miniseries 1990

Consider this

Cherik and Polo Christine having a son. A tiny sweet angel with mama’s silky golden curls and dad’s bright green eyes. Erik weeps because his baby is just so perfect, purest beauty and even purer soul. He had been blessed thrice in his life of misery, had a happier man ever walked this Earth? Christine smiles wearily while her heart soars in most sincere bliss, pressing kisses to their son’s warm and still slightly moist head, humming softly. They name the boy Gerard, Gerry for a fond nickname. After grandpa of course. When Erik’s father comes down to visit the young parents and meets his grandson Gerard Gustave Daae-Carriere, he is secretly afraid his heart may burst from rejoice. He cries as well, for he loves that little angel so much, and he feels so proud of Erik, who is now not some broken madman pretending to be ghost, but a husband and a father. It seems dreams do come true.