Lineart tip stuff

Here’s how I do my lineart/ base sketches for all my paintings. 

NOTE: All the images listed here are WIPs at their earliest stages, so understand that this technique is just a quick foundation for the polishing work that will need to be done before your picture can truly be considered finished!

1- Draw your lineart or sketch, depending on your technique. You can do cleanup later (which is what I always do) or refine it first if that’s what works best for you. Try to pick a color that will fit the palette of your painting, if you can’t think of one, just use brown. You can always change it later, anyway.

2- Duplicate it! Set the bottom layer to overlay (if you have no colors put down beneath it, the overlay layer will be blank. Don’t panic.) Set the duplicated top layer to Multiply, and change the opacity to about 80-90%. (You can set it to less if you like, as the less Multiply you have, the more color will show through. For paintings with bright color schemes, this tends to look really nice.)

^ Because the Chibiusa picture needs to be superbright, I made two overlay layers for more color instead of one.

^For Wrex, with a more dull and natural color scheme, I used only one Overlay layer, and kept the Multiply layer’s opacity at 96%.

I use this because it’s a quick and easy way to make your lineart match your color scheme, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things, too! Good luck!

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How do you paint with gouache? And what brand of paints do you use?

Hi there!

Here’s a minituto about my brown palette which touches on briefly how I paint with gouache. Here’s the one that explains my watercolor process (my gouache process is not that much different). 

My favorite gouache brand is Talens, but I use Daler Rowney as well. Actually all my recent watercolor works are painted with gouache, because they can be used as such and it’s more affordable than to buy watercolor tubes / cakes. :)

Here’s some asks answered about my materials and related things:




Hope this helped!

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And .... how you do download or use actions?

well ummh…

i’m not good at explaining things, but i’m going to try my best :)

  • you download an action like any document, just click “download”
  • then in photoshop you have these panels 
  • the action panel is this 

  • if you don’t have it then go to Window and check Actions 
  • Click the action panel. you will see this
  •  the glowing effect is there
  • then all you have to do is click the little “play” button and 
  • voila, your photo should look something like this