Christians have a tendency to idolize the “early church.” Although they don’t necessarily have a specific time or place to identify the-holiest-group-of-believers-of-all-time, they continually compare the disappointing “modern church” to the perfect “early church.”

“If only we could be like the early church” is often uttered in reference to current styles of worship, discipline, structure, style…

But what many Christians fail to realize is that the early church was just as messed up back then as modern churches are today. In fact, entire books of the Bible were written primarily for churches that were so dysfunctional that they had to be addressed.

We are on the look out for women who have a passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a vibrant team of women that come from all across the globe and it is our desire, and love for Christ, that we come together as daughters and minister to those in need of a Savior.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that those in Christ are made new. Christ set out to spread the message of God’s Kingdom to the poor, broken, outcast, and oppressed. Just before He ascended into Heaven, He commanded us to go into the world and make disciples to people of all colors, tongues, and nations. Jesus began this mission, and we are called to be apart of that mission too. Below you will find the current opportunities available. Click on the respective links to learn more and send us an application!

Team Member/Writer (Click the button below to apply)

Role: You will be involved in the day to day activities at Color Movement, making you a key member of the team. You will be involved in writing devotionals, posting articles, answering questions we receive, and supporting one another on the team.

Social Media Administrator (Click the button below to apply)

Role: You will be part of managing our social network platforms that Color Movement is included in such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. You will ensure that the platforms you work with are kept up-to-date, and also interact with communities within these platforms.

Designer: Graphics/Typography (Click the button below to Apply)

Role: You will share the message of God, and other inspirational messages, via visual image. This means your typographic imagery must be detailed and creative. These will be published onto our site, as well as our other social network platforms. You will also be involved in tasks that require graphics to be made.

Fill out the application for the role that works best for you and our team will personally review it. If you are an individual who has a passion for Christ, serving people, dedicated and driven for change we know that we need you. If you are chosen by our team, you will hear from us within a time frame of a few days to a week. 

Note: Being part of Color Movement has its perks, but that does not immediately guarantee you full administrator of the team. For every new member that joins, we have a probation period of two weeks where we monitor your consistency and the content you post. Please also note, currently none of us or our positions are paid as it is our passion for serving Jesus Christ that has brought us together. We do, however, plan on making our positions paid in the future.

If you would like to know more or get in touch with one of our admins, feel free to leave us a message in our Ask box or alternatively you can send us an email to

2016 is going to be an exciting year and our hope and aim is to do more in the Lord and to reach out to more people from all over the world with His word and therefore we are looking for amazing people to be part of our global team. 

If you are interested in learning more and being part of what we do, check out some of our positions posted on

We can’t wait to hear from you.


My albums selection for the week :

- Ministry : The mind is a terrible thing to taste

- Grunt : petturien rooli

- Fever Ray : S/T

- Manfred-Hübler & Siegfried-Schwab : Vampyros Lesbos Soundtracks

- Letha Rodman Melchior : Shimmering Ghost

- Föllakzoid : III

- Sheik Anorak : Or

- Gate : A Republic Of Sadness

- Philip Jeck :  Cardinal

- Colin Potter : Rank Sonata

#NeverAgain I learned so many lessons and I am looking forward to sharing then with you and teaching you how you to can declare boldly #NeverAgain. This is your season! #bellagrace #walkingonwater #dynamicnewyou #purpose #lifecoach #lifestyle #ministry #coaching #author #speaker #empowerment #motivation #accountability #women #singlemother #singlemoms #wives #juglove #determination #theessentialwoman #2016

John 16:33 should be our life and breath. It should invite us to not be anxious, worried, fearful, or hopeless. What we dwell on, lose ourselves in, or depress over are things that Christ has already defeated. John 16:33 reads, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We’ve all experienced life’s troubles and sometimes these troubles can move us to the brink of anger, depression, or hopelessness. However, what would happen if you steered your eyes on Jesus? What would happen if you were moved by prayer instead of pain? 

This week, we learned what it truly means to praise our God. Praise falls into the worship of loving and trusting God with everything. But what if I have a hard time loving God? What if I’ve built up idols around me and I struggle with tearing them down? Patiently learn to love God because He first loved you. This happens when you open your heart to Him day by day and allow His Spirit to lead you. Understand that it is by God’s loving-kindness that our hearts are brought to repentance. But what if my heart isn’t moved to pray? Trust that God is still God and that you can truly commit your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, and your world to Him because He has overcome all that you face. Sink your heart in prayer, daughter, and allow your very being to be washed in it. Feel free to read aloud the words below and ask the Spirit to help you let go with each word. We pray that as you do, your heart will turn from stone to beating flesh.

My Father, 

At times, I try to find answers apart from You and doing so has only frustrated me. These shortcomings have only shown me how much I need you, even on the days when I struggle with believing whether You’re near. They’ve only shown me that I must continue to run to You, so that my being learns that all I have is You. Therefore, God, I will praise You. I will praise You because You are teaching me of Your desire, that You would be the only One on the throne of my heart. I will praise You because You are worth running to and committing myself to, despite what my heart believes. Jesus, bless me with a heart of prayer. Bless me with a heart that is slow to anger, and quick to pray that I would understand through You. Bless me with a heart that is slow to complain, and quick to pray that I would be patient through You. I pray for a heart that is slow to jump to temptation, and quick to pray that I would find strength through You. Help me to give You all of me and make the sword of Your Word be a lamp to my feet, a shield from evil, and a joy in my life.

In Jesus Name, 


“Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” 

- Psalm 116:2

Prayer Series: Words with My Father by the Color Movement (#cmdevo #wordswithmyfather)

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Ministry - I Wanted To Tell Her (live in Boston, 1984)

Sure, I want my kids to be like Christ. I want them to be an upstanding honest and moral citizen, contributing to the betterment of society. But do I want them to actually emulate the life of Christ?

Do I want my children to be considered fools for believing in a supernatural God?

Do I want my children to talk about Jesus with their classmates—even if it means they’ll get bullied and made fun of?

Do I really want my children talking about God in public—even if people think they’re crazy?

Do I really want my children to give up their entire lunch so that someone else can eat—even if it means sacrificing their own health?

Do I really want my children giving money to the crazy panhandler on the corner of the street?

Do I really want my children to endanger their lives by going on a missions trip to a third world country?

Do I really want my children freely giving away their possessions to someone in need—even if they could desperately use the money for themselves?

Do I really want my children interacting with the poor, sick, unstable, unreliable,  and “sinful” people—even if it means they’ll get betrayed and abandoned?

Do I really want my children giving up lucrative careers to become full-time missionaries—even if it means a lifetime of poverty?

Do I really want my children continuously sacrificing for the sake of helping others—even if it means that they’ll be the ones missing out on numerous opportunities?

Do I really want my children to forgive others—even to those who don’t deserve it?

Do I really want my children to seek out God’s will for their life—even if it means they’ll have to relocate to the other side of the world?

Do I really want my children to empathize with the hurting, distraught, lost, and hopeless—even though it’ll bring lots of emotional trauma and stress?

Do I really want my children fighting corruption and injustice—even if they get arrested, threatened, hurt, or persecuted?

Do I really want my children to stand up for those without a voice—even if it means facing humiliation and shame?

What do I really want for my children? Too often, what I want for them is the exact opposite of a Christ-like life.