mink go to sleep

I really wanna write a fic where Aoba gets caught up in an armed robbery at the store he works at by going to take down the man robbing it but ends up getting shot for trying. Aoba doesn’t come home. Mink doesn’t know what’s happening until he learns it through passing strangers.

Mink not being able to see Aoba right away because it’s already so late into the night that visiting hours closed. 

Mink getting really anxious to the point he shakes lightly that Aoba is in pain and Mink isn’t there to comfort him. 

Mink unable to handle the thought of losing another person he loved to a gun shot.

Mink not being able to bear the thought of Aoba dying alone during the night and can’t sleep.

Mink going to bed alone for the first time in a while.

Mink physically bothered he can’t be by Aoba. He can’t kiss his forehead or pet his hair or talk to him or do anything for him.

Mink coming in to the hospital as soon as visiting hours open and him literally kissing Aoba all over the face once they’re alone.

Mink not able to handle seeing Aoba’s face in pain every time he moves and constantly looks away or tells Aoba to be still.

Mink literally getting terrified he was going to be all alone again.