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Star walks into Hiccup's office, holding a clipboard with last month's profits listed. She wore a tight-fitting office uniform and miniskirt, along with dark blue heels. She puts the clipboard on his desk, accidentally knocking over his pencil holder. "Oops! Sorry, sir, let me get that for you." As she bends over to pick up the pencils, she unintentionally flashes her boss, exposing her pussy beneath her skirt.

Hiccup smirked as she did. He walked over and felt up her pussy. “No panties today?” He asked as he molested her. “In that miniskirt? What a bold choice. If I didn’t know better, I would think that you were trying to seduce me,” he teased, lightly rubbing her.

Collide Prt. 4

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
Word Count: 2,270
Part [1] Part [2] Part [3]

Part 4 - “Charity Case.”

Even though I had a great time with Lucas I was still feeling very reluctant to see him again. I really liked him, it kind of felt like we were already dating without having actually been on a date. A little over a month had passed since that Tuesday afternoon we spent together. We’ve been texting nonstop and he’s been adamant about taking me out on a proper date but I keep finding excuses not to.

A part of me feels like I was still shaken up about what happened in Connecticut. I don’t do well with being completely caught off guard. But in all honesty even if I hadn’t seen Maya I would probably still find reasons not to be with him.

It’s Thursday night and my usual shift at Bar Louie starts rather early. I spent the entire day procrastinating so when 6:30 came around I had to rush to get ready. I grabbed the closest thing I could find in my closet and threw it on.

Of course it just so happens that the outfit I grabbed was extremely revealing. A black long sleeved lace up top and a short highwaisted leather skirt paired with some little black booties. I would never wear something like this normally but it was going to be a slow night anyway and it’s not like anyone was going to see me.

I grab my oversized pea coat that goes down to the knee and race out the door.

When I get to the bar it’s extremely dead. Too dead. I walk in cautiously and realize that the only person there is Louie.

“Hey Columbia what’re you doing here tonight?” She asks raising her brows.

“I work…I always take the Thursday shift.” I answer, still confused.

“I told Paris to tell you we weren’t opening tonight.” She rolls her eyes. “I’m assuming it wasn’t a coincidence that she didn’t tell you.”

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Love Wears A Cape #1

Plot: Lucy Heartfilia is seen to be your average girl by day, but by night, she becomes Celestial Star, the famous hero of Magnolia. One day, while taking on one of her enemies, a new hero swoops in and takes him down. He calls himself E.N.D. However, she doesn’t know it’s the most popular boy at their school, Natsu Dragneel. Did she mention he was her crush? 

Okay! So this was an idea that popped into my head while scrolling through the Ladynoir tag here on tumblr and I thought about how cute the idea was. And so Love Wears A Cape came to be! Now this is my first multi-chapter fic and this’ll be more like an endurance test than anything, but I hope you all enjoy! ^^ @itschildofthefairies @cana-alberohyeah @celestial-fire-writer @perfectlyinlovewithanime @miseryinthenight @lillitheamazingotaku3393 @sirdragneel @celestialspiritqueen @juvithewatermage @lokedoki @phantompierce-okamoto @smile-lifegoeson @nothingbutwordsstuff

P.S: I am still working on writing fighting scenes so please bear with me on that! >.<

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, as we all know. Hiro Mashima does. I do not own Miraculous Ladybug either! ^_^

“Good morning class. Today, we will be learning about delving deeper into chemistry by talking about atoms, ions and compounds. But first, let’s review about what exactly chemistry is,” Ms. Aquarius spoke as the class bell, signifying the beginning of class.

No one raised their hands.

The teacher frowned slightly, “Seriously? Nobody knows?”

No one replied once more.

The blue-haired teacher looked at her class before groaning, “So, you all are telling me that none of you took notes yesterday?” 

The teacher simply sighed. She would have to reteach the lesson. As she began making her way towards her textbook, her eyes caught glimpse of a certain blonde sleeping in her class. She scrunched her face angrily before stomping towards the desk and slammed her hand down on the student’s desk. 


The blonde girl, now known as Lucy Heartfilia, hopped up, scared out of her wits. She looked around the class to see everyone staring at her in fear. She flushed in embarrassment when she finally realized they were staring at her, but at someone in particular. Oh no…

The blonde nearly yelped when she saw the terrifyingly stern face of her homeroom teacher. She stammered, “U-Um, Ms. Aquarius, I-I can ex…”

“Don’t ‘Ms. Aquarius’ me!” She roared, making the Heartfilia flinch, “I don’t care if you think you can fall asleep in class because you think this class is a game. But let me tell you, I won’t be letting that slide in here. Got it?!”

Lucy cowered in fear a bit. She didn’t think like that, but she knew better than to argue back with the science teacher. No one won an argument with her, except for Principal Makarov. “S-Sorry, Ms. Aquarius.”

The teacher took one last mean look at her before making her way back to the board to start writing down notes once more. Lucy took in a deep sigh before leaning down in her seat. The only reason that she was sleeping in class was because she didn’t get enough sleep last night. Well, thanks to a bank robbery past midnight last night.

Man, did being a superhero have a lot of downsides…


The rain was pouring hard and fast on the illustrious city of Crocus. Thunder and lightning took turns punctuating the ominous dark night sky, most likely knocking out a few electric cables. Howling angrily, the winds beat against the sides of buildings and slapped the torrential rains onto the streets in waves. Though the roads were bustling with people just a few hours ago, they were now empty and quiet. As the newscasters had completely failed to predict the magnitude of the thunderstorm, people were ill-equipped to leave the safety of their homes even if they wanted to.

This was a day where something bad was bound to happen.

Speaking of bad, there were three baddies wandering the streets at the late night. Yeah sure, there were maybe people outside while the harsh weather reigned, but these people in particular looked suspicious. They wore standard black hoodies and pants with signature masks on each of their faces. The leader of the three wore a regular clown mask. The second of the trio wore a worn-out hockey mask. And lastly, the third member wore an Oni mask.

“Come on Ricky! Pick up your pace!” The leader spat as he finished throwing a bag of money into a modified RV vehicle, “Any minute now, the cops’ll be here and ready to throw us in the slammer for good! Or worse…”

“Maaaaaan, we don’t have to worry about that sissy little Celestial Star girl, bro,” The third member, Ricky, muttered in his Brooklyn accent. He chucked his sack of stolen cash into the back of their getaway van.

The second member grinned as shut the back of the RV, concealing all of the money away. “I agree with him for once. That lame ass so-called “superhero” can’t do nothin’ against us.”

The three brothers laughed raucously before making their way into their vehicle. But a shadowy figure stopped them, it landing on front of their car. The leader of the siblings was the first to say something.

“Who are you?!”

The shadowy figure giggled, stepping out of the shadows to reveal herself to be…

“CELESTIAL STAR!” The trio exclaimed in unison. The masked girl, now known as Celestial Star, grinned as she crossed her arms.

“That’s me,” Celestial Star giggled. The heroine wore a bikini top that sported a zigzag design; frilled, dark sleeves that are secured around their upper arm by a ribbon; and a frilled, dark miniskirt; around said miniskirt is a ribbon that is tied in bow to keep it secure. Additionally, the user’s hair becomes tied up in pigtails and they are given sandals to wear. On her face was a blue and yellow star mask. On the side of her skirt were three pouches. Before she could even open up with a witty question, the two brothers began making their way into their getaway vehicle while the eldest pulled out two akimbo pistols and aimed them at Celestial Star.

“DIEEEEEEEE!” he exclaimed, firing the gun recklessly at her. Smiling, she coolly jumped into the air, doing several spins and flips, dodging the barrage of bullets flying at her. As the bullet shells hit the floor with a mesmerizing clank, she landed on the ground gracefully, before charging forward at alarming speeds. He aimed it at the charging female, but all that echoed from the guns were clanks. They were empty.

Star grinned. The odds were in her favor. The clown wearer chucked his guns to the floor and readied for the fast approaching Celestial Star.

“Come at me little girl!” 

“You asked for it!” She cried before leaping forward and delivering a solid kick to his face. Following up, she threw an incredibly rapid fists and piercing chips onto his chest and legs, weakening him severely. Saliva flew from his mouth as he was struck by a kick to his jaw. He stepped back to create some distance between them.

He scowled at the confident look on her face. He just wanted to tear it to shreds. Star saw the look on his face and decided to use his brash and hotheadedness against him. She stood sideways and began taunting him, motioning for him to come forth. He roared loudly as he sprinted towards her. She stood still, looking calmly at him. She was ready.

He went a straight jab at her face, but she anticipated his bluntness and grabbed his arm and twisted it, slamming her elbow into the back of his head and kneeing him in his gut. She then launched her foot into his face, throwing him into a box of crates. He collapsed upon contact and fell. He was knocked out cold.

Before she could even turn to take on the other brothers, she was struck in the face by a blunt object, throwing her to the ground. While on the floor, she could feel a weird-feeling substance dripping from her mouth. It dripped a little into her mouth. She knew immediately it was the metallic taste of blood. She wiped her mouth and looked up to see Ricky and the other brother.

“Matty, look at how pathetic she is right now,” Ricky cackled, “This little pipe knocked her to the ground. What a weakling.”

“Indeed,” Matty evilly chuckled as he looked at the heroine laying on the ground. He looked her all over. Now that he had a good look at her, she was something else. She had alluring curves and a voluptuous figure. Star looked at him in disgust as his eyes wandered her body. Before she could angrily retort, she noticed that this was a clear opening!

“Ganging up on a girl isn’t manly, now is it?” a raspy male’s voice echoed in the shadows. Ricky, Matty and Celestial Star stared into the shadows. When they saw two flames lingering in the shadows, they flinched.

What the hell…?’ Star thought mentally.                      

Ricky exclaimed, moving forward to the shadows, “Who are you?!”

The figure standing in the shadows just laughed. The heroine would be lying if the laugh didn’t send a chill down her spine.

“Who is this guy…?”

Ricky gritted his teeth angrily as he lunged into the darkness, the pipe in tow. Almost as soon as he entered the shadow, he was thrown back out, his clothes smoking from heat pressure. Matty looked down at his younger brother’s face. He was unconscious. He was practically seething with anger as he looked into the shadow where flames laid.

“YOU’RE GOING DOWN!” Matty ran into the darkness, but only to be blown back, landing right in front of Star. His clothes were burned to shreds and his hair was burnt to a crisp. Lucy was at a loss of words at the scene. When she looked up, she saw the two flicking flames in the shadows were gone. She sat there at a loss of words, before standing up. She could hear the distant sound of blearing police sirens.

She sighed deeply as she looked at the trio of brothers. Before leaping from the scene, she placed them together, binding them together with her lasso. When she heard some voices coming closer towards the area, she leapt onto a building. She yawned tiredly as she removed her mask, her suit disappearing, revealing her pink pajamas.

Despite doing this for nearly two months now, she still wasn’t used to having to do late night watches throughout Crocus to make sure justice was served…


Lucy deeply sighed, as she finished remembering the events that took place during her recent patrol of Crocus. She still had no idea who was the person that helped her last night. It had been on her mind even as she slept. But she couldn’t thinking of this while in class. Especially Ms. Aquarius’s class.

If she valued her life at least.

“Everyone, take out your textbooks and turn to page seventy one,” Ms. Aquarius barked at her students. Everyone cowered in fear as they speedily followed her instructions.


Once the bell rang, everyone left for their next period class. Around this time, the hallways were crowded with everyone either chatting, going to their lockers or trying to make it to class on time. Lucy just happened to be the middle in this situation. When she finally approached her locker, she heard a familiar voice.


Lucy turned around to see a petite girl with long, wild blue hair running towards her. She instantly brightened up, seeing her best friend for the first time today. The petite girl embraced Lucy for a moment before separating.

“Lucy, how are you? I haven’t seen you all day!” The blue-haired girl smiled. Lucy smiled back at her as she scratched the back of her head.

“I’m doing fine Levy. Kinda worn out from Ms. Aquarius’s class,” Lucy chuckled, “Got chewed out for sleeping.”

“Awww, did she give you detention?” Levy asked.

“Surprisingly enough, no. Maybe she woke up on the right side of the bed today,” Lucy laughed. Levy giggled but something made her heart drop. She ran closer to the blonde, grabbing a hold of her face. Lucy stopped laughing, looking at her best friend weirdly, “Uh… what are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing?!” Levy exclaimed worriedly, “Why do you have a bruise on your cheek?!”

Lucy looked at Levy confused until she remembered last night. That damn Ricky.

Levy let go of her face and dug through her bag and pulled out a orange mirror, handing it to Lucy. The beautiful blonde accepted it and checked her face. She gasped a bit at the slightly colored bruise. She was lucky her powers limited the damage inflicted on her. If she weren’t in her costume, she would have gotten knocked out cold, or possibly even worse.

“Oh, this…” Lucy nervously replied, “Yesterday, while on my way home, I bumped into a pole.”

Levy stared at her best friend. Lucy could tell that her simple lie wasn’t going to work on Levy. She was too smart to believe something like that.

“Lucy, tell the truth,” Levy replied.

Lucy muttered under her breath, “I’m Celestial Star…”

“What?” Levy asked.

Lucy stammered, hoping Levy hadn’t picked up on what she was mumbling, “Oh, n-nothing! I-I meant that I h-hadn’t really walked into a pole… I honestly got the bruise from…  volleyball practice yesterday! Yeah, that’s it! I was practicing with Cana and Mira for our big game next week and got hit with the ball.”

Levy looked her best friend over once more before smiling sadly at her, “Oh, well, I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.”

“Oh, no, no! It’s alright! Really!” Lucy replied, touching her slightly bruised cheek. Levy just smiled at her before looking at her watch.

“Dangit! I have to be to Mr. Horologium’s class for that quiz!” Levy cried as she began running off. While running, she turned back and waved, “See you at lunch, Lucy!”

Lucy smiled as she waved back. When Levy was nowhere in sight, she took in a deep sigh. She really hated lying to Levy. Ever since they became friends in middle school, they vowed never to lie to each other. But here was Lucy doing just that. But no one could exactly blame her. She had to keep her identity a secret.

Ring, ring.                                                        

“GAHH!” Lucy yelped as she finished getting the books she needed for her next few classes. She slammed her locker close and scrambled off to her next period class. Meanwhile, a few lockers down from hers, was a pink-haired boy. He looked over at the blonde as she hurried off. He smiled before closing his locker and heading off to class.


It had been two months since it all happened. Two months since she became something amazing. Currently, everywhere around Crocus, were articles and talk about her. She remembered seeing a magazine with a blurred picture of Celestial Star leaping away from a crime scene after stopping a mad scientist from terrorizing the city with his mutated animals. Since that time, everyone had been asking the same question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Who is the Celestial Star?” This was the one question everyone wondered. About a little time before Lucy had become a superhero, crime rates and activity had risen considerably. At the same time, a beautiful hero arose and began fighting off the crime, going under the name as: Celestial Star. Over the period of time she had become a hero, she had brought justice down on them and captured many criminals in her short time. Everyone in the city adored her. Over the span of those three months, she became the symbol of hope for them all, replacing the measly police.

She was the Celestial Star.                                                                                  

Receiving her powers. That was a whole different story. She just happened to come across a lion plush in a store and instantly brought it since it was cute. However, once she returned home after a long day of school, it came to life and offered her powers. She accepted it reluctantly, but for a good reason. When she was around the age of six, her mother Layla… was brutally murdered.

While on her way home, she was carjacked. But like the brave woman she was fought back. And as a result, was shot, killing her instantly. Lucy had since forgiven her mother being so foolish and it was a thing in the past.

The secret heroine had to hide all of this from her best friend. And that frustrated her. But it was needed, she kept telling herself. If a villain would come to find out, that would put her life in danger and God knows, she’d never want that for the innocent girl.

Lucy huffed lightly, making her way off to lunch. The day was half-way over. As she continued on her way down the steps, she heard a certain voice ahead of her. She looked down the staircase to see a pink-haired boy talking with a boy with blue-hair.

She flushed as she homed in on the pink-haired boy. He was the school’s most popular student and star football player on their school’s team. And her crush.

Natsu Dragneel.

She loved everything about him. From his goofiness; to his kind attitude towards everyone. She knew that she had almost a zero chance with him, but she still liked him. Suddenly, something caught her ear, making her snap out of her thought.

“Why are you so tired?” The blue-haired boy asked. That was Gray Fullbuster. He was the captain and ace striker on the school’s soccer team. Also one of the popular people of the school.

Natsu grumbled a bit, “I ain’t tired. I’m just feeling kind of tired. Football practice last night took a lot out of me.”

Gray narrowed his eyes, “You’re always so “fired up” about football practice. And I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any football practice yesterday. The field was closed until the football championship game next week.”

Lucy could see Natsu flinch slightly. Was he lying?

“Uh… not exactly true. There was football practice, just at another school.”

“Pfft, as if. Now stop lying,” Gray shot back. Lucy decided to lean in closer, but slipped a little. While trying to catch herself, she missed the railing, continuing to fall downwards. Natsu and Gray turned to see Lucy falling. Out of natural reflex, Natsu quickly moved forward, catching her in his arms. He stood there with Lucy in his arms for a moment, before separating.

Lucy and Natsu looked into each other’s eyes, blushing from embarrassment.

“T-T-Thank you, N-Natsu,” Lucy stammered, her face heating from the contact. He was… warm, like a flame. Not like a regular flame that burned through everything in its path, but more like a comforting flame. Like a campfire.

Natsu gulped a bit, words not coming from his lips. So, all he did was just nod. There was an awkward silence between the two. The two could hear Gray attempting not to snicker from the whole situation. He knew his best friend/frenemy was uncomfortable around girls, so coming in contact with one was rather uncomfortable for him. Especially around his… crush.

“I-I’m just going to go to lunch,” Lucy stammered before running off to lunch. Once she left, Gray bursted out laughing. Natsu scowled before stomping his way to the cafeteria for lunch.


“Lucy! Where were you?” Levy asked with her usual sweet smile. Lucy, still flustered from everything, quickly took a seat at her usual lunch table with her friends. She quickly protested to her friend, “O-Oh, n-nothing’s wrong, I promise!”

“You sure? You seem a bit disoriented,” Mirajane frowned.

“No, no! I’m sure, I’m really fine. Just having a usual, super day! Yep!” Lucy denied. She looked at the faces of her friends. She knew she wasn’t being very convincing, but she would hope her friends wouldn’t press on.

“Well… if you say so,” Lisanna remarked.

Lucy sighed with relief in her thoughts. She knew her friends understood that she didn’t like being “interrogated,” so they just let it go. Everything was going well, but somewhere else in Crocus, there was a threat about to spring to life.


It was a beautiful day in Crocus, which was almost nearly a rarity thanks to the villainous activity. Though, today the sun was shining, crime wasn’t seen in sight, replaced with relaxation and peace. Many people, especially kids, took advantage of the amazing day and decided to hit the main park of the city, Sanctuary Park, and relax.

Some kids were relaxing on the luscious grass while their parents grilled some hamburger and hotdogs, ready to enjoy a picnic. Others ran around rambunctiously, enjoying their youthful lives. It was truly a wondrous sight to behold. But unfortunately, all good must come to an end.

One family was enjoying their little picnic, talking and laughing amongst themselves. The look on their face disgusted him. He hated seeing people this happy. If it wasn’t enough to get the point across, it sickened him to see the sun shine.

He wanted to see the world cold. He wanted to replace this happiness with harsh, cold destruction. He chuckled ominously as he watched from a nearby alleyway, the shadows covering half of his wicked, icy smile.

The family was still enjoying their picnic. But next thing they knew, they were encased in thick ice. Other people quickly noticed and started running for their precious lives. However, some of them were quick enough as they were caught by the blasts of ice which encased their bodies in ice upon contact. Screams erupted throughout the entire park as everyone in sight was being covered in ice.

One woman turned around, bearing witness to the attacker. He wore a blue parka jacket, covering his bulging muscles. His skin was of a ghostly pale complexion, and his hair was frost white. He wore camouflage pants, blue goggles and heavy combat boots. On his back was a refrigerator-type backpack and in his hands was his weapon: an ice laser called the Ice Demon.

He laughed wickedly as he shot the woman, encasing her in ice. The screams of the citizens as they watched their loved ones be trapped in ice just fueled his desire to cause more destruction. He loved it.

“Mommy, come on! You have to get up!” The man turned his head slightly. There was a little boy standing beside his mother, who’s leg was frozen. A confused look quickly shifted to a malicious smile. The tears streaming down his face made him feel alive.

“This is what I live for… THIS IS WHAT I, ABSOLUTE ZERO, LIVE FOR!” He aimed the laser at the mother of the child.


Somewhere in a mindscape, featuring eclectic designs and shapes, there was a figure that was of a pocket-sized, immature lion. His fur was golden yellow, his mane replaced with pure light. It’s golden tail was thin, like a string, with a flickering light at its end. He floated throughout the mindscape, his eyes closed as if he was resting.

Suddenly, his ears twitched. He was picking up something. Something that was disturbing the peace. His face seemed to scrunch up in a contorted way as he began focusing in on the disturbance. He was currently searching for the source of the evildoing around Crocus, through his mind.

His eyes snapped open. He could see the pale man, or Absolute Zero, causing terror as the citizens attempted to flee. He had to notify Lucy.

“Lucy!” The lion’s gruff voice barked, “We have trouble down at Sanctuary Park!”


Meanwhile, back in Fairy Gakuen, Lucy was happily chatting with her friends until she picked up on the lion’s telepathic message.

She frowned, slightly put on nerve by the sharp tone of the lion “What’s happening, Loke?”

Loke immediately responded back, “A baddie is running amok down at the park! He’s covering anything and everything in ice! If you don’t hurry, the whole world will be experiencing another Ice Age!”

“Dangit…” Lucy grimaced, “Alright, let’s go…”

“Cana, you should be nicer to your father. He cares deeply for you. Besides, it’s not like he’s going to have a lot of time to spend with you since he has that big boxing championship game coming up, right Lucy?” Mirajane said. She didn’t get any reply.

“Lucy?” Mirajane repeated, looking over at Lucy, only to find that she wasn’t there. She had somehow slipped away unnoticed.

“Where’s Lucy?” Lisanna said, also not aware of how Lucy managed to escape without anyone knowing.

Levy frowned. Lucy, what’s up with you today…?

Natsu watched as Lucy exited. He grimaced as he got up from the lunch table, exiting the cafeteria. He immediately made a sharp left outside of the cafeteria and entered the boy’s bathroom. Once he checked to see if he was the only one in the room, he ran to the last stall in the room and took out a crimson red ring.

He smirked as he pounded his fist into his open palm, “TIME TO GET FIRED UP!”

The ring began to activate almost instantly. It popped open with a snap, his hero costume beginning to unfold and envelop on his figure. Once it was completed, tiny little crackles of fire floated around him. His hero costume is composed of a black sleeveless V-neck shirt with an orange X with the top half borders his shirt collar. His costume also has a seemingly metallic neck brace fashioned and used as a collar with three holes in both sides. His sleeves reach from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carries grenades, holds up his baggy pants with knee guards. Lastly, he wore his hero mask that has large, flare-shaped cloth.

He grinned before heading off towards the danger.


Lucy panted audibly, adrenaline rising from the pit of her stomach. After exiting the cafeteria, Lucy dashed down the staircase and busted out of the front entrance of the school building, without getting spotted by the security guards and the school camera. She could tell she was getting better at sneaking away. She stopped running once she approached the sidewalk, “Sanctuary Park is in the downtown district of Crocus. We have to fly or else we won’t make it!”

Loke nodded, floating around in the scape, “You’re right! Hurry up and transform.”

Lucy nodded affirmatively. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a golden key, which had elegant, intricate designs on it. The bow of the key contained a glistening silver “C”.

She reached her arm outward in front of herself, extending the key. She then turned it before exclaiming, “Open the Gate!” Once Lucy turned the key, celestial energy poured through a mysterious, illuminating gate. It quickly engulfed her body, before dispersing, remnants of sparking stars lingering around her. She could feel energy coursing through her veins, newfound power filling them. She struck a standard Karate pose, a determined look covering her face, “Let’s go.”

Adrenaline coursed through her limbs, and punching the air rapidly, she realized she could move lightning-fast. She was a blur of blue, yellow and white, as she zipped through the streets, scattering litter and setting off car alarms. “Man, I really need to work on controlling this!" 


Screams rang out as a billboard, advertising a new brand of wine, crashed to the ground, shattering upon impact with the compacted ice. Absolute Zero cackled as he walked throughout the city, thick sheets of freezing ice surrounding him. While walking, he stopped, cocking his gun, aiming it at a building. A malicious grin snuck out as he fired it, the entire building being smothered in the ice, frost leaking from it. Before he could continue his evildoing, he was stopped by the blaring noise of the police sirens.

“About time…” Absolute Zero muttered, gently smacking his gun in his hand. Within a couple of seconds, he was surrounded by an entire squad of police cars. He looked around himself to see over twenty policemen staring at him, guns aimed at him with high precision.

Out of the entire squad of policemen, their leading captain walked out with a megaphone and gun in tow, appearing in front of the man. He had short black hair, dark eyes, and abnormally sharp canines. He wore the standard police uniform, along with a strap vest. Staring down Absolute Zero, he spoke into the megaphone, “Stand down now. Drop your weapon and put your hands up. Any sudden movements and I’ll order my men to shoot.”

Absolute Zero smirked, “You’ll need more than these scrubs to take me out.” 

The black-haired police officer frowned, “Don’t go making this harder than it needs to be. Just surrender. You could possibly get a few years off of your sentence if you stop this now.”   

“How about… no?” He cocked his gun back, before pointing it at the man and his police squad, “Bye, bye.”

His finger slammed on the trigger. However, instead of the blast flying straight towards them, the gun was kicked to the side, firing it towards the ground. The villain quickly looked in front of himself to see the one and only Celestial Star, a smirk on her face.

“I think it’s time I put an end to your chaos,” Lucy/Star commented. She could feel the stares that the squad’s guns sent at her as they locked onto her

The black-haired captain quickly said, “Stand down men. She’s okay.”

Turning around, she looked at the man, “Zeref, what’s happening here?”

“As you can see,” Zeref spoke, motioning his head towards Absolute Zero, “This crook is freezing all of Crocus. Don’t even worry about this though, we can handle this. This won’t take long.”

“Um, I don’t know about that,” Lucy sweatdropped. Since she had become a superhero, she had partnered with Captain Zeref. Even though they were on a friendly level with each other now, back then, he hated her. At first, he thought of her as a vigilante. However, that wasn’t the case. While on a standoff with gang members, he was nearly fatally shot, however she rescued him. Ever since then, his opinion changed of her and they began a partnership in a sense.

Absolute Zero snarled, before he regained his composure. He didn’t like that they were just nonchalantly chatting in front of him. Especially since they were getting in his way at the same time. He took a deep breath, cocking his gun back, charging it.

“Fine,” He aimed it at Lucy, “If you want to get in my way, you’ll all die!”

He fired the shot. Lucy whipped around and saw the incoming attack. She did what came to instinct and looked at Zeref, “Get back! I’ll handle this!” With a quick burst of speed, she turned around again before jumping over the blast of condensed ice before landing, running straight forward towards the villain. Anticipating this, he brought up his gun to block the incoming kick. Upon impact with the gun, a sound wave emitted, shattering the iced ground underneath them.

Shit! Lucy thought as she jumped backwards, making distance between the two, “What material is that gun made out of…”

Absolute Zero fired two more shots at Lucy. She quickly regained her natural composure and dodged it, before reaching into the back of her pouch. She pulled out two colored, glowing orbs, clicking the button on both of them. She hurled them at the villain, “Star Bombs!”

A beeping noise rang out as the bombs almost instantly explode, the bomb setting off, the intensity blasting both of them backwards. After the smoke cleared, the villain was nowhere to be found. Lucy looked around, examining the area for any sights of him. Then it hit her. She looked upward to see the blast of ice flying towards her at alarming speeds. She hopped backwards, but she was unfortunately struck by a piece of ice on her foot.

She attempted to pull her leg free with her enhanced strength, but the ice wasn’t letting up. Zeref watched Celestial Star continue to try and pry the ice off of her leg. So far, things weren’t looking so good for her as she wasn’t doing anything effective against the pale man.

The man snickered as he landed swiftly on the ground, beginning to make his way towards Lucy. He charged his gun and aimed it towards Lucy.

“Man, I bet the policemen could do a better job than you,” He laughed.

She frowned, tightening her hand around the ice. As he drew closer, she could finally feel the ice slowly beginning to crack.. Zeref drew his standard pistol, aiming it at Zero in an attempt to incapacitate him before he froze the super heroine. However, it was too late.

“NOOO!” Zeref yelled.


Lucy closed her eyes, awaiting the incoming blast of ice. Everything seemed to go white, the temperature around her seeming to stagger downwards to -273.15°C. Absolute Zero. And almost as quickly as she felt the cold touch of the ice, she felt a flame. A comforting flame rather than a destructive flame. It felt like the same flame that saved her yesterday night. When she opened her eyes, she was speechless. She saw a pink-haired boy that wore a black sleeveless V-neck shirt with an orange X with the top half borders his shirt collar. His costume also has a seemingly metallic neck brace fashioned and used as a collar with three holes in both sides. His sleeves reach from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carries grenades, holds up his baggy pants with knee guards. Lastly, he wore his hero mask that has large, flare-shaped cloth.  

He grinned as the ice covering his hand began melting. Within a couple of seconds, the ice was fully melted off of his hands, flames flickering from them. “You okay there?”

Celestial Star eye’s widened. She recognized that voice. It was the same raspy voice that belonged to the figure that saved her yesterday. But it couldn’t be. Could it? No, the flames were definitely the same. There was no doubt that it wasn’t the mysterious figure that rescued her.

“Y-Yeah, I’m alright. T-Thanks for…”              

“You don’t have to thank me,” He smiled, revealing canines, “Besides, we have to focus on the task at hand.”

He stared down Absolute Zero, “Taking down this freak.”

Absolute Zero snarled, “Who the hell are you?!”

“Well I’m glad you asked. The name’s END! Like I’m gonna put an END to your doom!” He laughed raucously at his own joke.

“Wow. After that entrance, you pull a joke like that?” Lucy deadpanned mentally.

Absolute Zero had, had enough. For the third time today, he was interrupted. “I guess I’ll just have to get rid of you both,” He smirked, lifting his coat sleeve to reveal a wrist watch. He clicked it, beeping noises following.

Suddenly, his backpack began expanding around the pale man’s body, snapping onto his limbs. Within seconds, a frost blue exo-suit engulfed his entire body. He cocked his gun, a diabolic grin replacing the irritated look on his face, “And to think. This day, at first, was dreadful!”

E.N.D./Natsu turned to look at Celestial Star/Lucy, “Scatter!”

The two dodged as the roar of the ice flying towards them, struck the ground, icicles popping up out of the ground, threatening to end their lives. When E.N.D. hit the ground, he lit his hands on fire. The intensity of the red hot flames were already beginning to melt the ice below him with ease.

“Wanna dance with fire, ice freak?” E.N.D. cackled, taunting him with his flamed fist.

All he did was scoff, before charging the Ice Devil. Lucy watched as E.N.D. charged forward. He let out a battlecry, throwing his fist forward, his fist striking the abdomen of the armor. However, much to Natsu’s surprise, his flames didn’t melt through the armor. Absolute Zero snickered as he lifted up his knee, thrusting it into his chest. To finish his attack, he head-butted Natsu into the ground, mini shards of ice pelting upward into the frosty air.

Meanwhile, Celestial Star/Lucy watched the battle between E.N.D. and Absolute Zero. She could tell that just going in blindly attacking him wasn’t going to work. Especially since his armor and gun were made out of some unnatural, indestructible material or substance. She was analyzing the battle, before witness to Absolute Zero’s weaknesses and E.N.D.’s strengths. She could immediately tell right off the bat that he was very skilled in the offensive department and was extremely agile, flexible almost. But his strength wasn’t enough to power through the armor, which was for sure. But something that was sure was Absolute Zero’s speed had decreased drastically due to his armor. It was weighing him down heavily, giving them an advantage, even if they couldn’t pierce the mighty armor.

That’s it!

Lucy examined the area around her before catching sight of a factory. She already knew that the factory workers had already evacuated, but she had to take a chance on whether the machines were still operating. This plan could potentially work.

E.N.D. thrusted his hand forward, melting the incoming ice immediately before charging forward, jumping upward.

“TAKE THIS!” He fell downward, his lit hand slamming brutally onto the suit’s helmet, but as expected, not even a dent was made. E.N.D. clicked his teeth in annoyance, jumping backwards towards Celestial Star to create distance.

“Dammit, dammit, dammit!” Natsu growled, “Nothing I throw at this guy is effective!”

“If that’s the case, we can’t just keep going in. It makes no sense. Anyways, I have a plan,” Lucy muttered.

“What?” Natsu replied, keeping his eyes on Absolute Zero. He was steadily making his way towards them, the same giant smirk on his face.

“I need you to head to that factory over there. You see it?” Celestial Star discretely nodding her head upward in the direction. E.N.D. nodded affirmatively, “Yeah, but what is running away gonna do? We have to take him out before he harms more innocents!”

Celestial Star groaned, “You must not be listening. We aren’t going to get anywhere with just whacking and punching him! Now if you just follow this plan, we can stop him!”

E.N.D. grumbled a bit before sighing, “Alright, ya gotta point missy. What’s your plan? Hurry, because he’s gaining on us.”

“Alright, here’s the plan…” Celestial Star murmured the plan, coming as a whisper to Absolute Zero. When she was finished, a wide smile covered his lips.

He nodded his head, giving one last grin at Absolute Zero before running off towards the barren factory.

Captain Zeref’s eyes followed E.N.D.’s movements, “Where is he going…?” He looked to where he was heading and a smile spread across his face.

Absolute Zero chuckled, “Aww, so it’s just a one on one now? The brute left the little princess all alone to handle me?”

Celestial Star smirked, “Don’t worry, this “princess” can handle herself.” She charged forward at Absolute Zero.

She had thirty seconds.

Absolute Zero cackled before charging his Ice Devil, firing it at the heroine. She skidded to a halt, beginning to change her direction, running around in a circle attempting to dodge the icy blast. Absolute Zero motioned the gun to follow after her, the ice closing in on her.

Twenty more seconds.

Celestial Star saw an opportunity and ran in to attack, drawing her Star Lasso. With precision and quickness, she slashed it forward, the glowing whip wrapping around his leg.

“Ha!” With a mighty tug, he fell to the ground.

Thirty seconds were up.

“Catch me if ya can!” Celestial Star taunted before running off towards the factory like the pink-haired boy.

Absolute Zero gritted his teeth bitterly. He slammed his first into the ground. She wasn’t going to get away with that.


Click, clack.

Click, clack.                

Click, clack.

The metallic feet of the armor clanked against the dusty, uncleaned floors of the abandoned factory. He was alert, his Ice Devil ready to bring down anyone within a chilling second.

“Come out, little girlie,” He growled, “This blast’ll be quick and painless if you just…”

“If I just what?” Absolute Zero turned his head towards the voice. There, was Celestial Star, standing confidently on the stairs. The chilling villain’s scowled face changed to a smirk.

“So you’ve decided to come out,” Absolute Zero muttered. He cocked his gun, aiming it at Celestial Star. The heroine smiled before shouting, “NOW!”

There was a loud grating noise echoing throughout the factory. Absolute Zero looked around, distracted by the noise. Suddenly, his ears picked up on where it was coming from. Alarmingly, he looked up to see a gigantic bell falling down towards him. He would’ve moved but it was too late, the bell collapsing around him, the deafening noise emitting from the fallen bell, knocking him unconscious.

There was silence following the crash, but was interrupted by a mild grinning.

Lucy looked upward to see E.N.D. standing on a machine, his fist lit on fire, grasping the chain that was connected to the bell. He jumped down, landing at the bottom of the stairs.

“That takes care of him,” E.N.D. chuckled, “That was a good plan! I definitely wouldn’t have come up with that.”

Celestial Star sweatdropped, “Yeah, I can tell. But I guess I should thank you for rescuing me and making the plan happen.”

E.N.D. threw her a thumbs-up, “Well we took him down together, that’s all that matters.”

Police sirens could be heard nearing towards the factory. Celestial Star sighed, “Well I guess it’s time to get back to schoooo…. I mean time to go, yep, I meant time to go – E.N.D.?”

He had disappeared.

She began looking around, searching for any sight of him. But he was nowhere to be found.

“How rude. Didn’t even say goodbye…” She muttered.

“Good job, Star,” Lucy looked to see Zeref, “I kind of thought you wouldn’t take him down.”

Celestial Star laughed, “Well I probably wouldn’t have taken him down if it wasn’t for that E.N.D. guy. He helped out a lot.”

Zeref shook his head, “Well it was still a fantastic job nonetheless. Well, I assume you have to get back to school, right?”

“AH! You’re right!” The heroine went speeding off immediately, but not before waving back at the captain.


Ring, ring!

“Yes… I’m… back,” Lucy had made it back to school, just in time for her next period class. Before she could even catch her breath, she heard a familiar voice.

“LUCY!” She sucked in one more breath before turning around, “Levy!”

“Where were you?! You just left the table without saying anything!” Levy frowned, “Where did you go?”

Lucy laughed sheepishly, “I-I had to use the bathroom. The food… it made my stomach…”

“Say no more,” Levy giggled, “Well that’s alright, but you could have at least told us.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry, Levy,” Lucy smiled.

“No! It’s alright!” Levy beamed, “Well, we should head off to class. We have Mr. Horologium’s class next.”

Lucy groaned, “Alright.”

Being a superhero wasn’t easy by any means. It meant she had to hide a lot from her friends and it meant she would never have a normal life ever again. She was a symbol of hope and peace for the city of Crocus and was a hero.

She was the protector and warrior of Crocus. She was Celestial Star. But she wasn’t the only one anymore. Another hero had arrived on stage: E.N.D.

She had no doubt in her mind that they would never meet again. She knew that they would become an amazing duo. But what she didn’t know was that he would end up not just being her partner-in-justice, but the love of her life.