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The Worst Thing the Boyfriends Can Hear from Aoba

To Koujaku: “You’re a monster. Get away from me.”

To Noiz: “You’re a freak. I’m done trying to help you.”

To Clear: “You’re hideous. Put your mask back on.”

To Mink: “You’re evil. I’ll never forgive you.”

To Ren: “You’re barely a person. I don’t need you.”

Isaac Hayes, breakfast nook at home, Los Angeles, California, 1971
Notes from John R. Hamilton: “Isaac Hayes’ home was an 18-room California modern bungalow on 2 ½ acres of land on one of the canyon roads linking Los Angeles with the San Fernando Valley.”

“In 1971 his record, “SMASH,” won a Grammy and an Academy Award. Isaac Hayes has been given the title, “King of Soul,” and he has a famous wardrobe to go with the title. When he wears his full length white mink coat, his fans go wild and chant, ‘Here comes the “King of Soul,” the “King of Soul is Here.'”

"Isaac Hayes breakfast nook in his Los Angeles home is patterned in colorful red strawberries on a green and white background. The dining room is wallpapered and the same wallpapaer can be found on the dining table. It just knocks me out.”
Photograph: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Print

@rhettandlink Ferret & Mink agree that pig anus will NOT soup. Not even in can format.

Ferret & Mink know,
You don’t have to propose friendship:)

So this is page 1 of a possible 2 or 3 pages of a little DMMD-comic (read from right to left, please).
I just don’t know which way I should go with this, because I made it on a whim. The basic setup is just, that Mink kidnapped Mizuki for whatever reason, so this has multiple ways to go down. I kinda would like to make some Mink-rare-pair-fans happy with this though, so choose your poison, which pair you’d like to see in the following page(s):

Sei x Mizuki (possible Mink x Koujaku-cameo),
Mink x Sei,
Mink x Koujaku (possible Sei x Mizuki-cameo).
Mink x Mizuki.

You can “vote” by reblogging this and either put your desired pairing in the comment-section or in the tags, I will read both. Alternatively, you can also send me an ask if you dislike clogging your dashboard with reblogging this.
Since I am a very impatient person, I will only wait about 24 hours for your responses, after posting this (so roughly until Monday). In case there is no representative majority until then (meaning you didn’t tell me what you want), I will go with the first person crying “I want you to ship xxx!” instead.
Votings are already closed, but you can still comment on your preferences, since there is a possibility that I might do other pairings as well after I tackled the winner pairing.