ministry of arcane science

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I've heard that some of the MoS had a lot of other experiments going on than the I.M.P project, like were they tried make a stronger pony by augmenting them with strange things and even making a Dragon-pony hybrid. is that true?

Considering there is no M.O.S, you probably didn’t hear correctly. Which, frankly, is totally understandable. Information from the pre-war time is difficult to get straight when so much of it is lost and what remains is fragmented. The Six Ministries were: the Ministry of Arcane Science (M.A.S.), also known as the Ministry of Magic, The Ministry of (Wartime) Technology (M.W.T.), the Ministry of Morale (M.O.M.), The Ministry of Peace (M.O.P.), the Ministy of Image (M.I.), sometimes mockingly called the Ministry of Propaganda, and the Ministry of Awesome (M.Aw.).

I was friends with each and every one of the Ministry Mares, if not a member of their close inner circle. Much as Spike said to Littlepip when they met, I say to anyone who seeks to delve into information regarding the war era do so remembering the true heart of these friends. So many things that happened can’t be laid at their hooves, or at any one person’s hooves at all.

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About the M.o.S. they might have meant the M.A.S. ponies in some areas find the word Arcane implies the aspects of magic. By the way has anypony been brave enough to check the gates of Tartarus now that the rebuilding has started? The last thing that anypony needs right now is one of the monsters that was locked away in there to have gotten loose. ~ Wingnut

The Ministry of Arcane Science and the Ministry of Magic are the same thing. Arcane Science is magic; Twilight Sparkle always thought of Magic as the kind of sufficiently advanced science that could do anything. As for the gates of Tartarus, when they were originally established as a prison for various… things, it was long before we had access to modern weaponry. Firearms, bombs, missiles, magical energy weapons; none of these existed when Tartarus was originally created. If anything did get out, we’d probably be able to handle it better than pre-classical era ponies thought we would.

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Do you think that there are a few projects that the M.A.S. did are still going on, forgotten about in some long lost facility out there in the wastes?

Well, considering what happened with Maripony, I suppose the possibility exists. Not to mention Littlepip’s finding of the only Mk II Stealthbuck in existence. That said, the Stealthbuck was already finished and the Goddess was around creating alicorns at Maripony until a couple years ago. It’s more likely that any intact M.A.S. facilities out there are as abandoned as most other pre-war facilities. Some of them might hold hidden treasures though, who knows?