Tada! After for more hours he’s done! I think that’s about 8/9 hours total on this bad boyI thought I’d add some contrast with the snow. Need to get me more of that Valhallan Blizzard, I love that stuff. I kinda wish his face was a different color, though. Oh well. It was too late by the time I realized. But he’s done!! I’m so excited to kill it in a one-shot!

Commander Minis

So, last night/yesterday, @odric-master-swagtician made some neat commander posts based on the shards/clans. Being that I love both Mardu and Jund, I posted these:

But I’m not really sure what to do for the rest. If any of you have suggestions, feel free to either reblog this with one or more or send me an ask. And yes, that even includes new ideas for these two as well as ones for the guilds. XD Might just do a bunch of minis of different color identities.

I’m still dinking around on the ‘meet the minis’ sort of posts (likely going to be posted later today or saturday), but if you need some simple details to know what they are and are like: Think ‘eldrazi’ but cute and nice. They are many, they are about the size of a cupcake, and they will eat anything (but also can magic up some treats for others). And yes, they are all girls (or at least girl identity, they don’t really have any parts or holes aside from what’s in their heads XD)

I will likely come back to this on sunday and make my own attempt to think about this further, but working on other things till then, so figured I’d see what folks that have a better feel for the color identites might offer. XD (and yes, if I use an idea, I will give credit to all those tied to it)


Providence : The Wanderer docked in the port of Providence

Hello everyone !

Some pictures of the Wanderer in the port of Providence.

The ships are getting bigger and bigger. I will now work on the last one, a Man’o’War, which will be the central element in the port of Providence.

Stay connected !


i figured out the fluffy slime recipe (check out the recipe here)  so here’s a video….