Magic: the Gathering - Board Game

Hasbro had on display at the recent Toy Fair 2015 (New York City 14th - 17th February), the Wizards of the Coast ‘Arena of the Planeswalkers’ board game.  Good images posted by Board Game Geek showing Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra and Nissa with their 'squads’.


The game is expected to see a limited release in June at select retailers and widely available in August for approximately $30.  In the box, you will find the following:
• six modular board pieces,
• four plastic terrain pieces,
• three plastic glyphs,
• two temple ruins,
• five painted Planeswalker mini figures,
• 30 squad mini figures,
• one 20-sided die,
• eight combat dice,
• 30 damage counters,
• 60 spell cards,
• 10 Squad stat cards, and
• five Planeswalker cards.