I dunno, guys!  It’s not really my AU, so partially I’m posting this with the hope of getting you in touch with its rightful owner, the anon who sent the original ask.

Personally, I’ve got a lot of conflicting opinions about Vaati.  On the one hand, based solely on the Four Swords manga, I could pretty easily just consider him an entertaining villain, but a villain nonetheless, and cheer for the heroes when they defeat him.  Consider the fact that we know Shadow values loyalty highly, and yet he didn’t hesitate at all to turn on Vaati or Ganon when he thought he and Vio had a chance of double-crossing them - it makes me wonder what they did, why he was never loyal to them.  He calls Vio his first friend, too, so I’m assuming that means he didn’t consider Vaati a friend.

On the other hand, I can totally see the redeemable qualities of Vaati interpretations that draw more from the Minish Cap manga.  I love well-handled redemption arcs, so I’m definitely not opposed to AUs or alternate interpretations of Vaati that leave room for that!

Then there are the cases where I try to have it both ways, usually by making MinishCap!Vaati and FourSwords!Vaati not actually be the same person.  Like, I’ve got a theory about FS!Vaati potentially being a creature born from MC!Vaati’s negative emotions, via magic.  Or in my college AU, they’re actually brothers, with FS!Vaati going by the character’s Japanese name, Gufuu.

(Also, I believe I’ve told some people that collegeAU!Vaati went to high school with Green, Shadow, and Zelda, and that things went poorly: that was before I decided to go with two different characters for Vaati, so Gufuu is the one things actually went poorly with.  Vaati was two years behind them in school and they didn’t know him very well.)

Well, I don’t typically take flat-out requests, but I was already planing to draw my collegeAU!Vaati and Gufuu when I got this, so you’re in luck!  *gestures to the doodle above*

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the greatest video of all time

I’m so sorry for the horrible edit I just made it real quick

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K so this morning I hit 2.8K and I was planning on doing this when I hit 3K but after the incident from last night I really need to cheer myself out by making other people happy because I’m completely strange in how my happiness is based on others happiness.

So anyway here it is, the list of all my favourite blogs as of now, to be honest Ive been building the list for a while for this so Im so sorry if Ive missed you!!!!!!

But anyway I went sinnoh themed this time because of the amount which has been on my dash *cough* dpptremake *cough* but Im so happy how it turned out too *-* this alone revives love for sinnoh (if it wasn’t for dawns hat being hard to reanimate , but if you want them I posted them here

Anyway thanks again for everyone who puts up with me and all my problems and I hope the family grows even bigger ^^ (sorry for rambling)

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I just recently hit 700 followers! I never really thought I’d ever have this many followers.

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anyway!!! happy holidays!!! happy almost end of 2014!!! and yeah ❤

I’m procrastinating my homework and I thought why not make my first FF! Thank you for having an amazing blog and making my dashboard interesting. I follow 150 amazing blogs. 

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K first off, I wanna say a huge super duper mega thank you to all my followers for helping me get this far, I never thought I’d get a thousand followers, let alone two thousand!

So normally I do something special for milestones and honestly Id do another follow forever but then I keep wanting to change it so a recommended makes it easier, plus I can do them when I want to radiate my happiness.

Speaking of Happiness Ive been feeling tons better recently and I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get through this though part of my life I couldn’t have done it without you!

All these blogs are one which I always see on my dash, are super kind and friendly, and in general ‘the best’. If your not on there don’t fel offended, I can’t put everyone on plus a lot of people change their urls and Ive lost track of who’s who.

Anyway, I’m gonna try list all 115 blogs which are on that scrolling list down below so you can go check them out;

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I highly suggest you check them out cause they all make my dash such a joy! I hope they all continue to produce wonderful blogs in the future! A lot of these people too helped me in my time of need and I’d like to say a big thank you to anyone who’s even offered adivce or comfort when Ive been upset these past few months

Ok thats all, I think, bye!

Hi! So I’m really sorry I haven’t been on tumblr lately, I’ve been extremely busy sorting out things in my life, and though not everyone’s stuck around, I’m super grateful to everyone who is still around, it really means a lot to me! I’m also sorry I haven’t been making any graphics lately, like I said I’m busy and my imagination has kinda hit a wall for pokemon ones, so I thank you for your patience too.

But I wanted to give a shout out to some of the mutuals, and non mutuals, who are there for me, make me laugh, smile or generally happy in life and I feel have had a positive effect on me. My life would be empty without you guys!

And I wanted to make something to thank everyone for helping me, and this is done by memory so Im sorry if I forgot you,  I may not recognise a new url(+icon), or we no longer in touch and I felt you’d appreciate it if I didn’t mention you in this post,  but to every follower, mutual, friend, everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So anyway I tried to keep this short I really did, I went through it multiple times cutting names and such and this was the final results again sorry if you wasn’t on here, but please check out all these blogs if you have time, and all the ones on my blogroll too;

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Thank you again! I’ll probably be on and off  little while longer till I can finidh sorting things out, but thanks for sticking with me, I hope I can be back full time here soon!