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I personally don’t believe it’s a good idea to always run to the internet or to Christians on the internet for advice or prayer in general when you’re going through a trial instead of to Jesus, to grow and to see clearer. I get that it can be helpful if you’re talking to someone who is mature and secure in the Lord, but we still need to find a place where grace touches us. 

It’s hard facing Jesus because we have sell out prices, and we turn away hoping someone who’s close to Jesus could encourage us, I get it, but God’s will isn’t just about getting temporary things fixed without dealing with the fact that you can’t face Jesus because of where you’re not. The Gospel teaches us that Jesus became sin that we might become the righteousness of God in Him, therefore we should be confident to boldly approach the throne of grace to receive help when we need it most, and not feel so discouraged and helpless that the most we can do is find someone who’d care.

More than one person was set free in Chamber of Secrets. 

Dobby received his freedom through Harry’s sock. 

But Hagrid, big, loving, caring Hagrid was set free. 

For 50 years Hagrid was held responsible for Myrtle’s death.

For half a century Rubeus Hagrid was a prisoner. He was a prisoner to the ministry who believed that Aragog killed a girl. 

A prisoner to his own heritage because why wouldn’t a savage half giant kill somebody?

So when the truth comes out. He is free. 

He no longer bolts awake at night terrified that the ministry has changed their minds and are sending him to Azkaban permanently.

He no longer walks through Diagon Alley in fear that somebody that he went to school with will see him and send him that look.

Rubeus Hagrid is free for a crime he was falsely convicted of at 13 damn years old. 

I ship Snamione and I am not ashamed.

I ship them post-war, so of course he survives Nagini.

I ship Snape learning to let go of guilt and pain long enough to make a friend. He didn’t really expect to, not with her, and he never compares her to Lily, because she’s not.

I ship Hermione longing for someone academically challenging for her, who doesn’t just want to snog and talk Quidditch, but she never compares him to Ron, or Viktor, because he’s not.

I ship them becoming friends, of it becoming something more. It doesn’t matter that when they meet off the field of battle she’s 18-19 and he’s 38, because they’re going to live past a hundred anyway, and they both know all too well what boys her age are like and she doesn’t want to wait around for them to mature to her level.

I ship the way he panics, worrying about his moral state because she used to be his student, damn it, and she frets over falling for another teacher because wasn’t Lockhart bad enough. But that doesn’t matter, in the end, because they’re not those people any more and there’s no Miss Granger or Professor Snape, just Severus and Hermione. They can weather the media uproar because they’ve both done it before and at this point don’t really care what anyone else thinks.

I ship Crookshank’s hair clinging to the end of his robes and the flush of embarrassment when he notices, but he can’t quite bring himself to Vanish it. 

I ship the way the fumes of his potions lab cling to her hair, and when she’s stressed, waist-deep in books on House Elves she pulls some to her face so that smell comforts her.

I ship them sitting peacefully at home reading, or Hermione ranting about her day at the Ministry and the changes she wants to make on their world while he counts stirs of his cauldron, or Severus complaining about his students while she laughs and reminds him that she and Harry were twenty times worse. 

I ship the nights one or both of them wakes up to nightmares of the war, of surviving. That they can share that in the dark hours of the day with nothing but soft tears and sharp jagged holes in the heart that never quite heal makes them all the stronger.

I ship them arguing, but she doesn’t cower to him because she’s Hermione fucking Granger, and he can take his opinion and shove it up his arse. And unlike her ex, he apologises promptly when he’s in the wrong (even if it’s not the actual words, she understands what the flowers or book means) because he is Severus Snape and he knows how much it would hurt to lose her.

I ship them growing, changing, coming together as a couple. He learns to have a friend again, a confidante, someone who genuinely cares about him as a person - the person he could have been if not for losing Lily and joining the Death Eaters. She learns not to try so hard because she is good enough on her own, and her confidence and strength makes him proud-he encourages her in her endeavors, often losing sleep as he helps her look up whatever it is she needs for a case or just an idle passing fancy.

So, yeah. I ship Snape and Hermione together. Two consenting adults who have a shared past and a better and brighter future.

*I’ve Missed You Pt 2* Newt x reader

Part one here!

Synopsis: Years after Newt’s mysterious expulsion from Hogwarts, you never hear from him and your friendship fades away. You graduate and end up engaged to the current head of Aurors. One day your paths cross and the old feelings from years ago begin to rise to the surface.

Pacing outside Boris’s office, you suddenly see the handle turn and the door open. Stepping back, Newt exists with Boris following after.

“Ah, Y/N, please see that Mr. Scamander here is escorted to the fourth floor. And make sure his little furry friend doesn’t get loose again. Thank you.” Boris sauntered off and left you and Newt standing alone in the hallway. You turned to look at Newt who was clutching his case and looking at the ground.

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ladyoftheshrimp  asked:

For your character breakdown game: Newt and/or Graves (depending on how bored you are and how much time you have).


Newt Scamander

  • How I feel about this character

When I first heard of Fantastic Beasts, I wasn’t too thrilled. I thought it would be a boring movie, I thought Fantastic Beasts would be nowhere near Harry Potter in my heart, and I thought Newt Scamander sounded boring. BUT. THE MOVIE PROVED ME WRONG. I didn’t intend to like Newt. I went in, prepared that I wouldn’t like Newt, and came out gushing over what a fucking cinnamon roll he was. He is the literal embodiment of everything that was good and kind and pure. One of the first things I loved about him was his overwhelming concern and love for his creatures, and for creatures in general. I related so much to this quality of his, and this quote of his is absolutely perfect:

For they’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet… Humans. 

Secondly, he is the most awkward being on the planet. And I love that. I want to see more people like Newt, who are endearingly awkward and clumsy, someone who not everyone might necessarily like. His honest admission about how people find him annoying hit close to home, because I understood what he meant by that. I understood him being a social outcast, and taking solace in something that made him happy and not feel like an outsider. He is a blessing to all of us who don’t always fit in.

Third, his utter lack of an ego. The fact that he was willing to do that ridiculous Erumpent mating dance because it was just how things were, made me love him all the more. That, and his total disregard for people and their opinions of him. He will do what he knows best, and what he knows is right, and everyone else be damned because he is Newt Scamander and no one, not even MACUSA or the Ministry of Magic, can change that.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

I ship Newt with Percival Graves primarily, then with Tina, only because it was canon and I knew about them ending up married before I shipped Gramander. I liked how in the movie, we barely have a hint of Newt x Tina because I am seriously sick of love at first sight XD I want to see them grow, slowly. I want to see the first time Newt and Tina realise they have feelings for one another, and how they come to terms with that. Because they’re just really awkward people, I think it would be really sweet and funny, and refreshing to see that romance play out. As for Gramander, well. Percival and Newt are polar opposites in my mind. I know most people see Percival as dark and Newt as light, but I think there’s a hint of the opposite in each of them. There is so much potential for endless fluff and angst for them, and because we know nothing about Percival, thanks to JK Rowling (ugh, still bitter), we can just write whatever we want about Gramander, and that’s one of the main things I like about the pairing.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

Definitely Jacob and Newt’s brotp. They just mesh together really well, and I love how their interactions are kind of awkward, but so sweet, and they’re two oddly shaped pieces of puzzles that just fit, somehow. I also really like the idea of Newt taking Credence under his wing, because Newt has so much compassion in his heart, and one of the headcannons I have is that Credence ends up as Newt’s apprentice somewhere along the way. Newt would have unconditional acceptance of Credence, and they could learn so much from each other.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

None really. 

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I wish we will get to see more of Newt’s dark side in the coming movies, and I want to see the trauma Newt might have experienced as a result of the war he was in. Basically, I want Newt to have this period of darkness that he fights through, which will make us all appreciate the ball of pureness he is. I also want to see how his creatures steady him because that’s where he really feels at home, with his creatures.

Percival Graves

  • How I feel about this character

Well for one, and pardon my French, he is one of the fucking best characters in the entirety of the Wizarding World universe, and JK fucked him over by using such a brilliant character with so much potential for amazing storylines, as a stepping stone for Grindelwald (I have nothing against the character) played by Johnny fucking Depp because he’s a “superstar” and for some fucking reason, JK fucking worships him, and I AM SO PISSED OFF.

Ok, deep breaths. But seriously, Percival Graves is one of those characters who’s supposed to be a minor character, but instead steals every fucking scene he is in, thanks in major part to Colin. He has so much charisma, so much more than Johnny De- I mean, Grindelwald. The thing about Percival is that he has been set up to be so much more than a side character, and yet he was dropped from any future movies (so far). Cannon wise, we don’t know much about the real man Percival is/was (self-plug: I wrote a piece on my thoughts about who I thought the real Percival might have been like, based on all the information we have here), but I firmly believe he’s a good man, one who throws himself into his work and would never have been a double agent for Grindelwald. What we don’t know is a vast void that so many talented writers and artists have been filling even till now. It’s just such a shame he was treated the way he was, and I’ll forever be salty unless JK gives him an entire spinoff.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

I ship Percival with Newt, and I ship Percival x Reader, which was what I started off writing for on this blog. I see the intrigue and possibility for Tina, but have never written for them or shipped them, although so many good writers have written for them as well.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

I actually really like Percival being a platonic father figure to Credence. There’s an AU on Tumblr where Credence is turned into a child after expending so much energy as the Obscurial and I really like that. I don’t see Percival having biological children as of yet, and I really would like to see him caring for Credence, teaching him magic properly and showing him love and what a real family is like. I also really like to see a friendship blossom between Percival and Queenie. Percival isn’t an outwardly expressive person, and I can see the potential for Queenie to be that quiet confidant for him, and to offer him the quiet comfort that he’s not necessarily comfortable verbally expressing that he needs. And in return, I could see him returning her kindness through little gestures, like little boxes of chocolate for her birthday, or little notes of thanks after she gives him the best cup of coffee he’s ever drank. The little things, basically.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

Not sure if these are unpopular, but I believe that he’s alive, and that he is undoubtedly 100% a good person who would never ever turn to Grindelwald’s side.

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

That he returns to the movies, that we learn about what happened to him. Was he rescued? Where did they find him? How did he heal? Who helps him heal? How does he and his people reconcile the fact that no one ever discovered he was being impersonated? What role does he play in the fight against Grindelwald? What would his reaction be if he was faced with Grindelwald again? So many things.

Sorry for this long ass rant! I just have so many feelings about these two people XD

LoveLive!/Hogwarts AU Headcanons So Far

Hey, guys, it’s me. Number54 here. I know a lot of you have some confusion and questions regarding this AU, and I am here to clear some of it up, hopefully.

The following headcanons have either been revealed or hinted at in the last eight fics of this AU. So, if you have NOT read all eight fics, it is highly recommended that you should because I’m really proud of this and it would make me really happy if you did some of these may or may not confuse you.

So, let’s begin.

Maki and Nico make out on a regular, nightly basis in a broom closet on the third floor and wherever the hell else they can manage without getting caught. (In Secret, Love Makes You Do Crazy Things, & Suspicion)

Eli’s mother and father work for the Ministry of Magic. (Some Things Never Change & It’s Soldier Game!)

Eli is captain and seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. (In Secret, Something Worth Fighting For, Love Makes You Do Crazy Things, Some Things Never Change, & It’s Soldier Game!)

Eli, Nozomi, Umi, and Kotori are all prefects and Head Girls for their houses. (In Secret, Something Worth Fighting For, Some Things Never Change, Love Potion, Suspicion, & It’s Soldier Game!)

A common rumor amongst some of the Slytherin girls is that Nozomi got Eli to fall in love with her via love potion. (Love Potion)

Nozomi’s favorite classes at Hogwarts are Potions and Divination. (In Secret)

Eli’s little sister, Alisa, is a fourth year Ravenclaw. (Some Things Never Change).

Honoka’s little sister, Yukiho, is a fourth year Gryffindor. (Some Things Never Change).

Nico used to have a particular disdain for Eli, often referring to her as a “Ministry brat”. (Some Things Never Change)

Kotori’s mother is the Headmistress of Hogwarts. (Love Potion & It’s Soldier Game!)

Out of the nine, Rin is the only one with non-magical parents. (Something Worth Fighting For & It’s Soldier Game!)

During her second, third, and fourth years, Umi was a Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and would’ve made it to captain if she hadn’t injured her spine. (No One Should Have to Hold in Their Pain)

Eli made the Gryffindor Quidditch team during her first year, which is an impressive feat. (Some Things Never Change)

A rumor spread during Eli’s first year that she only made the Quidditch team because of her parents’ positions in the Ministry. (Some Things Never Change)

Eli took a particular nasty hit from a Bludger during her fifth year. (It’s Soldier Game!)

Maki only knew Rin, Hanayo, and Umi through her first three years at Hogwarts. (It’s Soldier Game!)

Maki volunteers at the Hospital Wing under Madam Pomfrey. (Something Worth Fighting For & It’s Soldier Game!)

Maki’s father is a Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. (It’s Soldier Game! & No One Should Have to Hold in Their Pain)

I guess that’s got it wrapped up for now. More will be listed as more fics come out. If you have any more questions, or just want to tell me your opinion about whatever, let me know.

Until next time!

- 54

Side By Side | Hogwarts;AU

@ater-nex gets encountered by Nature’s Will

“Hey Ater!” He nudges the other to get his attention. He has to tell him! Ever since Dolores Umbridge from the Ministry came to Hogwarts, everything changed. New rules have been put onto the walls which his familiar, Rippa described as “tyrannical” and “lubricious” . He couldn’t help but agree. A letter was sent from his sister telling him to be careful and don’t attract any attention from Umbridge.

But now…since Harry and his friends got people together how to deal with this. He has got to tell Ater for the sake of everyone included themselves!

“I have to tell you something.”

It’s weird to me when people get so angry at the fact that they still use quills, or don’t have cars or there’s an eternal prison LOOK AT THE MINISTRY throughout the series they do nothing but try to preserve themselves as a culture! A lot of the Wizards don’t even want muggle borns at the school?! Wizarding culture isn’t one of progression and seeing what’s next. The older generation wants things the way they are, they have had no need for change from the past centuries!

date: july 28th, 1979
location: ministry of magic
status: closed for @alvctocvrrow

After speaking with his cousin-to-be about taking on more responsibilities and how he had to be more mature and all the other things that Regulus had simultaneously blocked out yet was mulling over, Regulus was finally free to take a break from work. He took a seat at the fountain and tilted his head all the way back, sighing. 

He rubbed his face with his hands before straightening, sticking his legs out and pulling them back in. He knew he wasn’t a child anymore, yet people kept feeling that they needed to remind him of it, as if scolding him for his age, punishing him for not being more involved in… their activities rather than just giving him the opportunity to be.

He didn’t want the opportunity to be more involved if he was honest though, which meant that everyone was right. He clenched and unclenched his jaw as he rummaged through his bag angrily. Nothing bothered him more than being wrong, and this showed in the way he shoved through his things, actually dropping a teacup as he did. He cursed, resisted the urge to kick his bag, and groaned again, pulling out his wand to fix his mess.


So, I am changing directions, career wise. 

I don’t know details, but I guess I’ll be figuring it out. I had a necessary but still difficult conversation with a higher up today. No, I am not changing my mind, I told her. My ministry setting will be changing. I don’t know what comes next, I understand that there’s uncertainty there but I have to get back to the basics - 

Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God. That’s what John Wesley said were the three simple rules of being a Christian. And I knew that in my current placement, I would wind up doing harm to myself in others and it was getting increasingly more difficult to stay in love with God. 

So here I am, 11 months out from a new adventure wondering what in the world is coming next. Ministry? Of some kind? With some vulnerable populations? I hope. 

The houses
  • Griffindor: Harry Potter was in this house
  • Hufflepuff: We used to be underestimated but now we have Newt Scamander and Cedric was hot and brave
  • Slytherin: Harry Potter's son was in Slytherin and it's not that bad
  • Ravenclaw: Cho Chang was a bitch and Luna was crazy
  • FiRst of all, Luna was the only one that recognized Harry even when the Ministry didn't. Cho Chang and a lot of the other ravenclaws were the first to be in the D.A CAN RAVENCLAW GET SOME RESPECT

I need a time travel fanfic where Harry goes back to the marauders era and is sitting with them all at the Halloween feast in ‘76. At some stage someone will ask where they all see themselves in five years. Remus says that he’d like to be in the Ministry trying to change how the public perceives certain magical creatures, James is confident that he would be the top of his auror training class, Sirius wants to travel the world a bit before he starts auror training and lists a heap of places on his bucket list, Peter hasn’t made up his mind; he thinks he’ll just float from job to job until he finds one he’s comfortable with.

Harry listens tensely. He knows what happens on the night five years from then and it is killing him.

anonymous asked:

what are some of your hinny headcanons?

After the Battle of Hogwarts, they didn’t make a conscious choice to get back together. Harry did exactly what he wanted-climbed up to what would have been his bed in Gryffindor tower and settled in for a long overdue lie in. When he woke up, Ginny was there. They just spent the rest of that day in and out of sleep.

Ginny didn’t go back to school for a year, and Harry didn’t go to work for the ministry right away. They’d both changed so much, borne so much, that it took several months to unload those burdens, even a little bit. They spent that first year rebuilding themselves, getting to know each other again. Harry alternated so much of that first year between Teddy, the Burrow, and Ron’s. He tried to stay at #12, but it was too painful. It was at Ginny’s urging that Harry went to counseling, which helped tremendously.

They waited several years Post-Hogwarts to get married. They had a flat together, a tiny thing, but it was warm and theirs and they loved it. Ginny received an offer from the Harpies, Harry was working terribly long hours at the Ministry, and they weren’t in any particular hurry to, as Mrs. Weasley phrased, “move forward” in the next phase of their relationship.

They were each other’s number one encourager. Harry would come to every Harpies match, Teddy in tow. Ginny always listened to Harry’s work frustrations and anxieties. Better for him to unload on her, she said, than to keep it bottled in.

These two idiots got in so much trouble for laughing at inappropriate times-their entire relationship was a series of inside jokes. They were constantly laughing, grinning, snickering. It was adorable to everyone around them…when it wasn’t infuriating.

Although they both possessed the skill, neither of them were fond of cooking. They preferred take-out and ordered constantly. The only real home cooking they received were from Andromeda or Mrs. Weasley.

They stood up for Ron and Hermione at their wedding, became rather smashed, and got caught shagging in the orchard.

That often took dates in the muggle world-visiting the cinema, going to a fair, attending a play, exploring the zoo, visiting museums.

Harry proposed after the Harpies won the League Cup.

They had a very small ceremony-only the remainder of the Weasley family was present, a very few of their school friends, and the surviving Order members were invited. Teddy was their ring bearer.

They honeymooned at Bill and Fleur’s old Shell Cottage.

Glory (Hogwarts!AU)

In the year 2018, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hosts the 200th Triwizard Tournament. When the three schools go head to head at the famous campus, more than just simple competition occurs. What happens when your crush, your ex, and your best friend become your competitors for eternal glory? To Camila Cabello, it’s just one big game of fuck, marry, and kill in order to win this years Cup. 

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@ other christians spouting ‘play nice’ politics n shit: extending forgiveness, compassion, and love to people you disagree with are integral parts of the actual christian mission and cannot be put aside but so is, historically, y’know, risking your life under a high likelihood of governmental punishment. im going out on a limb here and saying that i believe that love and grace only work as a life-changing ministry if you’re willing to actually put your whole life and wellbeing on the line for them. jesus didnt ask people to only devote their lives to loving and serving others at times when they felt safe doing so.

muggle-borns point out that the rule against practicing magic in the holidays gives a massive advantage to students in magical households & campaign for change but the ministry won’t change the law because of the havoc they think it could inflict so instead hogwarts sets up a summer camp

they consult with muggle parents and put it somewhere easily accessible by muggle transport and let students come and go. it’s also really, really helpful for students who for one reason or another can’t stay at home for the summer. queer hogwarts students find it that tiny bit easier to come out to their parents knowing that no matter what they’ll have a home

some pjo fans start calling it camp mudblood amongst themselves (a pureblood calls it that, once) (he has horrendous hives in an unmentionable area for two weeks)

muggleborns sitting around campfires toasting marshmallows getting bitten by insects and laughing at purebloods

2016, it’s the annual time for the Triwizard Tournament. This year though, the Ministry of Magic decided to change things up. Each school is to send in four champions to represent them. Each champion to compete in the trials set by the Ministry of Magic. By the end only one would be the winner, but with more people means the more threats towards the champions. Things are deadlier, trials are harder, everybody is in trouble with the championship looming above their heads. The champions, no matter what, strive to bring their school glory, to win and to show which of them are better. It’s a pressure all twelve face and must deal with along with their studies, and there is never a chance to back out because once you put your name in the Goblet of Fire and your name is drawn, you are trapped. With all that is going on, it’s a wonder how the students of the three schools will be able to handle the pressure of school and the Tournament.


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