like we barely have time to say five words to each other.

“Come on, baby,” I kissed her hand, “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, but I’m tired,” she looked at me.

“Too tired for your Pookie?” I tucked her hair behind her ear.

She sighed, “Dwayne. Please?”

I sucked my teeth, “We haven’t been intimate in over a month. That’s not an issue to you?”

“Not when I have a job.”

“Oh, look at you. Finally getting a job and now it’s all you worry about. Just forget your husband’s needs, right?”

“Excuse me? Don’t be ridiculous. We have things to pay for.”

“No, I have things to pay for. I pay the rent and bills, all you do is go shopping with that money of yours.”

“Oh, so you buy all the kids clothes?”

“I would if you weren’t so adamant on spending money on designer clothes for our children.”

“Why can’t they have nice things, Dwayne?” She sat up, slightly raising her voice.

“They do have nice things. A roof over their head, food, clothes, and two loving parents. I don’t need them turning out bourgie and spoiled like you.”

“Ohhh, okay. So is this about sex or is this about ragging on me? Cause you have a lot of mean things to say, tonight.”

“I’m just frustrated, Whitley! I haven’t made love to you in a month. I miss you. I miss my Bunny, and it feels like you’re not concerned at all, baby.”

“Because I feel like this is a childish conversation, that’s why. You’re upset because I don’t want to have sex.”

“Not just sex. When’s the last time we laid down together and just talked? When’s the last time we went out to dinner? When’s the last time we went to the movies? When’s the last time we sat down as a family and ate dinner? It’s been a minute, Whitley.”

“Well, what do you want me to do about that, Dwayne?”

I sighed. She wasn’t listening to me. She wasn’t listening to my needs or my wants. She wasn’t listening to the fact that I missed her. She wasn’t listening to anything.

“Nothing, Whitley. Do nothing. It’s not like you do anything for me, anyways,” I sighed and got up.

She gasped and threw a pillow at me, “You’re sleeping on the couch, tonight!”

“Trust me,” I made my way towards the door, “That’s where I was headed, anyway.”

End of Flashback

“Oh, wow,” Ron looked at me, “I’m not saying what you did was right but-”

“You understand how I was feeling at the time, right? You know me. I can never just wake up one morning and decide to hurt my woman. I fought for her too hard to do that. It just… happened.”

“I understand. You felt ignored.”

“I did. And then the next morning, her eyes looked red and puffy. Like she had been crying. I tried to talk to her then, too, but she wasn’t hearing it. So I went off to work and…”

“That’s when it happened the first time?”

“Yea. And you know what the worst part was? After it happened, I came home. Whitley had dinner cooked up and had put the kids to bed early. And I wanted to talk to her about it. I did. But she just started apologizing to me. Apologizing and saying how right I was, and how she wasn’t making time for me. So, she had dinner ready and wanted to spend all night with me. I couldn’t tell her, anymore. I felt so guilty.”

Ron shook his head, “This is crazy.”

“It is. We had sex that night. It was the greatest I felt in months. And she was smiling at me, after. I miss that smile, man,” I looked down at my hands, “She hasn’t smiled at me since she found out.”


Not a prompt but idk I just kept thinking of this it’s weird. But basically reader is King George’s sister who believes in the revolution but she’s put down for her beliefs so she runs away on a ship to America and meets the Hamilsquad IDK its crazy but I can’t get it out of my head so we’re doing this (also just realized this is kinda like my fic Bonded By Blood? But whateva the concept is similar but the story itself isn’t aight aight) also this is just like an introduction aight so there will be more and it WILL be alex X reader okay? Okay

Send me a prompt + person from this post!
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Warnings: Sexism, Alcohol Use, The names Joslyn and Adrienne
Word Count: 3,920
Pairings: King George III X Sister!Reader

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Pairing: Mink/Koujaku

Summery: The first time Koujaku ever hears Mink laugh, it’s at his own expense. 

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-Kali procrastinates writing MinKou by writing MinKou???-

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

The first time Koujaku ever hears Mink laugh, it’s at his own expense.

Koujaku had been slightly taken aback when Mink’s idea of meeting up with him involved pulling up in front of his home with that deathtrap Mink called a motorcycle.

“Absolutely not.” had been the immediate response to leave his mouth as he side eyed it in distaste and a slight apprehension.

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i love sleepy morning kisses pls my heart will shatter soon into 69 pieces

i can just imagine mink and koujaku waking up together at around 10 am to 11 am and mink has an arm wrapped around kou’s torso, pulled back flush against his own chest because spooning is great!!!!!

but its a lil after kou wakes up and he’s not even sure how to get out of minks tight ass grip so he just pokes minks hand before turning his head slightly. minks resting his head tucked into koujakus neck so when he turns, mink gets a face full of navy blue hair

“are you awake?” kou asks and his voice is a little scratchy, low and sleepy
“mhm” mink just grunts, eyes closed as he fixes his hold around koujaku’s body, digging his face further into his neck and letting a soft and deep sigh through his nose and koujaku is so close touching mink that he feels the grunt a bit in his own chest
“do you want to let go of me and i can go make breakfast?” theres a warm and soft smile plastered against koujaku’s mouth and he taps minks forearm in an attempt to get up from bed
“mh” another grunt is heard from mink and its a stubborn one because mink honestly doesnt want to get out of bed yet and theres even a cool breeze coming through the window with fresh smells of the outdoors

“hmph,” kou rolls his eyes because mink does this alot “well i can’t do anything for you with this death grip” koujaku chuckles and shifts so that hes facing his boyfriend, their faces just an inch apart where he can examine each small detail in minks face, sharp cheekbones and the pigmentation of his skin and how pretty his hair falls over his face. he takes into account every little living and breathing aspect of mink because its just so beautiful
in koujakus state of absofruitly adoring mink, his hands trail up to cup the sides of minks face as he leans in slow to softly press his lips against the others and its simple and sweet
minks eyes open a little as he returns the kiss with his arm now resting/clutching koujakus hip as he props himself up using his other elbow and he kind of towers over koujaku while on his side
koujaku is blushing like a lil bitch now and mink just stares down at him with his golden eyes roaming all over his red face and kou just glares like

mink fucking smirks again at his nervous response and chuckles a lil under his breath
“nothing.” thats all mink really has to say before he himself leans downwards towards kous face, tilting his head to the side and he teasingly brushes his lips along koujakus and that earns him a hitch of breath before mink actually kisses him
its long and sweet, no traces of bitter and koujaku feels himself sinking in and his hands on minks face again

god they could kiss a million times and each time would be a fucking treasure im rUINED OK ABSOLUTELY RUINED LMOA BYE

rainysnow  asked:

What would happen if your OTPs (Kounoi and Minkuri) were dragged into each other's Scrap sequence?


Uhm, so this is a hard question, because it’s not specified…have they been dragged into it simultaneously? Is Aoba around in the sequence when that happens? Has the one that was dragged in been Scrapped before he enters his lover’s (or would-be lover’s) mind?

Just so I don’t end up writing like, a whole novel here, I’ll put these control conditions in place.

1) the one dragged in has already been Scrapped (i.e. issues resolved, gained a sense of touch back for Noiz because THAT is super important to a lot of things, yadda-yadda)

2) Aoba is there but he isn’t quite able to influence things (maybe he’s in that scenario where he hasn’t picked the right empathic choices and doesn’t actually understand the one getting Scrapped, which translates to a much higher difficulty for the Scrap scene in-game), and needs the additional support from the guy that was dragged in.

Having said that, here we go, and let the speculation funtimes begin!

Noiz in Koujaku’s Scrap

Noiz hasn’t had any true ties to anyone, so he cannot imagine how it would feel to kill someone he loves with his own hands. But I think Noiz would perfectly understand what it was like to be mind-controlled by an outside force (since he was brainwashed by Grand Music beforehand), and he will keep emphasising to Koujaku that it’s not his fault, that the tattoos (and Ryuuhou) were the ones that pulled the trigger, so to speak.

And he’ll snark at Koujaku, asking “What happened to that soft-hearted guy who goes around helping little old ladies cross the street?”. What about Benishigure, who looks up to him as a role-model? What about Aoba, his best friend, who he had sworn to protect? Was all of that good guy routine that an act? Because it sure didn’t look like an act. Noiz will remind Koujaku that regardless of what he had done in the past, he has rebuilt a new life for himself, that there are people who care for and see him for the good person he is. That these people do not see him as the a monster he thinks he is. 

And if that’s not enough, he’ll be the one to remind Koujaku (I’ll beat it into your thick skull, if I have to) that he is more than just the tattoos, more than the sin of murder he carried. That if Koujaku ever found himself on the brink again, Noiz will be the first one to grab him by the neck and drag him back. Because he would never let Koujaku give himself up like that, not while he still lived and breathed, and he will show Koujaku that he should not let the memories of his past determine his future. 

Koujaku in Noiz’s Scrap

Koujaku will at first be horrified to see Noiz’s memories of his parents. And then after that he would just be angry, anguished on Noiz’s behalf. What kind of parents would willingly throw away their child like that at the slightest inconvenience? What kind of monsters would do that to their own flesh and blood? 

And when he finds Noiz, alone and chained in the dark, Koujaku would rush to him and hold him close, heedless of the pain that would inflict on himself. I won’t abandon you, he tells Noiz. Not here in the dark, You don’t have to be alone. I’m here, aren’t I? I’m here for you, and I will be here for you, always.

But why would you want me, Noiz would ask. I’m a freak, an aberration that should not have been born, that shouldn’t even be alive. You could have chosen anyone else who was less of a burden. Why would you choose me?

To which Koujaku would laugh, a little pained. Not everything can be determined by logic, he would say. Koujaku doesn’t understand the appeal of Rhyme, but…Rhyme requires you to connect with people, through their minds, right? So Noiz actually still wants that human connection, even if he doesn’t actually realise that for himself. 

And Koujaku wants to show Noiz that he can be loved, despite the physical limitations of his sense of touch. That such a thing doesn’t mean that Noiz is a broken thing to be thrown away; it just takes a little extra effort, perhaps, and Koujaku is willing to do that, for Noiz’s sake. Because he cares for Noiz, and he would never let Noiz feel abandoned and alone, ever again.

Clear in Mink’s Scrap

Clear feels torn at first, because he can hear the cries for help of the villagers, and he wants, wants so badly to help them.

But Mink is nowhere to be found, and Aoba has said that this was a memory; that what he does here would not change what had already happened in Mink-san’s past.

So Clear shuts his ears and his heart to the cries for help, and he runs and runs, calling out for Mink. But all he sees is death and destruction, as Toue burns Mink’s village, and his people and his culture, to the ground, until they are nothing but ash.

And then he finds the room of chains, and Mink sitting wrapped in the pain of his own memories. Clear tries to pull those chains away, but they tear at him, rip him apart, and then Mink…

Mink looks up. Their eyes meet, and it was like a sudden blow to the face. An explosion of pain in his head, and then…

Clear opens his eyes, and finds himself lying on the ground. Out of Scrap, and back in reality. Aoba-san lay beside him, unconscious; the effort of bringing him along into Scrap must have exhausted him. Mink-san is standing over him, his face frowning with what looked like pain, but his eyes are as cold and hard as ever.

You want to die, Clear breathes, his own eyes widening with realisation. He saw it in Mink’s eyes, in that brief moment when their eyes, their minds, met in Scrap. You want to kill Toue, and then once you’ve done that, you will end your own life.

Mink-san tilts his head, not acknowledging it, but not denying it either. 

Why? Clear asks. Why would you even do that? You’re still alive now!

Mink’s eyes are chips of ice as they stare down at Clear. I have died the moment that my people have been killed. What would a robot know about life and death? he asks, and it hurts to be reminded of that, but…Clear grits his teeth and straightens up, putting steel into his spine and his voice. 

Maybe. I am not human, and I wouldn’t likely understand what it means to die like a human. But Mink-san is here, are you not? I can hear you breathe, I can hear your heart beat, still.That means that Mink-san still lives, and I won’t let you throw your life away like that. Your life is too sacred and precious to me.

Mink snorts, his mouth curving in an incredulous smile. That’s a remarkably selfish wish.

And how is that different from Mink-san? Clear retorts. They have no power that can change the past, but…Aoba has grown to care for Mink. And Clear cares for Mink very much. Would you really just end your life like that, when there are people who care for you, still?

Mink glances away, and sighs. I did not ask you to care for me, he says, sounding weary.

That’s not for you to control, Clear says, softly. You can’t control everything around you. It’s my choice, my decision, to choose who I care for, and I care for you. So I won’t let you die, because if I did, I would never forgive myself either.

And Mink says nothing to that, only turns and walks away. 

Clear wants to chase after him, but just then Aoba stirs and lets out a groan, so Clear turns to Aoba instead, wanting to make sure he’s all right. 

Don’t die, he thinks silently. Don’t die, Mink-san. He knows that Mink has a powerful, iron will, and would not waver from his choices. And because of that, Clear will do the same, and make the decision to chase after Mink, and never waver from that choice either.

Mink in Clear’s Scrap

Mink looks around, startled and amazed, although he is careful not to show it on his face. 

Clear may be highly-advanced, and far more complex than an Allmate, but he was still a robot, and Mink had believed that Clear’s emotions were simple imitations, shadows of actual human emotions. How can a hunk of metal and plastic know how it feels to be human, to have human thoughts and emotions?

To be affected by Scrap…

Does that mean that Clear was, in a sense, human as well? 

Mink can’t quite make heads or tails of where he is, however. The space is strange and empty, without floors or walls. There is a calm music playing in the air, soft and melodic, but every now and then it suddenly distorts, skipping and stuttering. Mink breathes in, and could smell what seems to be burning plastic and heated metal. Something hot and burning hits his cheek, but when he reaches up and brushes against the spot of pain, he only feels clean skin.

He must be directly in Clear’s head. Perhaps it is because Clear is a robot, so Mink’s mind cannot directly interpret how Clear thinks. But he could sense the discomfort of Clear’s failing body, and beyond that, he could feel the very essence of Clear’s soul, as ridiculous as that seemed.

And that soul is full of determination.

It is a fragile thing; Mink can sense that, if he reached out with his mind and applied the slightest bit of pressure, Clear’s self will collapse instantly, shattered to pieces. The scent of burning grew stronger, but that sense of determination seemed to grow stronger with it. 

Clear had said that he needed to break that lock in his mind, the very thing that prevented him from achieving full independence. And Mink…

If Mink chose to do so, he could easily destroy Clear’s will, and it would be incredibly useful to have a robot of Clear’s capabilities at his command. But Mink let out a sigh, and stilled his own mind.

He always believed that one should live and die by the decisions they make. And if Clear had the strength to be able to reach in and destroy that lock with his own free will, despite the irreversible damage that would do, Mink will stand by and let him make that choice. Because Clear deserved at least that much, to be able to make his own decisions. To make his own choices, as a human does. 

my ideal aesthetic is simple yet glamorous 50/60s french woman, drinking coffee and reading sartre by day; 1970′s b-movie starlet wrapped in mink and adorned in diamonds by night

And they kinda talk to each other because they’re in the same art class or something, and Sei thinks Mink is a pretty cool dude, even though he’s kinda grumpy and doesn’t talk much
And Mink enjoys Sei’s company but doesn’t really get close to people because TRAGIC PAST and of course he first starts liking Sei because Sei is quiet and tranquil and sweet and just ADORABLE but then one day Mink does something douchey or says something mean and Sei is just like
and so Mink apologizes
and changes his attitude
and has a newfound, deeper respect for the tiny angel that is Sei Seragaki
(and also a huge crush)

anonymous asked:

Aoba was doing the laundry and when he was folding Mink's jacket he can smell Mink's scent. The urge is too great and finally he give in and wears the jacket around his small shoulders. It immediately gave him the feel of being protectively hugged by his lover. That late afternoon Mink return home early and he found Aoba asleep at the couch. The folded clothes half done around him and the boy's currently wrap in Mink's coat as he sleeps.

Aoba in boyfriend’s jacket *A*