Walk the Same | Ministry Basics

Ministry Basics are super small and simple training courses that will help you learn to apply God’s word in a very practical way, as we study the Bible, Leadership, Lifestyle and Theology. These courses will help to equip you for your personal ministry.

Study Length: Each subject runs for 7 weeks

Subjects include:

  • Bible  -  Learn how to read the bible devotionally and for study purposes. Study the historical background to the bible, how to use the bible, study tools and how to get new revelations from the bible.
  • Leadership  -  Learn effective leadership qualities and skills that can build your own life and the lives of others, seeing the kingdom move forward.  Expands on what Godly leadership principles that are found throughout the Bible.
  • Lifestyle  -  How to build a strong devotional life: how to find your purpose in God, and live a life that can fulfill that purpose, how to hear from God.
  • Theology  -  Develop a personal theology in a biblical and thoughtful way that will be a blessing to you and your church community.

Note: We had our first class Saturday the last week which was a great start and just to get some idea as to how it would turn out to be (since it was our first), I had only opened it up to a limited audience. Starting next week, we shall continue with the study/course and will have it open to everybody who would like to join in. In addition to this, today’s class has been postponed to the next week.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.Be kind to everyone around you and God Bless.

Many Blessings,

+ Kyle