mink fanning


so?? i’ve been drawing a superhero au recently with all the sander sides + thomas and all the ones associated with the sander sides (like joan and talyn). i finally digitalized roman!! so here you go @thatsthat24


I feel much better already, kukukuku~

I may not like the idea of animal skins, but I shall make the exception this time. Thank you, sister Compote. 


((Few things; I’m start signing my work more often because I’ve been finding my artwork being used by other people on different websites without my permission and claiming it as their own.

Not cool, peeps. 

So if you see a blue thing at the side, its because of that.))


Decided to draw this while watching @velvetroomgames Dramatical Murder play through! I imagine Mink slowly dying, but wants to maintain his position as the Shiro of DMMD lol.

The inspiration and motivation comes from this video: https://youtu.be/y4MSPizHl1A

You should check them out, they’re absolutely hilarious and they have an endless amount of jokes!

The Worst Thing the Boyfriends Can Hear from Aoba

To Koujaku: “You’re a monster. Get away from me.”

To Noiz: “You’re a freak. I’m done trying to help you.”

To Clear: “You’re hideous. Put your mask back on.”

To Mink: “You’re evil. I’ll never forgive you.”

To Ren: “You’re barely a person. I don’t need you.”