Bee pendant

Middle Bronze Age, about π. 1700 BC

Place of discovery: Malia, Chrysolakkos

Dimensions: width: 0,046 m

Material: Gold

Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture


Puntland Arts and Culture Week

This week, Garowe played host to a successful arts & culture week which spanned the first week of June. The festivities were organized by the Ministry of Information, Communications, Culture & Heritage and brought together participants from the 9 regions of the state, in celebration of Somali culture & arts and the role they play in fostering peace and community-building.

Date: Late Bronze Age, 1550 - 1500 BC

Place of discovery: Knosos, Small palace

Dimensions: length: 0,26 m

Material: Black Steatite, Jasper, Nacre

Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Late Bronze Age, about 1600 BC

Place of discovery: Knosos, Palace, sacred treasury-rooms

Dimensions: height: 0,295 m

Material: Majolica

Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Anindita Chakraborty, b. 1984
Dream Voyage
India (2012)
Oil on canvas

Anindita completed her B.F.A from Tripura University in 2007 followed by a M.F.A from the S.N. School, Hyderabad Central University in 2009. She has been a recipient of the Young Talented Artists’ Award, Ministry of Culture in 2008-09. She is recently having her first group show in Mumbai with Galerie Mirchandani + Steinreuke, 2013. Her works transport you into the old world charm, inspired by the pre-Raphaelite era’s rich costumes, sets and dream like fantasies that tell stories of a period gone by.

Neolithic figurine, over 7,000 years old, unearthed at Turkey’s Çatalhöyük

Archaeologists at Turkey’s neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Anatolia have unearthed a “unique” complete female figurine, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Tuesday.

The statuette, measuring 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) long and weighing one kilogram (2.2 pounds), is considered unique due to its intact form and fine craftsmanship; it dates back to about 5500-8000 BC, a statement said.

The figurine, which is made of marmoreal stone and considered to be part of a ritual, was discovered by the international team of archaeologists working on site led by Professor Ian Hodder, anthropologist at Stanford University in the U.S.

One of the world’s first urban centers which dates back 9,000 years, Çatalhöyük is included in the 2012 UNESCO World Heritage List.

“Çatalhöyük has been the subject of investigation for more than 50 years. Researchers from around the world have travelled to the site over the past half-century to study its vast landscape of buildings, remarkable ways of life, and its many exquisite works of art and craft.

"Since 1993, the Catalhoyuk Research Project has recruited an international group of specialists to pioneer new archaeological, conservation and curatorial methods on and off site. Simultaneously, it aims to advance our understandings of human life in the past,” according to the official website.

The Isopata signet ring

This famous ring from the Isopata tomb, near Knossos, is a masterpiece of Minoan gold work. The bezel depicts four female figures, richly clad in characteristic Minoan garments, moving through a landscape of lilies. Three of them dance in ecstasy, their arms raised in the air, while the fourth one, placed in the centre of the scene and slightly higher than the others, makes a gesture - possibly of benediction.

Late Bronze Age, 1600 - 1400 BC Place of discovery: Knosos, Isopata grave Dimensions: diameter: 0,021 m Material: Gold. Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture

I Want a Better Church (And the Church Is Me)

Anonymous asked:

Sometimes I get really angry at the Western-Protestant church for our consumerism in Christianity and how we base our worship services on emotional highs and raise our hands to the bridges and hooks of songs, out of emotion, and neglect the God they are being sung to.

Hey dear friend, I get mad about that, too. There’s a lot of strange fakery out there and I think people are catching on.

Here’s one thing I’d gently like to suggest, and as I have no pastoral authority with you and I’m just a stranger online, you may please feel free to dismiss what I’m saying and to disagree. I hope you will hear me with a pure heart of grace and love for you.

I absolutely believe you’re coming from a genuine place of desiring authenticity. The only thing is, I wouldn’t want that to make you run the opposite way against a certain subculture or a group of people, as if “I’m not gonna be like those Christians” is going to help. I can promise you with guaranteed certainty that it will not.

Consumerist Christianity is bad; emotionalism is bad; legalism and fundamentalism is bad; those are true sentiments. But at times these sincere convictions can filter the way we see all of church, so that by slow degrees we begin to think buildings are bad, programs are bad, techniques are bad, schedules are bad, and let’s not do it like those guys with big speakers and jumbotrons, and we’ll show them what it really looks like, and I’m so anti-institutional and counter-cultural, and I’m so over the plastic manufactured Sunday machine, and let’s be organic and “get back to our roots.” This is such a common temptation to every Christian that I’m sure it’s Satan’s favorite game-plan.

An over-desire to be “purist” is still idolatry. It’s exactly how Satan fractures the church so that Christians will bicker and grumble at each other instead of looking past the box and getting into the battlefield.

How would Satan divide the churches? By making us hate the packaging of the church. By making us hate materialism so much that we’d rather burn down the house than strengthen its structure. And I can tell you, many of these emotional songs and hand-raising moments and jumbo screens are not going away. In fact, they can still be used in a righteous way that would bring Christians closer and not further from the truth: because God redeems culture as much as He redeems crack addicts and criminals. There’s no extra glory for trying to worship in a garage (though I would love that, too).

We can’t get mad at the people in the church, either. There will always be hypocritical Christians who are actually infants learning how to walk, who will shop for churches based on professionalism and will act differently on Monday-Saturday: but we were like that too, and God still worked through us, and He had no contempt for the consumerism that we were still wrestling with inside, and He was there on the first lap of our faith just as much as He’s here now in our animosity.

And can I also say: there’s nothing more boring and bland than a Christian who acts like the modern church is the enemy, instead of seeing her as a friend who has lost her way. There’s nothing worse than a person who sees problems instead of a way through them. And we need grace for that guy, too.

In the end, we will either see these things with contempt or compassion. We will either look at a Westernized church with disgust and reactionary backlash, or we will see her and ask, “What can I do to help?”

Trying to fix the church with our criticism is still part of the problem and only perpetuates a Western hero-savior mentality, in which bad Christians are making bad churches and only the “True Christian Elite” can bring restoration.

I don’t buy into that narrative for a second. It’s the devil’s script. It’s too easy to be dissatisfied and discontent. It’s a false binary war where we pit cultures against each other for no other reason than pride and superiority. I’m not saying you’re doing that: but it’s worth exploring if we’re doing that. If I’m to call myself a Christian, that means I’m part of the ugly parts of the church that I dislike as well as the parts that I like, and I have to do something with both.

Jesus died for all of her and for all of you and me. And it takes a day at a time to dismantle the lies and hypocrisy and sin inside each of us: and that starts where I’m sitting before I look at anyone else.

I’m sorry that it sounds like I’m taking it hard on you. There are certainly terrible things in the church that must be stopped, immediately. But the question remains: What then? And what now? I believe your passion will be a huge element to restoring the church to her true beauty. I hope we can join each other in that good fight, with weapons of love and grace and truth, gentle as a scalpel with the force of a death-breaking power.


Who do you suppose decorates the guest rooms on the Enterprise?  Netflix has got stuck buffering and I’m just staring at this: 

wondering whose aunt’s ceramics workshop the pieces either side of the doorway and over the bed came from.

Also, considering how often everything on the Enterprise shakes about, I hope the big square art thing directly above a sleeping person’s head is REALLY well secured to the wall.

Who did the flower arrangement?  Who put the fruit bowl on the table?  (Are those chokos?)  On Deep Space Nine I’ve got a theory that the weird objets d’art that you see in the guest rooms are work by Bajoran artists that the Ministry of Culture or something sends up and there’s a laminated card in the nightstand together with the Gideon’s Bible and the brochure about the shopping and dining options of the Promenade and the note from Odo telling you he’s watching you so don’t even think about it, telling you how you can purchase a piece you like.  But I know of no explanation for Enterprise guest room art.

There are, of course, hospitality staff on the Enterprise; yeomen and civilian bar staff in Ten Forward.  So I suppose there’s an answer to my question really.  They are unseen and unsung heroes.

don’t have any horror movies to watch today?

WELL i have just the thing for you! tune in to the Brazilian News! 

after the thrilling, though somewhat unbelivable (coughillegalcough) impeachment of an honest president, and the shocking twist of putting in her place a man with a dirty record that rends him unelectable for the next eight years, the-


new governement has, in less than a day 

  • extinguished the ministries of  Culture, and of Women, Human Rights and Racial Equality
  • has, for the first time since the (last) dictatorship elected no women or black people for ministers
  • extinguished the comptroller general(responsible for investigating corruption in the union among other things) and put in its place a new ministry, therefore ending it’s independance from the central government
  • also nominated politicians under investigation to run it
  • named 7 ministers who are facing investigation and corruption charges, some who have been convicted
  • nominated as Minister of Justice a man who has defended deeply corrupt people (PCC - which, btw, is a known organized criminal cell, and Eduardo Cunha) as a lawyer , who commanded the military police to engage extremely violently against teenagers who were trying to save their schools and who has publicly said protests pro-dilma or anti-coup would be treated as criminal activities
  • named José Serra minister of exterior relations  who is under suspect in odebrecht inverstigations and also such an idiot; that cute thing brasil has build up where we defend our interests instead of big “1st world” corps or when we seek partnerships with latin america and/or other rising countries, to the point of achivements like  getting a permanent chair in the general UN counsil? pfF w h y do that when you can roll over and play dead to U.S.A and Europe’s main players amirite
  • who also wants to push retirement limit to 75 years
  • 3 of the new ministers are under investigation in operation carwash
  • the opening of investigations agains Sen. Aécio Neves, who has ridiculously huge charges like being  linked to a helicopter filled with cocaine and building a private airport with public money (he was also mentioned at least 5 times in op. carwash) has already been retracted, in less than 24h
  • a project of law that will punish people for speaking ill of politicians on the internet for up to 6 years in prison and even be considered a heinous crime, and also suspending the need of a warrant for authorities to access regular people’s personal data, subverting the internet’s civil mark is being considered (so u know if i disappear <.<>.>)
  • named a big soybean farmer who has been knowingly against environmental protection as minister of agriculture
  • named a creationist pastor as minister of science technology
  • the ministry of education is in the hands of a ultra rightist party DEM, who already moved legal actions against quotas and social programs to even out the gap between poor and rich people in public education (ENEM, PROUNI ) 


last night i met the first woman to ever have her own comic and this guy who works for the argentinian ministry of culture!! rubbin elbows with all kinds of people

The Vatican Museum, with media partners Sky and Nexo Digital and with the backing of the Italian Cultural Ministry, is producing a 3D film about Renaissance painter/sculptor Raphael Sanzio.


This is AMAZING! The Ministry of Culture in Spain uploaded half of one of the earliest known films about Marie Antoinette, titled ‘Marie Antoinette,’ from 1903!

The full film consisted of 9 tableaux, and this Youtube video from their collection contains five of them: Fête at the Trianon, Minuet, Picnic on the Grass, Blind-Man’s Bluff, and Gallant Rendezvous.

The rest of the film’s scenes focus on the revolution; it seems likely that the two halves were packaged in some releases as separate films, since this one is titled “Festivities at Versailles.”

Their Youtube channel has tons of rare film uploaded, be sure to check it out!