Little Hotaru kirigakure. Just letting you guys know- this is the first time ive drawn clothes like this- and I couldn’t find any references for the lower half of his outfit- so yeah…lol.  Don’t make fun of me for not knowing how to draw foreign clothing! XD I know its bad. lol

But let me know what you guys think!


More tiny bird portraits

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knitting IV by AzureFantoccini
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Chloe is knitting things


A friend reminded me that I actually needed more slimes as the black puddings and the Ochre jellys divide into 2 medium creatures when hit, and into smalls when hit again.
So more hot glue slimes! Also made better grey oozes as I was not happy with the first ones)

In addition a tiny tutorial on how I make the little stone bases for my oozes.


Muddy Chickadee visiting the Hobbit Hole

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