The Ministry of Truth is losing it’s battle against the internet.

My first post

Hello there! This is my first post, and I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Julia, I am 26. I live in London, Oceania.

I work in the Ministry of Truth (which actually always tells lies),on the novel-writing machines in Fiction Department. I enjoy my work, as it consists chiefly in running and servicing a powerful but tricky electric motor. It is not the most challenging job one can get, but I am fond of my hands and feel at home with machinery. 

I don’t care much for reading, though. In my opinion, books are a commodity that has to be produced, like, say, jam or bootlaces.

I spend my free time in Junior Anti-Sex League (although I am by far not a junior, ha!). Not that I liked it, in contra, I even hate it sometimes, but that is a good cover for myself. The most active member of Anti-Sex league and a sex addicted at the same time – not bad, huh?

Alright friends, time to go! (guess where to? JASL!)