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You're gonna kill me with this cuteness bro.

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  • Mink finds Noiz sleeping on the couch. He is going to pick up Noiz and tuck him in his bed, when he catches just how relaxed and vulnerable Noiz looks. He cannot help but be captivated by this look of vulnerability that Noiz rarely shows to anyone. Mink spends some time softly combing Noiz’s hair with his fingers, letting his mind wonder on Noiz: how he meet him, how he came to slowly care for him, how eventually they both shared their quiet reflections over their pasts with each other, and how Mink himself felt became vulnerable around this young man.
  • Further in their relationship, Mink braids feathers and beads into Noiz’s short hair while Noiz’s usagimodoki chirps happily. Noiz closes his eyes and indulges over Mink’s gentle hands combing and braiding his hair, heart fluttering wildly in his chest. Similarly, Mink feels like a heavy weight is lifted from his chest upon seeing someone else wearing such beautiful ornaments from his village. Not to mention that Noiz looks gorgeous in them.
  • While Noiz can’t feel it on his own, Noiz taking care of injured Mink. He still cannot completely understand how injuries hurt, or even the concept of physical pain, but something about seeing the blood seep from Mink’s body brings a level of compassion that he suppressed long ago. Something that he did not think he would be able to understand slowly made itself clear as he spent more time with Mink. He cannot share the same pain as others but he is able to share compassion.
  • Mink slowly opening up to Noiz and taking Noiz to the remains of his village. Noiz says nothing more than he needs too, and so does Mink as he talks about his past, but once Mink comes to the graveyard that his people are buried, Noiz leans on Mink, saying nothing. It is but a simple gesture, but feeling Noiz’s warmth settles the unpleasant sourness in Mink’s stomach by a little bit. 
  • Mink encouraging Noiz to try to reconnect with his brother again after learning more about Noiz’s family. Eventually, Noiz sends out a brief email, stating that he is alive and well, and immediately hears back from his overjoyed brother. Soon, the two of them end up talking frequently, their old relationship kindling anew; Noiz feels both new and a mix of dulled nostalgia. Noiz invites Theo to Mink’s cabin, and the week that Theo got off of work to visit Noiz flies by quickly. Theo quickly catches on Mink’s and Noiz’s relationship, and sets of to get along with his brother’s extra special person. Mink and Theo also become quite close, sharing their love of literature with each other. Upon seeing Noiz’s jealous pout, Mink kisses him and tells him to stop being ridiculous.