You can’t blame gravity (for falling in love)

“You know,” she’d always start, “I never understood why these chick flicks are so addictive.” She’d give a small laugh into her cup, hot steam warming her face, the living room in their hometown house lit only by the television, both of them cozy under blankets while the girls slept in their bedrooms. “You’re never, you know, that smooth while talking to the one you really want. When you like the person you’re dating you’re actually quite a mess, flustered and clumsy all around. You can’t control it.” 

Or five times Marcel fell, and one time Louis did it (plus an extra one).

Author: star_k

Pairing: Marcel Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Word count: 28k

Playlist: YCBG(FFIL)

The day I give up, will be the day, you realize, that I was the one, holding you together, when it’s too late, seeing yourself falling apart.
—  ЯR

Link’s first night guarding the Princess’s room was surprisingly rough.

While the position was honorable, he allowed himself to feel a bit of pride – he was the Hero of Time, even if almost no one would believe him. He had endured much worse, and figured there would be no problem with merely standing in front of a room until dawn.

Oh, how wrong he was.

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  An Underrated Type of Trouble

by Anonymous

When Harry walked through the doors of the Great Hall his mind didn’t immediately register what he was seeing.

A chorus of giggles started throughout the hall. A few coughs and the sounds of muffled, embarrassed laughter. Some shocked gasps, but not many.

Harry, who had been readjusting the badge on his chest, glanced up.

When his brain finally caught up to him, a horrified look settled onto his face.
Everyone was doing their best to remain still in fear of alerting the ghosts. The Hogwarts ghosts. The ones who, currently, had an array of different, multicolored and silly hats on their transparent heads.

Harry was dumbfounded. All he could do was stare, his hands hovering above the badge he, moments before, had been trying to straighten. His mouth formed a big, round ‘O’ and all of the blood went rushing to his face.

How had he done this? Harry thought, for there was no doubt in his mind that this was the work of Louis Tomlinson

Or, Harry is the Head Boy, Louis is a troublemaker and they both like each other too much to get in each other’s way.

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a cherik high school au where erik is a mutant but charles is human. they start dating and bring the humans and mutants of the school together, but then charles manifests his powers and erik is suddenly very distant. charles thinks erik doesn't want him anymore but it has a happy ending. there is a subplot about the government doing mandatory testing on all mutants. I think it was called something like late-bloomer. thanks!

Hi Anon,

We previously posted about this fic but as a WIP. Luckily, I found the author’s LJ which seems to have the full fic completed!

Late Bloomer by so_shhy [Cherik, NC17, Complete]

Summary: High school AU. Erik is a mutant jock with ISSUES. Charles is a geeky transfer student and totally human… (or is he?)

Set Free In Waves

Author: @switch842

Rating: T

Status: Completed in March 2013

Word Count: 9,855

Summary: Most people would be thrilled at the idea of a two week vacation in Hawaii, but Kurt Hummel is not most people. Then a chance encounter with a beautiful boy changes his mind, and his life, forever.

Tropes/Genre: alternate meeting, fluff, surfer!Blaine, romance

Lynne’s review: Such a sweet story! Sometimes fluffy and romantic is all you need. Loved it!

Read at: AO3