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Harry Potter Anti-Ministry Rebel Posters Part ½ (the fun ones)

Because if ever I had a headcanon that I would have loved to see in post-overthrown-Ministry Diagon Alley, it’s resistance posters made by some artists-in-hiding who perhaps aren’t the bravest soldier-type people but don’t want to sit around and wait for the end of the war. Thus, they steal into the Alley to spread the message that there are still people out there fighting the new regime and also hopefully annoy the heck out of Umbridge when she goes shopping.

(Obviously wouldn’t sign them other than for the fact that this is the internet, sadly not Diagon Alley. Don’t steal, please, okay, these took ages to make and, you know, charm.)

Soviet poster, 1920. The text below is:

“Citizens! Have yourselves vaccinated against cholera. Death is powerless against vaccination only!" 

And the text in the upper corner warns :

"One glueing or tearing this poster do counter-revolutionary work.”

In 1918 cholera and typhus epidemics had an outbreak. In 1920 the government Ministry of Health produced several posters like these encouraging citizens to bathe often, use soap and to vaccinate themselves. Because most peasants were illiterate the picture should be understandable for them also.

The Ministry of Audio Pleasure Presents - Play Records, Dance, Make Love

Set up in the mid-1960s under Harold Wilson, The Ministry of Audio Pleasure was a government organisation with the task of promoting the benefits of listening to popular music and safeguarding the general public against the misuse of vinyl records.

The Ministry of Audio Pleasure ran a successful campaign instructing listeners on how to get the best results from their recorded music. Sadly, the MAP was disbanded under the classical music-loving Ted Heath government. These four posters are all that remain of the campaign and of the great work that the Ministry did. 

There are 4 posters from the Ministry of Audio Pleasure, each will be on display at Thud Crackle Pop by Pete McKee which opens next weekend in Harrogate before visiting Manchester and Sheffield.