I didn’t know if loved him, but I didn’t want to kiss him; yet somehow his lips found mine on that cold June night. Time stopped for all the wrong reasons, and our lips were forced together in some kind of wet and sweaty and bittersweet lock. This was goodbye.
—  It’s all downhill after the first kiss by a.m
Sequined Ambitions

Miguel dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. “No,” his father said. “You’ll continue the family profession.” But every night Miguel secretly stitched his sequined outfit.  First day on the job, balancing on the top rope, cheers all around, costume sparkling, Miguel thought, “Maybe being a Mexican luchador isn’t so bad…”

Mourning Chore

Jeannie used to meticulously make her bed every morning.  She liked that new feeling every evening when she climbed back in.  But she lost her youngest in an accident.  “Why waste your time on things so soon undone?” she asks. “Now the chore is just pulling myself out of bed." 


They had phone dates, chatted online, and sent love letters.  But I never met her.  After the engagement, the whispered gossip told me I wasn’t alone.  Then one day he came in weeping.  He’d never met her either.  It was all just a cruel trick played on our desperate dreamer.