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future goals: obtain the harry james potter philosophy to life

Brandon is posting another prayer request? Yep. Why is Brandon speaking in third person? The world may never know.

I’m meeting with the director of campus ministry tomorrow at 1 PM to discuss the campus minister position. I know he had just met with his boss and HR to see if they could hire me because of my interesting situation, so please keep this in your prayers. It means so much to me. Thanks so much, fam! I love you all so much!

Broken (Percival Graves x Reader)

Request- If you could, maybe a graves imagine where you try to leave him after what happened to him with grindlewald, and he’s being distant, but he doesn’t want you to leave because he’s broken and ends up crying and just…just break my heart please ily


“I’ve got to find him.” You said trying to convince Seraphina Picquery, the president of MACUSA, to let you lead a search party for Percival Graves. Percival was your coworker you two worked closely together, eventually it got intimate. He went on a mission months ago, when he returned he was different, if it wasn’t for Mr. Scamander no one would have known that Gellert Grindelwald was impersonating him.

It had been two weeks since then and you were non-stop asking for a search party. “Fine. Take Williams and Martin with you. You leave tomorrow.”  “Thank you Madame President. You won’t regret this. I’ll bring him home.”

After speaking with Aurors Jack Williams and Alice Martin, you left for your apartment so you could began packing. The next morning you were up bright and early, grabbing your bag you apparated to MACUSA headquarters. You met up with Jack and Alice who were standing near the entrance. “Ready?” Asked Jack after you exchanged greetings. “As I’ll ever be.” And with that the three of you grabbed onto a portkey. Within a minute the group of three were in the fields of Britain. “Okay, Grindelwald’s last known location in Britain is about 3 miles north from here in an old part of Cheshire.” You said looking down at the multiple notes you had scribbled down.

“What do you think is going to be there?” Alice asked. “Hopefully Percival.” You murmured, staring off at the horizon. And with that the three of you set off heading north. A little over an hour later you could see a worn out building. Parts of the roof was caving in and the building was littered with aged posters. The yard all around was dead, dried grass but within the middle was a path like scar. You and the others crept towards the house, wands at the ready.

 When you entered the house you were shocked by what you saw. In the corner pressed against a wall was a bed with wrinkled sheets. A few chairs littered the floor and empty cans of food stood everywhere. In the dim lighting of the building you could see a door that was open a crack. Hearing a noise from there, you opened the door and descended down the creaking wooden steps.

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Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, clearly.

Tomorrow on Fresh Air: John Cleese.

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How's the nevmione going?? Can we have another sneak peek?

I am legitimately struggling not to start posting chapters. I only have ten written so far and I don’t think I’m at the halfway point yet. If I did start posting, it would only be probably one chapter a week.

Here’s a small sneak peak, however:

She met him outside of the Dragon’s Den, the fanciest new restaurant in Diagon Alley. He wore comfortable-looking dress robes, but nothing that looked either too casual, or overly fancy. She smiled at the sight of him. “How are you able to just … look like you’re so comfortable in your own skin?” she asked him.

Neville laughed nervously. “Do I? I don’t feel like I do,” he admitted. “One too many growth spurts in school had me a bit of a disadvantage when it came to adjusting to anything.”

“You’ve grown since school,” she commented.

He smiled. “So’ve you. But … you’re still just as beautiful as you ever were, Hermione.”

She blushed and smiled back at him. “Beautiful? Maybe fourth year. Two tons of Sleakeazy’s and a pretty dress.”

Neville shook his head and reached out, touching one of her wayward curls. “I’ve always preferred this,” he said. “It’s … wild.”

She licked her lips. “You like wild?” she asked and then widened her eyes when he swallowed hard. “Oh wow … I didn’t … that was a bit … forward,” she said and then laughed awkwardly. “I don’t know how to act around you. You’re my friend so do I … I don’t know, act normal? But then there’s our situation, so do I flirt or … act … insane?”

Neville laughed softly. “Please be yourself,” he requested. “Just … do whatever comes naturally.”

“None of this is natural,” she said with a frown. “We’re being forced by the Ministry to—”

“No one forces me to do anything,” Neville said firmly. “I’m here with you because you are a beautiful woman who … who I’ve fancied for quite a few years. If the Ministry put out a statement tomorrow saying they were retracting everything they’ve said about the potential marriage law, I would still be here, pleading with you to give me a chance, Hermione.”

for @pumpkingspicedpotter

happy 20th birthday amanda!!!!! this is literally the first hinny (or golden trio era in general????) fic i’ve ever written so i hope i didn’t screw it up too badly! xox

It’s a Sunday.

Harry can’t remember the last time this mattered, the last time he had kept track of things like days or weeks or months, but now it does. It matters because Mrs Weasley is cooking a giant roast dinner and it smells delicious, and because Mr Weasley managed to get time off of work, despite the current chaotic state of the Ministry, and because tomorrow is Monday which means another week, slightly further away from all the destruction. It matters because last night was the first decent night’s sleep Harry has had since he can remember, even if it was riddled with images of the dead.

It has been seven days since he didn’t die.

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Drabble time! Sherlock’s not really a teacher, but he isn’t a student either. Kinda like the consulting tutor that Harry Potter became.


A wand swished in the quiet of the classroom, cutting through the stale air.

‘Expecto Patronum!’


‘Expecto Patronum!’  

More vigorous wand swishing. The wand tip coughed out a wisp of white smoke.

‘Molly, you’ll take somebody’s eye out with that.’ 

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Unfortunate mistake


Being an official NetSavior wasn’t only about having exciting battles and saving the world : it also included some formalities, such as the monthly health checkup at the ministry of Science. This mandatory procedure was meant to make sure that repetitive use of CrossFusion didn’t cause any damage to the operator’s body, and to the Navi’s to some extent. 

Dingo didn’t really mind the testing, since they were only one more occasion to CrossFuse. The cases in which he had actually used that technique to get rid of the danger were so rare, that the testing sometimes happened to be the only time when he used CrossFusion in a month … The research teams were intending to turn the tests into a quarterly procedure, but Dingo had assured them that he didn’t mind coming once in a month !

He still wished he could use this occasion to show his skills off to someone … That’s when he had the idea of actually inviting someone to come along to see the testing. It made no sense to invite the friends that had performed CrossFusion already before, so Saito was the first person to come to the boy’s mind. He knew that the older boy wasn’t usually interested in anything that had to do with the Cyberworld, but maybe this would be an occasion to prove him how cool the Net really was ! Dingo prepared an email, grinning at the prospect of the monthly testing being even better than usual.

Hey Saito !

I know you’re not a fan of Net-related stuff - and I still can’t believe you brought us to the NetArea last time, thank you so much - but would you like to come along to my testing at the ministry of Science tomorrow ? I guess Netto has already showed you CrossFusion, but you’ve never seen me do it, and you’ll have to admit it’s at least as cool as an epic battle from the Lord of the Rings !

The testing is next Friday, early in the afternoon. I hope to see you soon anyway !

- Dingo